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Not the greatest .I m sorry to say that I didn t really enjoy this book very much The storyline sounded intriguing and I had high hopes for this book, I m sorry to say it fell a little short of them While the author s writing was very well done, the story didn t seem to flow very well and I found the ending very abrupt I liked the characters, they were very realistic, but the hero was a bit of a jerk for the first part He does get better, but it doesn t really make much sense he s just all of the sudden nicer to her They also seem to spendtime in their own thoughts than in very much dialogue The one thing I did enjoy very much was the faith element Even when it was difficult, Jaclyn continued to have faith When Sean was a jerk, she was determined to love him with God s love.I would recommend this book if you re looking for a light read to pass a couple hours.I received this book through The Book Club Network for my honest review, which I have given. R.L Syme is my new favorite author of inspirational romance I look forward to the future works from this promising author. This book does what it says on the cover Syme writes about a young man who suffers an injury that restricts his active life style and has serious why me moments His biggest challenge comes in the form of an injured young woman whose good heart helps Sean to face his disabling injury and live with it As I have a personal and professional relationship with this author, I don t feel it s appropriate for me to give a rating but if you enjoy inspirational novels, you may like His Wounded Heart by R.L Syme.R.L SymeLlongyfachiadau, R I loved getting to know both Sean and Jaclyn im sure you will grow to love them both two if you read this novel I got this book through Goodreaads firstreads I must admit that initially I wasn t too fond of Sean, the shoe throwing jerk who refused to do physical therapy or hang onto a nurse But as the story progressed and the details of his accident emerged, he grew on me, and I appreciated how much courage and strength it took for him to change over the course of the book The moment he touched her soft skin, he forgot all about his knee injuries, his braces, and the fact that he couldn t stand on his own legs yet Her smooth hand in his own, combined with the solid strength of her grip, produced a heavy thud in his chest For one glorious moment, he could have been a whole, healthy man again, able to climb a mountain. Sean RaleighSean labels Christians based on his experience with his father, but Carter and Jaclyn s selfless actions slowly erode his opinion Faced with an angry and bitter former athlete, I m not sure I would ve showered him with unending grace and generous love like Carter and Jaclyn, but it was a great picture of how God loves us, despite our bitterness and brokenness and in the midst of our pain and struggles Sean also questions whether he could believe in a God who allowed bad things like his accident to happen Jaclyn loved a God who was real His dad used religion to get obedience from his children, or his employees, or his wife He used a set of beliefs to get what he wanted out of other people He had no concept of who God really was.It was hard to separate the two, since they claimed to worship the same God But they didn t A blind fool could see the difference.Although Sean did the most growing in His Wounded Heart, Jaclyn struggled through a rough patch herself I appreciated that she didn t waver in her faith, but I actually doubted if this book would deliver a happily ever after A warm, peaceful feeling spread through her chest, and she closed her eyes As she often did when she felt God s presence, she opened her imagination, and let the Holy Spirit comfort her She imagined herself as a little girl, sitting on her father s lap, held safely in his powerful arms The peace deepened God was at her side, and no matter what happened, He would always be with her like this.With so much depth, physical, emotional, and spiritual, this isn t a fluffy romance to scurry through in a couple hours I savored this one over a few hours, rooting for Sean to be physically healed and for both of them to be emotionally whole so they could be together Overall, I really enjoyed His Wounded Heart and would definitely pick up another book by R L Syme.Disclaimer I received His Wounded Heart free from Pelican Book Group as part of their 40 days of Lent free e book program. just looking at the name of the book it s about a soldier which I have read about soldiers before. Title His Wounded HeartAuthor R L SymePages 218Year 2013Publisher White RoseNote I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book from www.bookfun.orgHis Wounded Heart is a novel to enjoy in an afternoon, filled with romance andA young man disillusioned about God, faith and church is seriously injured He is so angry no one person stays to help with the long term care Of course, Sean wasn t helping matters any the way he would treat the help even when his friend took time off to help him with learning Sean wasn t willing to bend One thing he kept holding onto was his pride.until.The doctor has been working with him, and since her past heartache, she made a vow to keep a distance from any man who showed her affection Jaclyn had a dream shattered too, so she was trying to still fill that longing through obtaining a job to be near her love of sports.While Jaclyn and Sean are the main human characters, the novel really speaks to the readers about God being the One who loves us In the pages, is a reminder of how people view God as watching others whether life is good or hard I loved how the truth that the people, the church, can be an instrument of mirroring Him and are also faulty humans When Jaclyn shows Sean an example he has never witnessed before, something stirs deep within Sean.Jaclyn needs God to do a work in her heart too, and she submits to His loving hand Here is an example of choosing to let God do work in us, for us and through us While pain on the earth won t last forever, our relationship with Him through Jesus will and it anchors us through the tempests During times when we are overwhelmed by our emotions or life experiences even what we see others going through, God speaks still.His Wounded Heart contained pages that were filledwith God s romance and love for us than mankind can ever really understand He reaches out to us, shows us the way to come to Him, speaks through the Holy Spirit to our hearts or minds this is what makes God so amazing Read and share this wonderful tale with anyone God leads you to, perhaps it will stir their hearts too My rating is 5 stars.Note The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility Other reviews can be read at Also follow me on Twitter lcjohnson1988, FaceBook at *READ EPUB ↠ His Wounded Heart ☝ Sean Raleigh Has Fired Every Nurse And Physical Therapist Within Firing Radius He Wants To Be Left Alone In His Invalid Despair But When His Best Friend Hires The Beautiful Jaclyn Dalton, Sean S Curiosity About Her Selflessness And Unwavering Faith Keeps Him From Sending Her Away Jaclyn Needs This Job To Stay In Montana, But Sean S Icy Heart And Raging Bitterness Threaten To Drive Her Away He Believes His Immobility Is A Punishment From Some Controlling But Distant Deity, Yet She Sees Him Crying Out For A Compassionate God He Doesn T Believe In Jaclyn Wants To Help Sean Recognize The Grace That Can Be His, Even If She Has To Leave Him To Do It, Which Draws Her Into A Surprising Level Of Emotional Vulnerability A Vulnerability That Will Be The Key To Healing Sean S Wounded Heart I truly enjoyed this book from start to finish I have to admit that there was not one single part of this story that I did not like The book is full of interesting characters that are well developed throughout the story line I felt very invested in the lives of these people Sean Raleigh is trying to recover from a horrible accident that has left him in constant pain and in a wheelchair He struggles with leg braces and crutches, but is refusing any therapy or nursing help at his home Jaclyn is a doctor that is currently working at a sports camp When she is introduced to Sean, the attraction between them both is pretty instantaneous, although neither really realizes what is going on.Jaclyn is just the person Sean needs to get him motivated to get better When Jaclyn ends up being hired to be Sean s physical trainer, will the sparks that fly between them lead to love There are some big barriers to this relationship, the largest one being that Sean is not a believer Another barrier is the way Jaclyn views relationships due to a failed one in her past.I just loved this story and definitely want to readby this author Great characters, a well written story, and lots of conflicting emotions between these characters makes for a great read I received a copy of His Wounded Heart through The Book Club Network in exchange for an honest review, which I have given.You can also view this review on my blog at Sean Raleigh, he was in an accident that left him an invalid in a wheelchair.This left him a bitter state that he fired all of his nurses, and physical therapist The only one he had anything to do with was his friend Carter Garter told Sean his friend Jaclyn Dalton was going to come over, Sean thought it was his girlfriend and he thought it was about time that Carter had a girlfriend But Sean didn t know that she was a Sports Doctor there in Montana One day Jaclyn and her friend Katie came over, and went in town sightseeing and Jaclyn knew Sean was hurting and needed to rest because he would not let anyone help him, so they were setting there and she told him that all the guys thought Katie was beautiful, he told her that she was gorgeous Jaclyn had left her billfold in Cater truck, Sean was the only one there because Carter was a work and he left it on the counter in the kitchen When Sean came to the door he had sauce all over him, he was mad an very rude to her he said here comes that Jesus freak She clean up everything an put the meal on the table for both of them, she started saying prayer to herself, when he told her to say it out loud He told her he had never heard anyone say pray like that I like this inspirational romance book it was giving to me from Book Fun for my honest opinion so you have it You need to read the book to see if Sean every walks, and does he go to church, does he get a girl, and what kind of an accident did he have Nice reading I would read other books by R.L Syme My name is Norma Stanforth