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What happens when a black ops team is sent to play taxi cab driver A non stop action adventure filled with suspense and a smoking hot romance Black operative Diego is sent on a task to transport Vanessa Crosby, mathematical wizard who works in a bank in Panama to the ICE team s safe house She has uncovered illegal bank transfers with a specialized program she has created making her a very popular girl The US government wants her help and the Panama crime lords want her dead.Caught in a war zone, Diego promises to safe Vanessa even if it cost him his life Pursued by the drug lord s army, facing poisons snakes and helicopter crashes doesn t compare to the thought of failure because Diego knows he must save Vanessa at any cost The he gets to know her the he realizes he can t live without this spit fire, Vanessa, racing through the jungle by his side This was a fantastic Special Ops story From the first chapter, I was holding on for what was sure to be a roller coaster action rideand the action didn t stop Quick witted characters, steamy romantic encounters and a man in black boxers with weapons, Tempted into Danger is sure to be a hit with the action and suspense romance fans This is the first book and the ICE Black Ops Defenders and I will be looking forward to the next book in this series.This ARC copy of Tempted into Danger was given to me by Harlequin Romantic Suspense in exchange for a honest review This book is set for publication June 4, 2013. Review also posted at Tempted into Danger is totally wicked This novel has the Bad Boys part2 feel to it with a hint of Bourne Supremacy It is non stop action, suspense and an exceptional storyline Under the CoversTempted into Danger is totally wicked This novel has the Bad Boys part2 feel to it with a hint of Bourne Supremacy It is non stop action, suspense and an exceptional storylineVanessa Crosby who knows than she should, stuck her nose where it did not belong And it will land her nothing but trouble After all, her discovery is a top notch case involving money laundering by Panama crime lords Of course, something this big will not go unnoticed She is immediately wanted by both government and the drug lords in question Luckily, Diego Santero, a Black Ops Defender is assigned to secure Vanessa and her new intel While Diego does a wonderful job keeping Vanessa alive, well, shit hits the fan when betrayals and trust become an issueDiego is super hot with his military get up and tough guy persona I love seeing alpha males of our time, they re just so damn hot His ability to bow down when needed, risking his life for the safety of his charge and the possessiveness he showed over Vanessa was just panty droppingly sexy I love that Diego is attracted to Vanessa who is not your typical hot, kick ass heroine but a simple, pretty enough gal with a brain like Einstein And I have to admit, I admire her for having the balls for doing the right thing when she noticed a possibility of money laundering in the bank she worked for I have to say that her advice about the tissue rule is the best advice there is Diego and Vanessa s interaction during their time together was stress inducing, no doubt It was full of life threatening scenes such as explosions, shootings and surviving the Panamanian rainforest Their time together was also a revelation finding love where they least expected.I also enjoyed the interaction between the rest of the crew The banters between the Black Ops team were great, but seriousness was there when definitely needed I was eating up the military lingo Diego and his team used The way Diego threw orders out and the way he said roger that just made me swoon all over him Of course, as any military man, pain is just not accepted So when you see these guys react to pain as if it was not there, is just too cute.I instantly became a fan of Ms Cutlers after reading her western novel, The Trouble with Cowboys I can tell you right now that nothing has changed She still has me under her spell and I was flat out enthralled with her writing She excels in this genre as she does with her Western novel ARC provided by publisher for honest Review Hell yeah I wanna be an Asset, and get down and dirty in the undergrowth Vanessa Crosby has been abandoned by everyone in her life Her mother died in an accident when she was 2 and her father had concern for his football jocks than his own daughter Vanessa is now 30, living in Panama and working as an analyst in the criminal s detection department at a bank Vanessa is a genius with numbers and in her spare time has created a program that will revolutionize the government s counterterrorism efforts Creating this program has put Vanessa s life in danger, only she doesn t know how deep she s in until she s kidnapped by some bad ass criminals then rescued by ICE alpha Deigo Santero fans self Deigo s bosses intercepted an email between Vanessa and her boss, which could help them bring down a brotherhood of criminals and save a lot of innocent people Deigo is part of a small black ops crew known as ICE They deal with covert missions, crisis management and hush hush government dealings Their mission was simple, collect the asset Vanessa bring her to a safe house where agents await to talk with her, and then take her back home, easy Only there s been a leak, the safe house is under attack, Vanessa is a target and the only way that Deigo can protect her is to go off the grid and deep in the Panama jungle OMG This is the first romantic suspense book I have ever read, and thanks to Melissa Cutler, it won t be my last Melissa has introduced me to a whole other world, of buff men and guns and I LOVE it I LOVED this book so much I started reading and immediately I was sucked into the plot and the characters Melissa s writing is amazing, the pace was perfect, the action was non stop, but at the same time, it wasn t overwhelming The setting was brilliant the characters just came alive and played like a movie in my head I could smell the jungle plants, feel the rain and humidity on my skin, I could see the beads of sweat running down Deigo s neck sighs Aww, Deigo He s a warrior for good and a tormented soul Deigo made a promise to his brother that he d stand up for what was right, to protect the innocent and make a difference in the world His promise gives him a focus but it never fulfils his hearts desires Desires, he never knew he had until he met Vanessa Now, Deigo is conflicted by his morals and the one woman who he desperately wants, but can t have Deigo has nothing to offer Vanessa, he doesn t have a home, ICE is his family and being with her would endanger her even Vanessa is strong, ballsy and determined She has issues of being abandoned, and she s been let down so much in her past I loved Vanessa s personality, she wasn t whiney and despite her fears she never came across as needy and desperate Deigo is, strong, very sexy, powerful and deadly, but he has this other side to him He s very witty, funny sarcastic, protective and bossy but in a very sweet way From the moment they met I could feel the magnetism between them, they bounced off each other The banter between Vanessa and Deigo in the car was very funny and cute I LOVED it The loneliness in him, the vulnerability in her and the intense situation magnified everything They d only known each other 24 hours, yet it didn t feel like that It felt like I d been waiting an eternity for their first kiss, the romance between Vanessa and Deigo never felt rushed, it was natural, passionate and electric It was as if their souls called out to each other, and fate had brought these two people together to help heal each other.I read this book 24 hours ago, and I m still buzzing from it I could go on and on gushing about this book, the writing and the feels but this review is long enough lol and I don t want to spoil anything The next book in this series, Secret Agent Secretary is due out January 2014, and will be about Ryan swoon Deigo s right hand man I am so looking forward to that I think it s pretty obvious how much I loved this book Deigo Santero stole my heart, read this book and let him steal yours. Most people believe they can make a difference in the world by creating some awesome invention and most do, but not everyone believes they can save the world and then actually go out and do it by defeating low life scum bags that are set on destroying human life.And those are the hero s every woman dream of, strong, sexy, powerful and deadly, but the drawback is that he is also the kind to never stick around in one place, and sheltering his heart against any emotion is the just part of the job.However if there is one thing that can bring such a hero to his knees it is the love of a good woman But when that woman is the target of deadly intent, protecting her at all costs and not letting your heart get attached is two things that cannot be separated as true love is the most deadliest weapon of them all.In this read the author took a true action hero Special Agent Santero, his mission in life is to protect and serve in every sense of the word, he always delivers his assets, has never failed a mission and does not intend to start any time soon He focuses solely on making sure his current asset Vanessa gets from point A to B However the mission takes on a deadly turn and re calculating his plan of action takes them into a world of danger.Which of course being the ultimate soldier he is he has no problem in handing, only shielding himself from the overwhelming emotions for Vanessa proves than he can handle And soon this hero is facing something so much dangerous than the barrel of a gun.The characters of Diego and Vanessa were both written so brilliantly that any reader would instantly fall in love with both Diego is not only the ultimate let me take you now and I ll blow your mind hero but will tempt any woman into taking on some of the worlds most dangerous criminals Yes ladies believe me the man even manages to make maths sound sexy But he is also a man who buried his soul many years ago, and I loved that the author made him the action hero with a broken spirit, that needs to be brought out from hiding.Vanessa on the other hand was the opposite to Diego, yes she does have some issues stemming from her childhood but she deals with them almost in a I take it from day to day kind of approach as oppose to hiding out I absolutely adored how the author took her from average citizen to bring it on heroine There are not many woman that will be able to go from weak mode to shoot you where stand mode and best of all still find the courage to grab the man she wants with both hands The backdrop setting of Panama was exquisitely described by the author, so much so that I could feel the rain on my skin, smell the plants, hear the rivers and touch the fear when danger lurks The dialogue was not only exciting to read as Diego and Vanessa go head to head in moments of conflict so powerful it got to the I am going to beat these two with a stick moment than once, but also laced with emotion and drama that brought me to tears for fear these characters might not make it.A message of letting go of the past and being a better person vs making the world a better place vs combining the two was brought home by the author in a exceptional and spectacular action filled ending.I highly recommend this read for those who love red hot passion, action packed taking down criminals the ultimate hero style, mind blowing revealing moments of betrayal and buried secrets and love conquers all reads.I can with confidence say this read will for sure make it to the best sellers list.5 5 star review Protecting her is easy but loosing his heart is the most dangerous mission this hero will ever face [ BOOK ] ♆ Tempted into Danger (ICE: Black Ops Defenders #1) ⚑ Mills Boon Romantic Suspense Collection Brings You Dangerous LiasionsKeep The Asset Safe Or Die Trying When A Simple Mission To Deliver The Beautiful And Brilliant Vanessa Crosby To A Safe House Goes Horribly Wrong, ICE Agent Diego Santero S Life Gets Complicated Keeping The Anti Crime Analyst Safe From The Notorious Mercenaries After Her Program Will Put Everything He S Worked For At Risk Relentlessly Hunted And Not Knowing Whom To Trust, Diego Takes Vanessa On The Run, Deep Into The Heart Of The Deadly Panamanian Rainforest Vanessa Reminds Herself That She S Just Another Asset To The Ruggedly Handsome Black Ops Agent Until Their Intense Situation Leads To A Release Of Passion Neither Expected But Even If They Make It Out Alive, How Can They Ever Have A Future Together Thrilling, romantic, thoroughly entertaining Right from the start I could not put this down Tempted Into Danger had everything I crave for in a romantic suspense story It had pulse racing action, delicious slow burning romance, plenty of tension, and a fast paced storyline filled with thrills and unexpected moments The setting in the Panamanian rain forest was exotic and made for such an exciting back drop.I thought Vanessa and Diego complemented each other very well Both characters go through their own journey of personal growth and change What each had gone through in their past tugged at my heart I loved how they drew strength and learned from each other as they fought to survive The story takes place over a few days Even in that short time frame, Cutler was able to pull off a believable romance that is slowly built and satisfying My only gripe is that there was no epilogue I hope that we do see some sort of update about them later on If you re a fan of romance suspense of the black ops variety, or if you like the kind of romance where the true action hero falls hard for the girl with the brilliant mind, then I highly recommend Tempted Into Danger Melissa Cutler is a new to me author I ll be waiting for Who is the next book about Ryan s I hope A complimentary copy was provided for an honest review I really enjoyed reading about how Vanessa and Diego fall in love They had good chemistry I loved Diego s words even though at times they seemed a little plain cliche But it made him seem vulnerable and realistic I especially liked what he liked Vanessa to talk about the most, though I won t give away what it was I would have probably gotten bored listening to someone talk on and on about this but he liked it and it made it seem romantic and showed that he cared about her. I saw lots of good buzz on Tempted into Danger And let me say the buzz was not wrong I loved it Action packed and a great story I ve already bought the next book in the series. Excellent book It starts out with Diego and his crew being tasked to get Vanessa to a safe house He s not happy about being a chauffeur but ends up glad he was When they are attacked it is up to him to keep her safe Vanessa had no idea that the program she wrote would put her in such danger Now she s on the run with Diego and has to trust him This is hard for her to do at first Vanessa s mom died when she was little and her busy father rarely paid any attention to her She had a hard time believing that anyone would be there for her She was also intensely attracted to Diego, but knew that because of his job there was no future for them I really liked the way that her growing trust of Diego also helped her grow in other ways She went from being pretty insulated and focused on her work for the bank to someone who could see that her brains and abilities could be used for a much greater good She also went from a woman who couldn t see herself doing anything dangerous to one who was willing to put herself out there to save someone she cared about I loved some of the things that she said to him that would surprise him or confuse him I especially loved the discussion they had on what to do when a woman cried had to laugh at him on that one.Diego has lived for his job ever since his brother died on 9 11 He prides himself on never having failed a mission When his mission with Vanessa goes wrong all he can think of is keeping her safe As things continually go wrong he worries that there is a leak in the department that makes his job impossible He feels a growing attraction for Vanessa but his work and relationships just don t mix I loved his fascination with the way her mind works I thought it was really cute the way that listening to her solve math problems turns him on He sometimes gets frustrated with her when her insecurities make her doubt that he will stay with her, but he works really hard to show her that he can be trusted Diego went through his own growth as he learned that love could make him stronger I also loved his close relationship with his team and the way they could almost read each other s minds I loved their reactions as Diego s feelings for Vanessa become apparent.The action itself is a wild ride of explosions, gun fights, car chases, and betrayals on the way to a happy ending I loved seeing the part that Aaron Montgomery Seduction Under Fire played in this book, especially at the end I can t wait for the next book I really hope it is about Ryan. Tempted Into Danger has just about everything you could want in a book It is action packed, full of suspense and has passionate love scenes You have an attempted kidnapping, an ambush, car and helicopter chases, a snake, gun fights and a Hero any woman would want It totally made this reader happy.Vanessa Crosby works for Riobank in Panama as a senior analyst With a brilliant mathematical mind that is easily bored, she has developed a computer algorithm program that can detect bulk cash movements that will help find criminal money laundering Now her brilliant mind has caught the eyes of The Department of Homeland Security and the Chiara brothers, three Italian mercenaries.Diego Santero Devil heads a team of five agents which work for ICE He is a man that knows how to get the job done no matter what He never fails and he will bring the asset Vanessa in safely or die trying They have been sent to bring Vanessa in, but when Diego and Vanessa are ambushed near the safe house he orders the team to do a Leroy head to their own safe places Knowing they have a leak in the department is hard to know who to trust.Sometimes in novels you get a great hero and an OK heroine Or sometimes it is the other way around Not in this case I enjoyed both characters She was smart, witty, a fighter, beautiful and no whip He was strong, caring, confident, cocky, smart on his feet, a quick thinker I loved how they helped each other, their conversations and I felt an instant connection with these two You also meet members of Diego s team Alicia Phoenix , Ryan Eight Ball , John Thriller , Rory Ghost Rider ,I have to admit I did have a few questions that I just didn t get answers to But trust me it does not take away from this book This is a captivating page turner I love when a book grabs my attention and holds it and I don t stop reading it until I see THE END.I highly recommend this book to any readers who enjoy romance or suspense Melissa is being added to my MUST READ LIST.5 5 starsI received an ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.