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It was Okay.Cambio Springs is a little town of secret shapeshifters founded by seven families wolves, cats, birds, reptiles.Jena is a widow with 2 boys, she works at the family diner, and met a handsome cowboy a night in the bar.Well, the outsinder turns out to be the new police chief, part of a plan to improve the dying town and build a spa.Entertaiment, but not overly brilliant.The boys are cute, the story about the town interesting where lacks is the credibility in police work, he goes without gun even in a murder investigation really view spoiler And the scene with the shooting and the sex on the at the rocks requeteAUCH Some policemen And then he goes with the children at the murder scene and again without guns hit the cop with his own hat hide spoiler 3.5 stars, possibly 4 I enjoyed it, but it felt almost like it was written for a YA audience, even though it has explicit sex and the H h are 30 years old However, the mythos about the shape shifting town was unique I liked it Also intriguing are the Native American taboos about the dead, etc.I began this Cambio Springs series with the short prequel, Long Ride Home review Shifting Dreamsis set three years after the prequel, in Cambio Springs, a small town off the beaten path in the Mojave Desert of Southern California Hunter portrayed the setting better than many authors in this genre Her imagery brought to mind the smell of creosote, the Palo Verde trees, the red canyons, the everlasting dust, the intense heat, etc.Hunter writes dialogue well, drawing several chuckles The romance was okay, but it didn t move me to any depth Sex didn t occur till the relationship had developed kudos to EH What I liked best The murder mystery and the sense of community the interactions with interesting secondary characters For example, the whole town must use the same church building but the denomination varies each week Hah I also loved the developing bond between Caleb the hero and little Aar Bear.The plot felt a bit contrived, because I didn t buy the reason Caleb Gilbert was hired to be the Police Chief for Cambio Springs I did buy the premise for murder, even though it felt a bit hasty The suspense was pretty good, actually, and kept me on my toes, which I like I was able to guess who done it, to some extent Smexy times in the midst of a potentially deadly suspense scene Grrrr Characters Our heroine, Jena Crowe is a widowed mother of two with a degree in culinary arts She runs her family s restaurant, the Blackbird Diner, in Cambio Springs, and can shift into a hawk, an eagle, etc She belongs to one of the oldest families in town seven founding families run the town council Jena is strong and fierce, but sometimes stupid, like when she left Caleb alone in the canyon that time, and went to Ted s house I her two boys, especially Aaron Bear , who is quite perceptive at only 8 years Hunter portrayed his older brother Lowell, Jr Low , age 11, as a typical teenager I also enjoyed Jena s grandmother Alma the owl, her father Tom the raven, and her mother Cathy, the normal human I look forward to hearing about her assorted friends Allie the fox, Ted Teodora the mountain lion, Alex the wolf, Ollie Oliver the bear, etc.The hero, Caleb Gilbert, is an outsider Most likely, I was supposed to feel angst for Caleb s tragic past, and empathize with his yearning for acceptance, belonging, and forgiveness The recipe for a sympathetic hero was there, but I just didn t feel it Instead, I simplyliked Caleb He s a good guy, solid to the core, protective and dedicated to justice, good looking, good hud, and cocky, with that brash male swagger I love Sexy Plus, he loves kids and old folks What s not to like Caleb s instincts were screaming in the Springs, especially THIS scene, on Jena s living room sofa one hot afternoon She stared at the incredibly attractive, half naked man who was already snoring Never saw the next bit coming The ending gets a bit gruesome, when the murderer was finally caught But pretty captivating, for all that The coyote was interesting.The epilogue points to the next book, where no doubt Alex McCann, the alpha wolf shifter, will make his move on Teodora Vasquez Content Sex a few scenes , cussing with F bombs , no profanity, 3 typos. There is a town deep in the Mojave Desert, that nothing is as it seems.Welcome to Cambio SpringsHome and shelter for shapeshifters, this unique town is struggling to survive The only way is through progress and unexpectedly, bloodAn unheard of, in this town of loyalty and solidarity, murder investigation will unearth secrets, greed and passions It will either lead in the future or in the whole town s doomEverything happens for a reasonCaleb Gilbert, accepts the job offer of Cambio Spring s Police Chief He doesn t realise what his job entails and the secrets this sleepy and dusty town harbors He just want to leave his past behind and start anew He also doesn t count on stumbling upon shifters, learning a life altering truth about himself and above all, falling in love with an alluring and complex woman.Jena Crowe is a mother to two boys A daughter and granddaughter A beloved friend and lonely widow And a hawk shapeshifter She tried to cheat fate once but she returned home, the only she ever had and the only one she needs She thinks she has paid destiny her due and that she is done with love, but her future awaits.A large cast of secondary character each with his own rich back story and personality, adds depth and charm in this book This is a close knit community, that take cares of its own.Another exciting and intriguing story by Elizabeth Hunter She is one of my favourite authors mainly because of her ability to draw you right in the story and make fantasy seem as everyday occurrence Every time I read one of her books, I feel like vampires and shapeshifters are real and I ll meet one down the street or maybe I have already talked to one without realising it Her paranormal creatures are mainly human, with realistic problems and characteristics, not God like creatures above laws and emotions.This book is just the beginning Cambio Springs, has a lot of stories to tell Can t wait UPDATE The ENTIRE Cambio Springs series yes all three books AND the short stories are currently FREE to read if you have Kindle Unlimited Just thought you should know REVIEW Once again, I m going back and writing a review for an older book of mine Shifting Dreams came out in the days when the common wisdom for writers was Don t go to Goodreads Goodreads is for readers Leave the readers in their space and leave GR alone So that s what I did BUT FORGET THAT You guys are having too much fun over here I m jumping into the pool Take that, Common Wisdom.SO Caleb and Jena CALEB AND JENA, YOU GUYS.I love them so much Like SO MUCH For real, I gave Caleb the name of one of my very first crushes in the world I m not even lying about that PLUS cowboy hats.YES, my country is showing I make no apologies.And JENA She s a chef, a mom, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a hawk shapeshifter and she probably does not have time for your shit And I love her for it.I wrote Jena back in the days when I first became a single mom which whoa, was a while ago so she s just super real to me I love her Love her kids I love that she has no time for herself, but still manages to maintain her humor and love and appreciation I love that she can also be kind of a mess sometimes, because can t we all I mean, I m a grown up, but I don t always feel that way And I love that she has her girls.I love Cambio Springs.I may travel a lot and fly hither and yon extra points for using yon in a sentence today BUT I grew up in a small town I live in a small town Small town people are my people And while I don t live in the Mojave desert, I have spent quite a lot of time in desert towns andQuirky Quirky is a good name for them.I was driving through the desert one night, smelling the creosote out the window after it had rained, and I just got to thinking, If there was a place in the world where you could hide really hide it would be out here And so Cambio Springs was born A whole town of shapeshifters and the people who love them, hidden out in the desert, trying to survive Small town rivalries, intense loyalty, LOTS of secrets and no secrets at all Cambio Springs may be a town full of shapeshifters, but I feel like anyone who has lived in a small town will recognize this place.I hope you love it as much as I do. Based on the blurb I expected something like Kate Daniels with a little romance Not sure what gave me that idea It actually says new paranormal romance series Need to pay attention Anyway, despite this being PNR, which is not my favourite genre, I enjoyed myself Slowly developing romance She likes him, she likes him not, but generally only a low amount of the usual, annoying romance tropes No Instalove, thank goodness Not a lot of shape shifting at first, but the why is different Some might say the physics of it all need explaining size ration before and after shifting, how does the magic work, et cetera But it worked well enough Someone is murdered, people are shot at and it s not the most obvious candidates It s not a suspenseful thriller, the story ambles along at a fairly chilled pace, but it was done well enough to keep me interested.I declare this an excellent beach read I might have become emotional at some point and cried a little Yes, I would pick up another book by the author Not really interested in the next couple to get hitched in the sequel though. I ve enjoyed Hunter s Elemental World books but the residents of Cambio Springs are actually up my supernatural alley Outsiders pretty much have to marry in to learn the secret that the residents of Cambio Springs are keeping, but the town is dying, there are no jobs and families are being forced to move away from the only place that they will ever truly be able to be themselves That freedom from hiding is what brought young widow Jena and her two sons back home to Cambio Springs and her extended family As a single mom, Jena is too busy for a relationship, but when she decides to enjoy a flirtation with a handsome stranger from out of town, she expects some smooches but no entanglements after they say goodnight Caleb Gilbert, is not just passing through though, and has been hired as Cambio Springs new police chief in conjunction with a scheme to bring new life to the town and entanglements are just want he comes to want with the smart and capable Jena But when there s a murder in the close knit community, Caleb quickly realizes that he is trying to solve a puzzle where all the pieces don t fit and everyone in Cambio Springs is lying to him.I really enjoyed my first full length visit to Cambio Springs, an out of the way desert town with a secret I really loved the swaggering and sharply intelligent Caleb and the fact that even though Jena really makes him work for it, he is relentless in his pursuit of getting her to give him a chance I also really loved all of the supporting characters in Jena s friends and family including her kids, who feel like real kids And because I really liked the connections in the community, I didn t mind the relaxed pace of the story I also really liked how Caleb s own secret makes it so that he ends up truly belonging in his new home Now, the wait begins, I can t wait to see Hunter does next in her series I wouldn t minds seeing of Caleb and Jena, though I can see potential in Jenna s girl friends for some hard to get HEAs.If you missed the prequel short, A Long Ride Home, you might want to check it out in order to tide you over until the March 5th release date for Shifting Dreams, the short gives a little background for the Jena s situation and it is also really quite touching.ARC courtesy of the author release date is March 4th. I just love the way Elizabeth Hunter develops her characters and her story Like a red carpet, her story just unravels so nicely This is not a fast paced book, but I love the connection to Native American culture The main characters are likable and the secondary ones are colorful This series has lots of potential. This book does okay as a paranormal romance, but has some problematic elements that I had a hard time with I liked the worldbuilding well enough Cambio Springs is an interesting community with a secret to protect but a desperation for jobs and growth The town is dying as there s no industry to speak of and that makes it hard for them to support the number of people who want, need even, to be there That tension between secrecy and trying to open to new industry is at the heart of the story and it s a pretty good start.I started off liking Caleb rather a lot He s a good guy coming off a bad time in his prior job but with enough Kudos to get the position of new town police chief Unfortunately, he s now chief of a town with something to hide and he s definitely not on the inside For about the first half of the story, he really had my sympathy Unfortunately, Hunter really neuters the guy in every action scene he s in Apparently, it takes time to pull a trigger on a gun already pointed at, uh, a thing than it takes for that thing to attack him physically This happens twice and isn t the only way he s forced by the author to fail at doing even basic things his character should be able to do He s a hardcore police guy who has dealt with gang and gun violence He shouldn t be undergoing failure after failure every time bad violent things happen.That d be bad enough, but there were than a few scenes when I wondered if Hunter had engineered a gender switch somewhere in there Caleb is all man for the first half, but the second half of the novel completely betrays that I get him having emotional reactions Guys have those, no doubt But his emotions were all expressed in ways that were very feminine And no, I don t mean just all the crying You can tease me with the strong, protective guy, but you lose all that goodwill when he falls apart under stress one time he s even shown up by the 11 year old boy Seriously, if you build competent law officer into the background of your character, then you should probably build a story that includes him acting competently in law officer situations I m just sayinJena was a rocky start that never really got off the ground ironic as she s a shifter raptor She s a tough woman in a tough situation but she takes forever to warm up to the obviously interested Caleb and since her stupid resistance happened in the beginning when I still liked him, that was a bad thing I then hoped that while Caleb was busy going all wussy that she d get to be tough, but that sadly didn t pan out, either Add the occasional irrational panic stupidity and I m afraid I never did quite engage with her.In other words, both main characters fumble key scenes where they come off looking like incompetent dorks Not that there s anything wrong with dorks, but if that s your story, you should probably not be telegraphing tough and competent as your buildup.In the end, this was 2 and a half stars that I m rounding to three just because it wasn t that bad It s saved by the interesting setup and I kind of cared for some of the side characters particularly Jena s boys I m undecided if I ll continue on in the series, but I might Dr Ted sounded like she might be kinda fun.A note about Steamy It was weak steam, but steamy nonetheless A couple scenes with an explicit element and one full on sex scene that was kind of lame So lower mid range for me and another disappointment. 3.5 This series Interesting, it has potential.I was a bit surprised, it s a little different than the typical shifter books I dunno how it s different, it just it.It focused on the love story than the crime and mystery and stuff, although I hoped it would be different I d have liked for the author to decide, it s pretty hard to make a great romance and a great mystery Even I can t decide what it was I mean, yeah, most UF have than just one main theme, but this one felt a bit strange, like a little kid who doesn t know what toy he wants to play with, so he chooses both.Still, it was a good one I liked the characters and I liked the plot, in general It s worth giving it a try if you like shifters. `Download Book ⇸ Shifting Dreams (Cambio Springs, #1) ☔ Somedays, Jena Crowe Just Can T Get A Break Work At Her Diner Never Ends, Her Two Boys Are Bundles Of Energy, And She S Pretty Sure Her Oldest Is About To Shift Into Something Furry Or Feathery Added To That, Changes Seem To Be Coming To The Tiny Town Of Cambio Springs Big Changes That Not Everyone In The Isolated Town Of Shapeshifters Is Thrilled AboutCaleb Gilbert Was Looking For Change, And The Quiet Desert Town Seemed Just The Ticket For A Peaceful Life He Never Counted On Violence Finding Him, Nor Could He Have Predicted Just How Crazy His New Life Would BecomeWhen Murder Rocks Their Small Community, Caleb And Jena Will Have To Work Together And When The New Chief Of Police Isn T Put Off By Any Of Her Usual Defenses, Jena May Be Faced With The Most Frightening Change Of All Lowering The Defenses Around Her Carefully Guarded Heart Shifting Dreams Is The First Novel In Cambio Springs, The New Paranormal Romance Series From Elizabeth Hunter, Author Of The Best Selling Elemental Mysteries Series