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~DOWNLOAD ♷ The Secret Daughter of the Tsar ♣ A Compelling Alternate History Of The Romanov Family In Which A Secret Fifth Daughter Smuggled Out Of Russia Before The Revolution Continues The Royal Lineage To Dramatic ConsequencesIn Her Riveting Debut Novel, The Secret Daughter Of The Tsar, Jennifer Laam Seamlessly Braids Together The Stories Of Three Women Veronica, Lena, And Charlotte Veronica Is An Aspiring Historian Living In Present Day Los Angeles When She Meets A Mysterious Man Who May Be Heir To The Russian Throne As She Sets About Investigating The Legitimacy Of His Claim Through A Winding Path Of Romance And Deception, The Ghosts Of Her Own Past Begin To Haunt Her Lena, A Servant In The Imperial Russian Court Of , Is Approached By The Desperate Empress Alexandra After Conceiving Four Daughters, The Empress Is Determined To Sire A Son And Believes Lena Can Help Her Once Elevated To The Romanov S Treacherous Inner Circle, Lena Finds Herself Under The Watchful Eye Of The Meddling Dowager Empress Marie Charlotte, A Former Ballerina Living In World War II Occupied Paris, Receives A Surprise Visit From A German Officer Determined To Protect Her Son From The Nazis, Charlotte Escapes The City, But Not Before Learning That The Officer S Interest In Her Stems From His Longstanding Obsession With The Fate Of The Russian Monarchy Then As Veronica S Passion Intensifies, And Her Search For The True Heir To The Throne Takes A Dangerous Turn, The Reader Learns Just How These Three Vastly Different Women Are Connected The Secret Daughter Of The Tsar Is Thrilling From Its First Intense Moments Until Its Final, Unexpected Conclusion This story seamlessly winds together the lives of three women from different times and places The first half builds the mystery about the Russian Romanov family and the three main characters, and the second half is where the action and the tension really begin My Kindle jumped from 50% to 90% completed and I hardly noticed I loved how the book came together in the end, blending the mysteries from Russia in the early 1900s, to Paris in 1941, to present day NYC I honestly didn t see it coming.At first the women are timid, and I rooted for them to grow stronger I switched between whose story I enjoyed the most, but I think it was Lena, the servant to the Russian empress I enjoyed her romance the best, and I would ve loved to read about it She seemed to be the youngest and least jaded by life The other women endured struggles in the past, not uncommon to many women today, which will probably make their stories poignant for many readers Each of them eventually finds strength in themselves.You can feel the author s love for history and this particular time in history specifically This book won me over What fun I had reading this book The tragic story of the Tsarist Romanov family of Russia is one that fascinates me Jennifer Laam has taken that historical background and made the Romanov s alive and vibrant through their fictitious servants and supposed heirs I was completely taken in by the novel from the Prologue onward This work of historical fiction is such a good read The story line is fluent and gripping I couldn t stand to be torn away and was really aggravated when anything or anyone interrupted my reading time Skipping through time and through the viewpoints of different women, it held my interest completely I had no trouble following the action and found my heart racing at some of the intimate and dangerous moments involved in the story Hard to say which was my favorite character in this one because there were several and so many out standing moments in the book I think I was most captivated by the Charlotte of the Paris Nazi era She was vulnerable in a beautiful way While finding herself in dangerous situations, open to violence from several aspects, she maintained her courage and a sense of herself She was a regal woman despite the facts surrounding herdecisive and intuitive I liked her gentle heart The suspense and mystery of this historical fiction was unexpected It carried me swiftly through the book as I couldn t predict the conclusion until the very end It s a very clever mouse trap of a novel Made me wish there were a secret daughter of the tsar.or is there I highly recommend this one Beautifully researched Fun to read A great suspense thriller mystery that is compelling and insightful Likable characters in realistic situations I loved it 5 stars Deborah TheBookishDame 3.5 Stars I was really drawn to the premise of this novel and the idea that a Romanov heir exists that is neither Anastasia or Alexei The story begins with Veronica, a struggling professor attempting to write a biography of Empress Alexandra, who becomes involved with a man whose interest in the Romanovs matches her own Orphaned as a young girl and raised by her grandmother, Veronica has always felt like an outsider within her large family, and later in her academic career When she learns of the notion of a mysterious lost Romanov heir and a shadowy society devoted to restoring the heir to the throne, Veronica seizes the chance to take her book to the next level, and to learn about Michael Karstadt, who may have ulterior motives in pursuing a romance with her Entwined with Veronica s story are those of Lena and Charlotte, two women from different times who also play their parts in the mystery.Lena, a trusted servant of Alexandra, gives us a glimpse into life behind closed doors in the imperial Russian court in 1902, where all was not sunshine and roses for the empress, who was desperate to provide her husband and his country with a male heir after the birth of four daughters As the tsar s mother and brother and other disgruntled nobles circle around the empress, searching for weaknesses they can exploit, Lena rises to the defense of her beloved mistress Forty years later, Charlotte, an aging dancer trapped in Nazi occupied Paris, finds herself hunted by a high ranking Nazi official for reasons she can t comprehend, and ends up on the run with her small son and estranged husband in a desperate attempt to reach sanctuary in Spain.I loved the historical threads in Russia and France and the connection that was eventually revealed between the three women Their stories all came together rather seamlessly and satisfyingly in the end, even if it was fairly easy to predict the outcome Unfortunately, the present day thread didn t work as well for me I found the idea of restoring the Romanovs to the throne in the twenty first century, in a Russia under Vladimir Putin s leadership, rather implausible, and much of the present day story hinges on that But I was able to suspend disbelief enough to enjoy the story and the intense climactic moments.While I enjoyed the story and the characters, the writing style was a bit disappointing It lacks the elegance and resonance I associate with historical fiction I also like a subtle style of writing I like to be able to read between the lines, to figure things out for myself I don t like to have things spelled out for me and clues made obvious But the book does get a big thumbs up for taking on the idea of a Romanov heir with a new twist and for flawlessly braiding together three separate stories in different time periods The Secret Daughter of the Tsar doesn t quite live up to the standards of my favorite past present novels from authors like Susanna Kearsley, but it is something different and ambitious in historical fiction, and I liked it enough to pick up the sequel when it comes out. I love the premise of this book so I really wanted to love this book I enjoyed Lena s character but found some of the other characters lacking depth I didn t particularly care for the Michael Veronica relationship, felt it wasn t developed well It was very obvious what the twist was going to be early on in the book This book had great potential, but overall it was ok. Um.I had such high hopes for this book The story line was so interesting But.The writing was horrible It s like the author had random information she really wanted to throw in the book The story would be going a long and then all of a sudden some useless information would come up making me confused From the very start I knew how the book would end No surprises, just a long drawn out story When I was done reading the book I sat there trying to figure out how this book could have been improved I think that if the author didn t have the story line of the present day and just the other two stories it would have been much better The author could have had the present day narrating it then in the end reveal how it pertains to her. My opinion of this book bounced around like a pinball I would find myself rolling my eyes and skimming Veronica chapters and vowing no than two stars then change to Lena and Charlotte chapters and go up to four stars This book is not a five star book and Veronica is the reason The story has a good premise that a fifth daughter was born to Nicholas and Alexandra in 1902 and smuggled out for political reasons To me this story is plausible than one child survived the massacre I know people who lived in the USSR in the 20 s and 30 s and there was no way anyone got out of that house alive Our main character for some reason is Veronica She is a professor and writing a biography of Empress Alexandra She is also on the brink of being fired and desperate for a boyfriend despite having a recent relationship end badly At least that s the impression when her cousin introduces her to Michael and she falls for his love of Russian history, music well everything They fall into a heavy romance which made those chapters hard to stomach.Flashback to 1901 shortly after Grand Duchess Anastasia is born and we meet Lena Lena works for the Empress Alexandra and is her current favourite She longs to have a son to ensure the dynasty continues and Lena whose mother was a midwife has advice to offer her.In Paris 1942 we meet Charlotte a former ballerina and her son Laurent They are desperate to flee occupied France and make it to the safety of her parents house Especially when a Nazi soldier shows up at her door saying mysterious things about her family.As I said before I liked the concept and really enjoyed the historical parts Charlotte and Lena had enjoyable stories and I wanted them to get their own chapters Their romances or lack there of were told well and weren t rammed down your throat like Veronica s was If the story was their s alone it would ve gotten four to five stars.Which brings me to Veronica Sigh Where do I begin A young career woman who seems worried about what others think Feeling shame for being called the smart weird cousin I hold that title in my own family and do so with pride She allows herself to enter into a deep romance with someone she barely knows, finds out he used her and then because her grandmother and cousin say he s and good guy takes him back Why did you have to ruin an otherwise good story Veronica is not likeable for me I like to see strong independent female characters and she always waited for Michael or someone else to save her.Without her it could ve been a better story The ending I think is wishful thinking I doubt the monarchy will be restored now or ever and most likely not to an American given the current climate between the two countries But I gave it a neutral three stars, neither loved nor hated it I disliked a couple characters but other than that not too bad of a read. The Secret Daughter of the Tsar is an alternate history of the Romanov family, Russia s last royal rulers I was excited about this book because I am absolutely fascinated with Russia and its history, especially during the 20th century to present day I m always excited when I can find a historical fiction that takes on Russia there aren t that many out there why Alternate histories are a little bit dicey for me usually It s sometimes hard for me to get into the mindset of suspending my disbelief about histories that I know fairly well In the case of this book, I totally ate this book up The narrative is split between three main characters There is Lena, servant to the Romanov family, who becomes a close confidante of the last Tsarina, Alexandra There is Charlotte, a young woman in 1940s, who is being followed by a Nazi officer who seems to be convinced that she is someone who she s sure she isn t Then there is Veronica, a Russian history professor at a small college, who meets a mysterious man who may be hiding a huge family secret All three of these women come from very different walks of life and they are all really fascinating There were a lot of really fantastic twists and turns surrounding these characters and I loved following them and putting the pieces together The story of this book was fascinating Yes, it s an alternate history but Lamm does a great job at making the story feel like it could be plausible Many of us history lovers have heard about the various pretenders who claimed to be one of the Tsar s daughters mostly Anastasia but this book has a slightly different take, which makes it even fascinating Overall, this book has a great storyline and a really interesting take on an infamous family What I really want is that my country come out of this historical period and stop dwelling on it but we are living in a new Russia We have colossal problems to face let s forget about the political aspects of the past Let s leave that to the historians Prince Nicholas Romanov, as quoted in The Romanovs The Final ChapterI have a lot to say about this book, so bear with me To answer your initial questions, history buffs, the secret daughter thing is actually done well, but I had other problems I am in the minority over this one, so I wrote a lot to explain myself.I had several reasons to read this book It was one of several books on the last Russian imperial family in my library system that I haven t read Leigh planned to read it soon and, when I found the book on my local library shelf, I thought why wait and planned to read it with her She finished some time before I did The only friend of mine who reviewed it gave it one star, but said nothing about accuracy, so I figured it wouldn t be so bad And when she and Leigh began writing their complaints, I was almost determined to disagree with them, yet I did not.If you liked this book, we can agree to disagree For the most part, this book is a matter of taste The research is fairly good, but she did use biased sources and as a result, has some bias I will explain later in further detail I didn t like it much, but just a little tweaking and it could have been a three star book for meI admit, it was for certain not one star or one and a half star worthy terrible, but I did not in my gut like it whatsoever view spoiler As far as I can tell, it s a Disney movie with subplots and sex Why did Veronica have to be an illegitimate child and an orphan hide spoiler I love this story all three of them actually Jennifer Laam uniquely captures the conflicts of three different time periods The luxuries and expectations of Imperialist Russia, the constant fears and stark conditions of the German occupation of Paris, and the pressures of modern day Laam uses subtle details to allow us to visualize the settings and characters without overpowering the scenes The book demonstrates the author s love of history, as well as a desire to alter the outcome of the senseless murder of a lineage The dangers experienced by the three women reflect their specific moments in history, and each has a distinct love story In suspense novels, I am always tempted to turn that page for the immediate gratification of knowing what happens next Because the stories are interwoven, alternating between time and place, suspense is heightened We have to leave the characters where they are, sometimes at risk, as we travel to the next story line, making it back a chapter or two later This is story of three women, and one Empress Alexandra She lived in a time when producing a male heir was essential and the responsibility fell solely on her All four women take on the challenges presented, putting their lives at risk, enlisting the support of the men in their lives when possible, but ultimately making hard decisions and taking action The Secret Daughter of the Tsar is a rare find Enjoy.