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Serena is an Irish immigrant who came to America looking for a better life after spending her childhood hungry and on the streets She comes out west thinking she will be a washerwoman but instead ends up being held captive by an evil miner who continually rapes and beats her After defying him one too many times, he beats her really badly and leaves her for dead But Serena is a strong willed Irish woman who refuses to give up, so she starts looking for somewhere to go She comes upon a group of Indian women and children who are being attacked by white miners, where she rushes in to attack the men because she can t stand to see other women hurt like she was During the fight, some Lakota warriors come and help kill the rest of the miners They decide to bring the white woman to their village to help her heal since she helped save the women s lives.Black Wolf, a Lakota medicine man, helped to save the women which included his sister and niece He takes Serena, who he names Brave Heart for her courage, to his teepee to help heal her wounds He realizes quickly that she has been very abused but he intends to help heal her Serena is very scared of Black Wolf at first but learns as time goes on that he is a good man who would never hurt her He promises her freedom to choose where she wants to live but lets her know she has a place in his village.Serena and Black Wolf spend many months getting to know each other before anything romantic happens, which I thought was believable considering her past Black Wolf is very attracted to her right away but patiently waits until she is ready, which takes a long time and a lot of healing Serena loves her life among the Lakota, where she makes a place for herself by helping the other women, caring for Black Wolf s niece and learning about plants from Black Wolf.Brave Heart was a very nice romance story with a very honorable and giving hero I liked both the hero and the heroine a lot The only reason I am giving four stars is because there were points in the story where the time line jumped ahead months at a time which I always find a bit jaring I really enjoyed the story itself with all the details of life in the Lakota village and Black Wolf s experiences and life perception as a medicine man. [[ Kindle ]] ☔ Brave Heart (Harlequin Historical #171) ↻ A JOURNEY OF THE SOULSerena Rogan Had Traveled From Ireland To Pursue A New Dream In America Yet As A Washerwoman For Blackjack Kingston In A Dakota Mining Camp, She Knew Only Slavery And Submission Until She Risked Her Life Rescuing A Group Of Sioux Women, And Entered A World Filled With Love And Respect And Black WolfA Lakota Medicine Man, Black Wolf Yearned For The Day The Red Haired Serena Would Stop Fearing Him For He Was Determined To Show Her That A Man Could Be A Friend As Well As A Lover I m so annoyed with the hero, Black Wolf The medicine man for his tribe, he s characterized as kind and good Yet he has zero patience with Serena, a white woman he rescued after she was held captive and raped, and then roused herself to save some women from the tribe He can t understand her fear of him and is constantly raging at everyone because of it Wtf, dude, did you not see those hideous wounds on her breasts Can you not imagine WHY she might be afraid of you after waking up in a strange place Chill out Before she s recovered, before she s even set foot outside the teepee, he s decided to make her his wife because her spirit moves him She hasn t even had a bath Priorities.THEN there s Deer Woman, the girl who wants to marry Black Wolf In order to win his affection, she offers her services to Black Wolf She ll help care for Serena and for the child of Black Wolf s sister who was killed He keeps complaining about how she s shirking her women s duties and how she needs to step up Hello, she didn t HAVE to offer her help Just tell her to go away if you re so frustrated.I really wanted to like this, as there are several female characters who were all nice, including Deer Woman So far Black Wolf is the only male with page time, but it turns out he s nothing to write home about The heroine has gone through an actual ordeal, and the hero exhibited beta tendencies except he turned out to be a bit of a man baby But I m annoyed enough with Black Wolf s antics that I don t feel like finishing.DNF at 22% Serena hasn t had the happiest of lives She decided to come to America and work as a washerwoman to escape her poor and lonely life in Ireland As it turns out she was sold to a ruthless miner who keeps her chained to a bed and rapes her for months We first meet her when she has been left for dead in the wild As she struggles to stay alive and save herself she stumbles upon a group of Lakota women who are being raped and killed She is able to help them fend off their attackers before she is also attacked and passes out Black Wolf, a medicine man, witnesses the end of the attack and is talked into bringing her back to the village in order to save her life Wolf is so tender with Serena, named Brave Heart, as she overcomes her fear of men and tries to feel at home in her new surroundings She is never a captive, she is allowed to leave at any time but has no place to go Wolf is in love with her and desperately hopes she will stay with him This was a very sweet and engaging love story It did tend to get sticky sweet in some parts but not for too long There is plenty of action to keep it interesting as the story moves along I think this story will stay with me for a long time. This is one of McKenna s best books, in my opinion The Heroine is strong and tough, and she remains so throughout the book Although the results of her experiences certainly have an impact on her, at no point does she fall into the helpless victim mode that is so common in romance books There is little doubt that McKenna s portrayal of Native American culture and life ways is idealistic at best like most romance books But, unlike with some authors, the idealized portrayal is skillfully done and does not detract from the story that she is telling The Hero The Heroine are both well written and compelling characters that will draw you back to the story again and again.This is one of the few romance books that has stayed with me through three schools and several moves In fact, when I managed to lose my first copy, I went out and bought another Even when I finished with my romance phase and moved on to greener and varied pastures, this book has remained on my shelf and has been re read numerous times Frankly, I still have my suspicions that my mom spirited the first copy away for herself she liked it just as much as I did. Definitely on the high end of cheesy historical paperback romance. 6 star book This book was a Goodreads recommendation based on other titles I have read, and I m so happy to have followed through on that recommendation The love story of Serena Rogan, a young Irish immigrant, and Black Wolf, the medicine man of a Lakota tribe in the Black Hills of Dakota, begins on a tragic note Serena has not only survived physical torture and rape at the hand of a mining camp leader, but her rage is instrumental in saving the lives of several Lakota women and children from the same fate Thus begins the saga of Brave Heart and it is a haunting tale, full of spiritual imagery and awe inspiring scenic detail a tale that celebrates the strength of love between a man and a woman, and the love of a people for each individual member, no matter the color of their skin Based on my enjoyment of this novel, I will definitely be reading titles by Lindsay McKenna From the synopsis, this sounded like a really interesting book and I was excited to read it I was pleased at the depiction of most of the main characters and the way Native American life and culture were woven into the story I was especially surprised to see that the romantic rival was made to be such a sympathetic character in the first few chapters It was refreshing to see that role be painted as something other than a one dimensional archetype.Imagine my surprise, then, when McKenna turns the romantic rival into just that a flimsy home wrecker trope I knew it was coming but was still upset because it didn t have to end up that way The book could have set itself apart from formulaic story arcs if it had just stuck to its guns.To watch the heroine grow and regain her strength was wonderful To then watch her become a simpering child for the last 1 3 of the book was a let down She goes from a strong, brave woman to someone who just wrings her hands and pouts at danger like the ladies in 60 s horror movies.It was almost like the book was written by two different people Or maybe the story fell apart and I was able to see all of the frustrating inner workings As I read on, I started to notice annoying phrases like, he kissed her with his mouth What the hell else is he going to kiss her with And when the heroine is in the throes of a tough labor, described as being almost out of her mind with pain, she s like sniff is that stew that smells good By the end I was just so frustrated at the disparity between the beginning and end of the story I thought we were supposed to like characters as we watched them grow but I found myself doing the complete opposite This really was a great story idea and it started off really well, but then it just fell apart. Cora o SelvagemLindsay MckennaCl ssicos Hist ricos 741993 Devo reiterar, que normalmente n o leio cl ssicos hist ricos, porque n o gosto do argumento e das descri es intermin veis e sem o m nimo de prop sito Mas deixo claro, que tenho uma queda gigantesca por ndios americanos e seus cabelos compridos e negros Oh, Senhor Apesar do meu desgosto em rela o aos cl ssicos hist ricos, este livro simplesmente maravilhoso N o tenho palavras para descrever a bel ssima est ria que foi descrita neste livro Uma est ria cheia de amor e perseveran a de uma cultura, de um povo que sempre amou a natureza e a simplicidade ADORO RECOMENDAD SSIMO