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I loved this, and I haven t a clue about Basketball.A book about spirituality and zen, the power of being in the moment and what we can achieve as a collective rather than as an individual.Strong link games vs weak link games and where we fit in.Useful lessons for work and for the soul, highly recommended. I ve read better books about the glory years of the Chicago Bulls I ve read better books about Zen and other non western styles of thought I ve read better books in general However, I quite enjoyed reading this It s a fast read, and very simply written, yet there s a lot to think about.It s easier to take it seriously if you pretend that Phil Jackson died when he left The Bulls rather than ditching his wife and family to babysit a bunch of date rapists in L.A. @DOWNLOAD KINDLE ò Sacred Hoops: Spiritual Lessons Of A Hardwood Warrior ⚛ In A Unique And Inspirational Book, The Head Coach Of The Chicago Bulls Writes About How He Motivates And Creates Unity On The Team, Using The Principles Of Zen Buddhism At The Heart Of His Work Is Jackson S Philosophy Of Mindful Basketball And His Lifelong Quest To Bring Enlightenment To The Competitive World Of Professional Sports Sacred Hoops is an engrossing account of Phil Jackson s career as a basketball player and a coach with special focus the evolution of his thinking that led to unparallelled success with the Chicago Bulls and later with the Los Angeles Lakers I despised the Bulls when I was younger I couldn t forgive them for displacing the Lakers as the dominant team in the NBA But then, Kareem had retired, and the other Laker stars were aging, so decline was inevitable Meanwhile, the Bulls were a truly awesome team through the 1990 s, partly because of Michael Jordan s tremendous gifts as an athlete and competitor, but also because of Jackson s wisdom as a coach in tutoring Jordan, Scottie Pippen and the rest of the Bulls to think as a team rather than a collection of individuals.Jackson would be easy to parody with all his trendy Zen and native American mysticism, if only he hadn t been the most successful coach in NBA history Some might argue that anyone could win with Jordan, Shaq or Kobe on their teams Indeed, this criticism is mentioned in the forward by Senator Bill Bradley Anybody can coach a team led by Michael Jordan to the World Championship But each of those players went through long stretches in their careers without winning NBA championships They were performing admirably as individuals, but their teams were not functioning harmoniously together a wholes.So how was Jackson so successful Having great players was certainly part of it, but so was a philosophical outlook Jackson tells us that his dream was not just to win championships, but to do it in a way that wove together my two greatest passions basketball and spiritual exploration This is not the usual talk from a coach One thinks of the contrast with Raider owner and former coach Al Davis, whose motto is Just Win, Baby Jackson culls his philosophical maxims from Eastern thought, especially Zen Buddhism, and also from his own Pentacostal Christian upbringing Above all he emphasizes what Buddhists call mindfulness , an idea he summarizes thusly In basketball as in life true joy comes from being present in every moment, not just when things are going your way This is an important insight, and seems to have been an important part of his teams success The ability to free one s mind from clutter, to cease worrying about what happened before or what might happen in the future, and instead to focus attentively on what one is doing now is crucial to success Any fan can see this intense focus on the faces of Jordan or Kobe as they plat And not just in the playoffs, but in every game.Jackson doesn t mention the great American writer Ralph Waldo Emerson, but the two have similar ideas When Emerson wrote, In the woods, we return to reason and faith There I feel that nothing can befall me in life, no disgrace, no calamity leaving me my eyes , which nature cannot repair Standing on the bare ground, my head bathed by the blithe air and uplifted into infinite space, all mean egotism vanishes I become a transparent eyeball I am nothing I see all the currents of the Universal Being circulate through me I am part and parcel of God, he is describing an experience very similar to the mindfulness Jackson describes And when Emerson the Preacher implores us to Pray without ceasing he sounds like Jackson, the Preacher s son, describing all of life as a spiritual quest Jackson is not an academic philosopher, and that shows in his writing For academic philosophers now mainly devote themselves in the US to idle debate about syntax, or in Europe toward metaphysical obfuscation What s clear is that most of them have less to say about the meaning of life than Al Davis, who at least has a clear idea of how life should be lived So Jackson has to offer than most academics He reminds us that real philosophy is not idle speculation, clever sophistry or pale ratiocination it is essential to living a full and successful life Philosophy is a necessity, not a luxury And even those who despise philosophy, are really prisoners of some philosopher s ideas, without realizing it perhaps the religious Thomas Aquinas, or the atheist Hobbes.So anyone who enjoys basketball, and who marveled at the success of Jackson s Bulls in the 1990 s and Lakers in recent years, would do well to read this book It is full of insights about basketball and about life. I read the book Sacred Hoops by Phil Jackson This book is about how Phil Jackson s story and how he combined both religion and basketball I really enjoyed this book It had a lot of good qualities and I learned many lessons One quality of the book that I liked was how well it combined religion and basketball He did not just talk about basketball he talked about religion He combined the two together and made them like they were one topic Another quality of the book that I liked was how Phil Jackson didn t shy away from saying the bad I think that anyone can tell the story of all the good things that happen, but it s hard to tell about all the hardships and tragedies For example, he tells us about his down times without Jordan when he left to play baseball, but he also spoke about all of the championships they won together The last qualities that I enjoyed in this book was how inspirational it was It was almost like you were being spoken to by a motivational speaker He included different quotes and stories about himself and his players that got themselves to where they are today He was talking about the ups and downs of the game Other reviewers also had opinions on the book One reviewer said, Phil was not your typical coach I agree with this Phil really cared about his team and made sure that they worked together and that they all had a role on the team and knew what it was Phil s philosophy was also different He focused on making his team be as wholesome as possible and for them to not only be good players, but good people Another reviewer said, He uses Zen ideas and practices to enhance his own abilities as a coach and those of his own players I also noticed and agreed with this too He would make the players do Zen meditation or activities like that The players at first thought it was goofy, but some later learned to appreciate it I recommend this book to people who like both religion processes and basketball Even if you do or don t like basketball you will like this book because of how inspirational it is It also does a good job of not making it just a basketball book but about life experiences and about Phil Jackson s story, Whether you watch basketball or not everyone can learn something from, Sacred Hoops by Phil Jackson and Hugh Delehanty I learned so much about mindset, religion, and basketball while reading this book The book talked about zen meditation and how important it was for athletes to do It gave them a chance to relax and get into a good mindset My favorite part of the book was when Phil talked about surrendering the me for the we I found it really interesting how star players could be unselfish even though they are some of the best players in the world The book starts off with Jackson in his teenage years He is raised in a very strict catholic house hold in North Dakota and is not given much freedom As a kid Jackson fell in love with the game of basketball Jackson has been forced to be catholic all of his life, and begins to disagree with some of the beliefs He starts to act out and goes to parties, listens to rock and roll, and gets a car without asking his parents This all created a big stain between Jackson and his parents Jackson would later go on to say that his relationship with his parents would never be the same as before He said that this is when he first started to use zen meditation to heal himself from the inside out He would later go on to use it with his players and it becomes a large part of the book I enjoyed reading this book I found it very interesting and learned many new things I agree with most of the other positive review, because I believe that it is a good book An important thing about the book is to keep a calm and clear mind I am going to try to implement this into my life After hearing all the positive that it did for Jackson I feel like it could help me or any one out Overall I really enjoyed reading this book and learned so many new things. I thought that this book was very inspirational and encouraging Phil Jackson was raised in a Christian household just like me, so off the bat, I felt like I had a connection with his story One of my favorite parts of this book was the religious standpoint Phil Jackson showed a perfect example of how to bring religion into your everyday life Also, he expressed how you don t need to only believe in one religion Jackson was Christian and zen Zen s origin is Chinese and is all about meditation and intuition But somehow Phil Jackson managed to bring the idea of zen, into the game of basketball He explains how you have to be focused on everything and everybody in that play at the same time, and practicing zen helps with that Now the pros and cons of the book The first perk is that you learn a lot about the game of basketball Phil talks about his journey from playing on the driveway to playing on the New York Knicks in the NBA There are a lot of life lessons he teaches you along the way that could help you if you are a basketball player or not Secondly, you will learn a lot about religion As I said earlier, Phil Jackson is Christian and also practices Zen On top of Zen being a religion, there are a lot of health benefits of meditation Some of the gains of reflection include reducing of stress, improves concentration, the increase of happiness, and slows aging Lastly, I like the structure This book had long chapters, but within them were headings I thought that this was very helpful to the reader If you are only interested in basketball and his teachings, you can skip the parts of the book that talk about Zen and religion, or visa versa In my opinion, the first con of this book is the pacing I thought that the book was a little bit slow Sometimes Jackson drags on some of the stories that he tells, which caused some boredom for me Another review that comes from the name of Michael says a significant quote from the book It is In basketball as in life true joy comes from being fully present in each and every moment, not just when things are going your way I 100% agree with this statement I believe in living in the moment and going with the flow If you are entirely focused on the task at hand every day, you will succeed But, if you are worried about a test that is coming up or something you have to do later that day, you will not be focused Overall, I thought that this book was informative I recommend this book to anyone of inspiration and athletes. This book was very good I really like the way it was written, and I loved all of the lessons and teachings that are shown the Phil Jackson taught to his team Phil jackson was a very philosophical person and learned amazing things in his life, and he passed these amazing ideas and teachings to his players and us through this book I have nothing bad to say about this book and would greatly recommend it to anyone who likes anything philosophy, basketball, or cared little to none about each It is an amazing book and I would recommend it to all. Born in North Dakota, Phil Jackson was raised in a very Christian home He played basketball as a kid and fell in love with it It was his religion than Christianity He played all through high school and managed to get recruited at North Dakota University While in college, a friend introduced Jackson to Zen Being a Christian, he found this strange Over time, Jackson became very interested in Zen and began to meditate Meditation calmed his mind and helped him concentrate on things He still remained with his faith but meditated without clashing beliefs Jackson played several seasons in the NBA He played several seasons for the Knicks as well as a few seasons bouncing around with the Nets and Bucks A few years later, he came out of retirement to coach Jackson earned 6 rings with the Chicago Bulls, including two three peats The book jumps into a time of mourning Jordan is gone and playing baseball Jackson elaborates on the events leading up to MJ s return and the controversy that came with it The main theme of the book is the Bulls overcoming that stardom of Jordan and playing like a real team again Basketball is not a one man game it is a five man game Jordan had to put himself with the team rather than putting himself above them as many fans did I would recommend this book to anyone that likes a good read, mainly about sports I enjoyed how Jackson would use his Christian roots and meditation skills learned in Zen to calm himself and make him a better coach It was very interesting. I finally found the time to finish this incredibly interesting book Written by Phil Jackson, one of the greatest coaching minds of all time Phil Jackson had an interesting childhood being the son of a pastor His parent s strict parenting style made him a fierce competitor on the playing field that ultimately lead him to be a professional athlete When injuries ended his playing career early he decided to coach Once again, his background came into play Phil wasn t your typical coach he took on a different coaching style that used the ideas of Zen Buddhism to bring together a wide range of personalities to work together and be successful Phil was extremely successful winning 6 championships with the Chicago Bulls.