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!Free Ebook ♢ Zoopa: An Animal Alphabet ⚖ Open The Pages Of This Lively Book And Discover A Bowl Of Animal Alphabet Soup Sure To Spark Children S Imaginations From The Tiny Ant On The Front Endpapers To The Exuberant Zebra In The Final Spread, Children Will Delight In The Mischievous Menagerie That Bursts Onto The Table, While At The Same Time Learning Their Letters And Animals Filled With Imaginative Details, It Is A Visual Feast From Start To Finish Zoopa by Gianna Marino is that rare, engaging treat the wordless picture book But don t think that means there isn t a story Her gorgeous illustrations speak louder than any words in this delightfully delicious first book The action centers around a bowl of alphabet soup As each letter is added, an animal appears whose name starts with that letter At first, it is easy enough to spot the animal, but as the table gets and crowded, the difficulty level increases Kids will love finding the animal and this book, like a game of Where s Waldo, will increase their observational skills.Not content for a mere add an animal scenario, Marino gives various groups of animals their own story line why does the grasshopper have running shoes on To escape the hungry ostrich Why does the chipmunk bring angler s gear To catch that goldfish in his soupy home And the climax the letter z of course is truly hilarious.I can t wait for the second course from this truly talented author. Okay U for unicorn was a bit of a stretch but my little class loved the book and we painted the chipmunk for art today. I just cannot help but look at ZOOPA over and over again It works on so many levels First off, it is visually stunning Gianna Marino is a very gifted artist and renders the animals in a realistic yet humorous manner She is also very creative about the manner in which the animals appear on the page some walk off the pattern on the plate or napkin, others slither, hop, jump or crawl in And some just pop up from the soup The animals seem to jump off the page without making the pages confusing or cluttered Secondly, trying to find the animal that goes with each letter is so much fun and becomes increasingly challenging as the book progresses The younger ones will enjoy the first few pages, while slightly older kids will get into the latter somewhat difficult pages And for those of us who like to cheat, there s always the back where they are listed Kids get excited when playing this game and try to race each other to find the animal Thirdly, it teaches kids the alphabet Who knew the alphabet could be so much messy, disorganized fun I cannot wait for Gianna s next book a counting book perhaps But in the meantime, I will just grab ZOOPA one time to see if I can finally name all the animals in one go. This book is clever, but a little too clever Each page has a few alphabet letters in the bowl of soup and an animal shows up that has a name that starts with the same letter There are no words until the end when the names of all the animals are featured and you can figure out why a goat is n It s a nanny goat don t know why I didn t get that I m being sarcastic.The art is cute, but seems kind of warped or awkward how the animals fit around the bowl My son likes when the zebra pops out It s a very in your face kind of moment but I thought most of the animals looked uncomfortable and the posing was forced. This is a fun way to incorporate the alphabet into a book Each page contains the bowl of soup and two or three letters are added at a time With the addition of each letter is the picture of an animal that represents that letter There aren t any words on the pages, so it would be a little difficult for some kids to make the connections Also, a couple of the animals are unfamiliar so the first time you read it you won t know what letter it represents At the end there are two pages that have the animal connected to its name with the first letter bolded It would be an interactive book having kids search the pages for the correct connections This book is appropriate for ages 5 I think it would be fun to use this book with kids who already are familiar with the alphabet, otherwise it might confuse them It is a fun twist on teaching the alphabet, though It would be great to have kids brainstorm other animals that begin with the letters as well, just to keep them thinking. Zoopa an Animal Alphabet, written and illustrated by Gianna Marino, is 36 page children s wordless alphabet book published by Chronicle Books in 2005 It was written for pre kindergarten through third grade The setting of this book is bowl of tomato soup on a placemat with a spoon and napkin Each page adds 2 3 letters to the soup as well as animals or insects that represent each letter The challenge is that there are no words The reader must identify the animal correctly there is a key in the back if you get stuck It can be difficult I didn t know one of them Let s see how you do. Zoopa is an alphabet book and is great for those first year learners This book is best to be read to instead of students reading it themselves This book gives a visual to the alphabet and an animal for every letter I chose this book to read to kindergarteners who are learning the alphabet However, if a child was to read this on their own I think they would get confused because of how jumbled the letters get towards the end. A truly delightful little book to read to young children As the soup keeps building with each new lively addition kids will have fun finding the animals and relating them to their letter I had the added pleasure of meeting the author illustrator and seeing some of her art work not limited to books. There is no shortage of alphabet books to be sure but I love them so I am always eager to read the latest installment This soupy version is not a read aloud Instead, cuddle up with your favorite kid and enjoy watching him search for the zoo s worth of animals swimming around and in the bowl of soup.