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I read this a very long time ago and it made a deep impression on me I understand that some aspects of it are discredited now. The book starts quite slowly, I almost wanted to stop reading Only after the idea of an excursion appeared I was hooked In the end, I was glad to have continued reading The vivid description of the quest to get in touch with and to film the last remaining groups of San is captivating At that point, I thoroughly enjoyed the poetic, evocative language of Laurens van der Post The book might not be an accurate account in all aspects, but I felt it made me see with new eyes and sharpened my perception The book indeed is very respectful. @E-pub ¶ The Lost World of the Kalahari Û The Distinguished Explorer And Writer Recounts His Rediscovery Of The Bushmen, Outcast Survivors From Stone Age Africa Faced With Constant Attack From All The Peoples Who Followed Them, The Last Of The Bushmen Have Retreated To The Scorching Depths Of The Kalahari Desert In Southern Africa After A Gruelling Trek, Van Der Post Finds The Bushmen, Thriving In One Of The World S Most Inhospitable Landscapes, With Their Physical Peculiarities, Their Cave Art And Their Joyful Music Making Intact Almost drippingly lyrical, as Africa demands, yet less than a quarter of it actually deals directly with Bushmen. Really, really fantastic I never had too much of an urge to visit southern Africa before reading this, but the description in this book, wow The author s purpose is to find the Indigenous people of the Kalahari, but I enjoyed reading about the wildlife, landscapes and even the spirits he encountered along the way just as much For a Dutch heritage South African in the 1940s, he s refreshingly and surprisingly non colonial for the most part, though his obsession with finding pure Bushmen instead of the tame people living on farms and such is inevitably off putting Still, it s both a great adventure story and a really intriguing if brief glimpse into the lives of the Bushmen he met. The author, van der Post was driven by fascination for the vanishing Bushman and the stories he heard growing up He brought to bear great talent to the literature of adventure His writing evokes the sights and sounds and moods of the African interior as he navigated the rough terrain while leading a crew several men including cameramen and living off the land His expressions are rich and his idioms have a way of anchoring descriptions of the Bushman and his environments in the minds of the reader An African himself, he writes with utmost respect and dignity for the Bushman, the land, the culture and the belief system that governed the Bushman and his neighbors Perhaps this life of ours which begins as a quest of the child for the man and ends as a journey by the man to rediscover the child, needs a clear image of some child man, like the Bushman, wherein the two are firmly and lovingly joined in order that our confused hearts may stay at the center of their brief round of departure and return.The hunting skills of the Bushman hunter is described as extraordinary, relying only on his knowledge of the wild game and his own survival skills In one place, the author describes the Bushman s skills as a hunter, He never seems to have attempted to accomplish by force what could be achieved by wit The Bushman would drive the lion off with smoke and fire and move in to eat the rest of the kill His killing, like the lion s, was innocent, because he killed only to live The Bushman loved honey with a passion that is hard to comprehend The author narrates that to the Bushman, bitterness is to the tongue what darkness is to the eye Entertaining and scholarly work. I probably first read this book about 30 years ago, but with a trip to Botswana in the offing I decided to read it again It s a very compelling and gritty account from 1958 of a search for the remaining Bushmen in the inhospitable Kalahari Summer Most of the country boundaries in that part of the world did not exist back then, so reading it now I really enjoyed it as a historical chronicle And the matter of fact way the hunting down of the Bushmen is documented regretfully by the author is very illuminating Still a great read Brilliantly writtenAn incredible journey into the heart of Africa in search of the Bushmen Vividly written with pictures now embedded in my mind I would have loved to have been there too but LVDP s descriptions are the next best thing. Interesting adventure of this monochromaticly educated member of England s upper crust but written from the heart in 1955 He was apparently inspired by Jung s idea of the soul s primordial desire for light, and escape from primal darkness so he is at once patronizing but respectful With his custom made purpose built Land Rovers you know, roughing it he eventually succeeds in finding real Bushmen in Botswana s Kalahari He writes well and, of course, i gleaned some tribal fashion tips from the women always useful in San Francisco. Pllleeeeaaaasssssse do yourself and your heart and soul the great service of reading this book, it is splendid Enter the world and mind of Sir Laurens van der Post whose grace and purpose and love and integrity is so rare you feel privileged to be shown a small part of his world Prince Charles must surely be an exceptional man to have had the foresight to bestow upon his eldest son a Godfather such as Sir Laurens Your only regret on reading this book is that it has to end and you are no longer there This book is good for you.