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Very well written historical fiction based on the little known landing of the first woman on Antarctica It depicts the brutality of Antarctica, and the whaling practices of the 1930s while still drawing you in with strong characters and a unique story. An excellent novel of historical fiction 1930 s funded explorations of theAntarctica. life in Norway and powerful men motivated women who want to achieve the blood and guts of the whaling industry.and the power of large companies. @DOWNLOAD EPUB ë Chasing the Light ⚛ It S The Early S Antarctic Open Sea Whaling Is Booking And A Territorial Race For The Mysterious Continent Is In Full SwingAboard A Ship Setting Sail From Cape Town Carrying The Norwegian Whaling Magnate Lars Christensen Are Three Women Lillemor Rachlew, Who Tricked Her Way On To The Ship And Will Stop At Nothing To Be The First Woman To Land On Antarctica Mathilde Wegger, A Grieving Widow Who S Been Forced To Join The Trip By Her Calculating Parents In Law And Lars S Wife, Ingrid Christensen, Who Has Longed To Travel To Antarctica Since She Was A Girl And Has Made A Daunting Bargain With Lars To Convince Him To Take HerAs They Head South Through Icy Waters, The Race Is On For The First Woman To Land On Antarctica None Of Them Expect The Outcome And None Of Them Know How They Will Be Changed By Their ArrivalBased On The Little Known True Story Of The First Woman To Ever Set Foot On Antarctica, Jesse Blackadder Has Captured The Drama, Danger And Magnetic Pull Of Exploring Uncharted Places In Our World And Our Minds But all explorations were funded by something, Lars had told herthan once Ingrid Christensen has waited for twenty years for her husband Lars to meet his promise to take her to Antarctica Twenty years, during which Ingrid has given birth to six children and Lars has built a whaling empire In 1931, subject to conditions, Lars agrees to take Ingrid with him when he sails to the Southern Ocean as part of his whaling business A landing in Antarctica may be possible One of Lars s conditions is that Ingrid cannot be the only woman aboard the Thorshavn Mathilde Wegger, withdrawn and grieving for her husband, is invited by Ingrid to join her as her companion Mathilde, pressured by her parents in law, reluctantly agrees Mathilde does not want to leave her children, but is afraid that she will lose them to her parents in law otherwise Lillemor Rachlew is fascinated by Antarctica When she learns of the Christensen s planned trip, she very much wants to be part of it And with her husband Anton s assistance, she joins the expedition.Three very different women each with her own motivation for making this trip, in the enclosed space of a ship carrying fuel oil to the factory ships Ms Blackadder creates both the beauty and the terror of the sea as well as the claustrophobic cabins of a working ship Alliances are made, broken, and remade between the women as they rely on each other to survive in such a harsh environment While some members of the crew are helpful, most of the men would prefer that the women were not on board.And which of the women will be the first to set foot on Antarctica This was Antarctica, hard and bloody and full of need, longing and repulsion, fury, competition and jealousy, bargains made and payments extracted, everyone implicated, everyone faced with their own desire and brutality I enjoyed this novel immensely While the cruel reality of whaling is part of this journey, it underlines rather than undermines the broader story of the search for territory in Antarctica It is Ms Blackadder s descriptions of the environment that primarily held my attention the austere beauty and treachery of the ice While, for me, the women were largely secondary to the surroundings, I was intrigued by their manoeuvrings and manipulations as each sought to try to gain an advantage.The voyage described in this novel is loosely based, the author writes, on four trips made by Ingrid with Lars on board the Thorshavn Lillemor and Mathilde accompanied her on different voyages.Jennifer Cameron Smith Collecting books on Antarctica is my hobby Have just finished Chasing the Light.I thought it the most enjoyable faction read about Antarctica or elsewhere Technically beautifully crafted via the varied women s viewpoints, motives and historic setting Quality characterisation and I d be delighted to recommend it for those attempting new techniques for writing about historical settings in my Writing Non Boring Family History workshops But also the mystique of Antarctica was captured in the emotive passages.A significant author has arrived AND Tropical Townsville was a great place to read about cool Antarctica last week Congratulations Jesse Genuinely think this a significant work. In the 1930 s, three women are determined to travel to the Antarctic, hoping to be the first woman to set foot there Two employ whatever wiles they can to board the expedition, the third is an unwilling companion The opening chapters introduce us to these women, after a preface by another and a chapter about one who was denied the opportunity to travel south Consequently, it took me a while to become absorbed in the book, and to differentiate the five women Once aboard, their personalities, flaws and motivations come into focus Descriptions of the whaling business repulse us, as no doubt was intended Having watched whales breach, enjoying the freedom of the oceans, I can be grateful that this barbaric practice has been curbed, and add my voice in protest against continued Japanese slaughter The end chapters are particularly engrossing, as the women reach their goal and we see how their lives are changed by the journey. After a visit from Jesse to my children s school to talk about Antarctica, I was compelled to buy her book Chasing the Light Jesse has a way of engaging all ages into her story and knowing this was inspired by strong women in history made me want to read it along with the fact that I loved Raven s Heart Again, it wasn t bogged down in historical facts, but had enough to furnish the story well Love the story and felt that I was actually there feeling the cold, the storms, the rocking of the boats and the victories and losses with those women Again, sad the book was over GREAT story. Wonderful, unputdownable book, a novel based on fact The story of 3 women, in the 1930 s, who, for different reasons, travel to Antartica, hoping to be the first female to put a foot on this new continent These women have very different lives, stories personalities The dynamics they bring to a male environment of whaling ships their crews is variable In some way, each woman is changed dramatically by this journey The biographical portraits are featured at the end of the book I highly recommend this book Others who wrote reviews of this book seem to adore it I did not It bothered me quite a lot to get to the end and to find two of the driving forces behind Lars and Ingrid s actions in the book were completely fictional I get this is a fictional account, but completely fabricating their motivations is a bridge too far for me Also, I had serious issues with how awful the women were to each other It really reinforces the stereotype that women don t get along, that they don t support each other, that they are in constant competition with each other That stereotype is so tired and so wrong I did love the descriptions of Antarctica My fascination with the continent is why I chose this book in the first place, and those parts of the book did not disappoint And the encounter Ingrid had with the whale was breathtaking. This is the most beautiful, haunting novel about the first women in Antarctica I d really recommend it to anyone who loves books about forgotten women in history in fact, I d recommend it to anyone who loves historical fiction.