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'The Fall' is the second installment in the Kronberg Crimes series. The Fall begins a year after the events of The Devil's Grin and leaps right into the fray with Anna Kronberg waking up to a gun against her head. Her abductor is none other than Professor James Moriarty. The tension builds with each additional chapter and Anna's situation becomes even more complicated as she enters into a tense psychological battle with Moriarty.

I'm a big fan of the original Sherlock Holmes stories, and I believe this is the first pastiche to explore James Moriarty in such depth. The author weaves events flawlessly in and out of the original Canon with surprisingly believability. She humanizes Moriarty and very nearly made me sympathize with him. A thrilling read, and once again, Annelie Wendeberg kept me turning the pages for hours on end. Can't wait for the third installment! Enter James Moriarity

A reminder of what women endured and overcame to experience life on their terms no matter what obstacles they faced. From an impoverished mother in a rookery, a brilliant mind that can match wits with Sherlock Holmes or the gilded cage of the highborn. This has an excellent number of mysteries that weaves an entrancing web.
The Character of Anna is all things strong women should exhibit—sharp intellect, strength of purpose, a vulnerability when her heart is aroused. This book is more difficult as Anna spends a large part engaged against her will in cahoots and matching wits with Holmesian Nemesis James Moriarity. Germ warfare and the groundwork for World War is laid out.

I’ve listened to the first 4 books on Audible and the Narrator’s voice and characterization of Anna, the shrillness, the German accent which always seems off somehow and poor transition between female and male characters had me gritting my teeth my at times. Sherlock Holmes sounds like a effeminate harpy. Sadly Moriarity is one of the best voices portrayed.

The WRITING is very good. Historical and medical research was excellent and could really transport you to St. Giles rookery, London’s medical school, and Tea Shops as well as, of course, 221B Baker Street.
I highly recommend this book be READ on Kindle/hard copy. The world building and character development are well worth the read. The vacillating, moral quandary and self flagellation that Anna goes through could be a bit much at times. To the point that I all that we knew of her of intelligence, fortitude and strength up to now has you wanting to give her a good shake. I would not have minded cracking Holmes over the head. Not a way I have ever felt to this extent in my extensive readings of various Holmesian stories.
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All in all I can highly recommend the second installment of this series and look forward to the next book :) I'm sooo excited! It's so awesome when you find a series that you 'connect' with! A familiar world to revisit time and again (as long as the author continues to write...) with friends old and new. I LOVED The Devil's Grin and I loved this second installment, The Fall, as well! It's after the second book makes your skin tingle and you can't forget about itjust keep wanting to get back to the bookthat you realize THIS is MY series. I belong here. It's not often that AHA! bulb goes off in my headpertaining to series books, I mean of course, not just in general! :) When it does, though, I devour every possible written word!

A 3rd book is out and I'll be picking that up, too. As soon as it goes on sale. The ebook is currently selling on Amazon for $4.99 which is more than I pay. It will come downI bought The Fall on sale, too, and Ms Wendeberg does not seem like one of those uppity Indie writers who thinks their talent to be so great that only a select (dearly paying) few shall enjoy it. If this were published by a 'big house', as I call them, $4.99 would be quite reasonable. Speaking of whichwhich 'big house' publisher turned these books away?? Seriously. I suppose the thought may be, 'well, who would actually buy and read these offthewall Sherlock Holmes and his female sidekick stories about germs, disease and science experiments?' Weirdly, methat's who! I am pretty open to a variety of genre, but there are a few things I am very turned off tomedical, legal, aliens and zombies. These are all ugly things to me. Ugly. These books are not medical, exactly, butthey are certainly a VERY unique type of book. It is that very uniqueness that makes it soo great! The writing and the characters are fantastically weird! Our MC, Anna, is a complete intellecther senses on overdrive at all times. Nothing gets past her notice, from every possible slight sound to various odors. She is amazing! Sherlock Holmes is also a very interesting charactersomething I can't believe I am saying. I never could get into Sherlock Holmes tales. Just didn't like them. Nor did I ever like any of the other more modern retellings either. But this...makes Sherlock seem human. Lovable, even.

There were a lot of intense events in this book, certainly more so than in The Devil's Grin. My emotions were going everywhere. Sometimes I didn't like Anna at ALL. Interestingly, though, Anna is so much a person of her own mind that unsavory behavior is sorta expected, so not as hard to forgive. Also, she was going through many changes as a person this time. The events of this book caused her to be different, as Holmes notices about her at the end as well. He says she is 'smaller', more effected and not so hard headed and selfdirected. She has been changed through her experiences, of course she has. I will love meeting up with her again to see how she adapts to this new person she has become.

Five stars. This is what I call, 'intellectual writing for the dummies'. :) I feel so smart reading it...all that scientific stuff and details, details, details! But it is written so that we can all understand these scientific mysteries she becomes involved in, down to every last detail. It's sorta like an historic London CSI! Love it!!!!

as said by other readers, the series gets better and better
this is quite a cat and mouse battle, the issue of which being uncertain... or not ?
good analysis as well of the concept on what women may or may not do in the 19th century THE FALL
Annelie Wendeburg

The Fall provides the tantalizing tale of Anna Kronberg, a female bacteriologist at work with the famed Sherlock Holmes, as she is forced to develop germ warfare for the ignoble Dr. James Moriarity, Holmes' evil nemesis. Throughout the story Dr. Kronberg is a prisoner in Moriarity's mansion and at his command in the implementation of his fiendish plot, and worse, he begins to desire her.

This book is the second of what so far is a series of three. The reader must be prepared to go on to Book Three, as central problems that evolve in Book Two are not resolved and leave us hanging. Note that these books are called “thrillers” rather than “mysteries” and revolve around the danger to Kronberg personally and humanity in general more than any cleverness on the part of Holmes or anyone else in solving a puzzle.

Readers will like Dr. Kronberg, as she is a gutsy little thing, surprising everyone around her with her audacity and her capabilities. Holmes may be developed more in the first book, The Devil's Grin. In The Fall he plays mainly the facilitator of Kronberg's attempted escapes and other efforts to foil Dr. Moriarity's plan. The author depends upon the readers' knowledge of Holmes and does not round out his character as much as might be desirable.

Wendeburg's series reminds me of Laurie R. King's mystery series about Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes. I feel that King was able to ground her characters more firmly in the time period (early 1900s) and the character of Holmes over time was more complex than in Wendeburg's series at this point. I find I prefer a mystery to a thriller as mysteries are more stimulating to the mind.

At the same time, Wendeburg's books are enticing and fun to read. The author has taken care to research the methodology for preparing the bacteria and other related information, so that we understand the science involved. For Sherlock Holmes buffs, here we have yet another series of stories about the man who fascinates so many of us, but more importantly about a woman physician who is brilliant and resourceful. I recommend that you read The Fall. I am a great lover of mysteries involving Sherlock Holmes. Although Holmes is a minor character in this series, Dr. Anna Kronberg is very much like him in the way that her mind works. This book is especially enticing as Moriarty's character is developed much more than in the original Conan Doyle series.

(I am reminded of my favorite series including Holmes as a minor characterthe most excellent Mary Russell series by Laurie King)

First paragraphs
Wednesday Night, October 22nd, 1890 Something cold pushed my head into the straw mattress. Two sharp clicks and the smell of metal sent my heart slamming against my chest. The gun’s mouth was pressed flat against my temple. If fired, the bullet would rip straight through my brain, driving blood and nerve tissue through the mattress down onto the floor. If the gun were tipped a little, the bullet would circle inside my skull, leaving a furrow in the bone and pulp in its wake. ‘Dr Kronberg,’ a voice echoed through the dark. ‘Get up slowly, if you please.’ I opened my eyes. ‘Sit over there,’ he rasped, waving a lantern towards the table. I obeyed and the small chair gave its usual quiet squeak. A match was struck. Sulphur stung my nostrils. A candle cast the room into unsteady light. A man of approximately fifty years sat across from me. A face chiselled in hardwood, cracked by tension and ageing, his demeanour commanding strict obedience. ‘You are good at hiding,’ said he. Waves of goosebumps rolled over my skin. He looked at me, waiting for a reply that did not come. What could I possibly say? Obviously I hadn’t been hiding well enough. My tongue glued itself to my palate. The wrong word might end my life in an instant. Suddenly, my ears picked up a sound. The floorboards had produced a lone pop, raising the hair on my neck as though to assess the danger lurking behind me.

Wendeberg, Annelie (20130716). The Fall (Kronberg Crimes) (pp. 1112). Annelie Wendeberg. Kindle Edition. Another fast paced historical novel by Annelie Wendeberg. This second instalment follows Anna in captivity. It's either her help in producing a germ to be used in chemical warfare or her father's head. She submits herself to her captor, trying with all her might to come up with ideas for mass destruction and how to delay them, while at the same time figuring out a way to escape. She finally succeeds, with help from her friend Sherlock Holmes, but all's not over yet. A marvelous read, unfortunately with an ending that screams for more. Well done AW, I'm eagerly awaiting the next chapter in the Kronberg Chronicles! This book could have been a good one. Eluding Scotland Yard and Sherlock Holmes, Anna Kronberg leads an inconspicuous life far from London. Until the day she wakes up to a gun pressed against her temple. With her father held hostage and no help in sight, Anna finds only one way outto take her captor for a dance along the razor's edge while delving into Britain's tentative beginnings of espionage and systematic biological warfare. Anna is an interesting character, beset by moral problems and urges that drive her. However, the author loses her way as the book goes on, and ends by having an unresolved ending, probably preparing us for her next book in that group. Yet, as the end occurs, the strands don't come together, the writing starts to fall apart, and the reader (and probably the writer) are glad that it has come to an end. I don't know what to say to people wanting to read the book. Maybe, do so at your own peril. There's better stuff out there.