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Once they got past a few key points and good illustrative anecdotes, the whole thing got repetitious. While the premise of the book is certainly timely and important managing across power gaps differences between genders, generations, and cultures I really disliked this book it was a fluffy HR ish read that didn t present anything new and was generally not a value add At all So many lame hypothetical stories, overly familiar informal language, overly politically correct switching between gendered pronouns constantly in a dumb distracting way ugh I had to read it for work or would have put it down post haste. #DOWNLOAD EBOOK â Flex ó Renowned Executive Coaches And Global Leadership Strategists Offer Lessons On The Vital Skill Of Flexing The Art Of Switching Leadership Styles To Effectively Lead People Who Are Different From You, Allowing Managers To Successfully Manage The Multicultural Workers Of Today And Tomorrow The Workplace Around The World Is Growing Increasingly Multicultural, Female, And Younger Diversity Experts Often Tell CEOs And Managers What NOT To Do, And Corporate Diversity Programs Have Become Defensive Measures Against Lawsuits And Harassment Charges We Have Lost The Ability To Build The Trust Required To Achieve Great Outcomes In Our Workplaces In Order To Be Successful In This New Global Business Environment, We Need To Re Think The Way We Lead OthersFlex Offers A Different Approach A Proactive Strategy For Managers To Navigate And Leverage Diversity Effectively In This New Global Economy, Showing Managers How To Understand The Power Gap, The Social Distance Between You And Those In The Workplace Of Different Cultures, Ages, And Gender Flex Your Management Style, By Stretching How You Work And Communicate With Others, And Bridging The Gap With Effective Communication, Feedback Tools And Building Healthy Teams Multiply The Effect, By Teaching These Skills To Others And Closing The Power Gap With Clients, Customers, And Partners To Create Innovative SolutionsCreating Flex In A Company S Management Style Will Impact All Aspects Of Developing The Talent You Have, Attracting Future Talent And Building Relationships With Customers In This Competitive Marketplace Now, Flex Shows You How I received this book free through the Goodreads First Reads program It came at a time when I was helping one of our directors manage older, experienced employees, so it was great timing I love that it was written by two women who address issues in narrowing the power gap in organizations by looking at the total picture They take into account not only experience differences, but culture, gender, race, and generation gaps, and how these experience bases can affect communication, trust, interpretation, etc Overall, a great book for anyone who wants a comprehensive view of effectively managing differences in an organization. Maybe really 3.5 stars.Another good business book that probably could have been summarized in a much smaller package People are all different and today s workforce is used to be treated like individuals So do that.If you need background as to why that s true, it s all there, but felt a little bloated Worth at least a casual read. I received an ARC through a Goodreads contest and was on a Lean In women minorities in business The Partner Track kick I was pleasantly surprised that the book was not only about managing down but also about managing up Given that I m not a manager, nor do I usually read this genre, I appreciated the anecdotes and hope that I ll be able to translate some of the messages into my work, especially if I ever manage someone other than an intern A must read for anyone who manages a diverse work force, particularly those working with individuals from various generations or cultures Great tips and practical ideas for improving how you work and handle those different from you. I received the book for free through Goodreads First Reads. Flex The New Playbook for Managing Across Differences by Jane Hyun and Audrey Lee was chosen by Soundview Executive Book Summaries as one of the Top 30 Business Books of 2014.THE SOUNDVIEW REVIEW While holding firm is traditionally viewed as a strength in leadership, changing times and the speed with which those changes occur calls for a different model In Flex The New Playbook for Managing Across Differences, executive coaches Jane Hyun and Audrey S Lee sweep away the broken pieces of the traditional leader and offer efficient portfolio of styles to achieve your leadership goals Flex is now available as a Soundview Executive Book Summary.As Hyun and Lee write, Many managers are struggling, faced with a playing field that looks dramatically different from the one into which they were hired They stress that leaders now need to be skilled at tapping the knowledge and abilities of their work force This requires flexing, which the authors define as adapting how one communicates, relates and responds to others in a manner that takes into account an understanding of status differences Flexing is what allows a leader to bridge the power gap that Hyun and Lee state is creating serious difficulties for organizations Flex teaches executives how to flex across the various leadership styles to improve your existing leadership skills Readers should not feel that they need to pilot an international organization for the Power Gap Principles to apply to their leadership In fact, the average company is packed with enough variety of cultures and experiences among its staff that the ability to flex is equally essential in companies of all sizes With instructions on everything from creating productive dialogue to onboarding new employees, Hyun and Lee have created a guide to help you become a fluent leader.Soundview s 8 page Executive Book Summary of Flex is available here. A friend of mine and I have recently taken on leadership roles in our careers, so we thought we would give this book a try However, this is not a book geared towards anyone in the education field There is one teacher mentioned, Rafe Esquith, who is already highly publicized, and it seemed out of place This is definitely for people who work in places where CEOs are involved Still, there was some food for thought.I liked the chapter on Culture and Communication Flexing Across Styles.In this part of the book, a series of spectrums are described and you have to think about where you tend to fall on it Spectrums include The Direct vs Indirect Spectrum, The Expressive vs Restrained Spectrum, and The Task vs Relationship Spectrum The authors describe how different cultures generally approach each spectrum too It made me think about how my tendency to be one way, say task oriented, may not take into account how important it is for others to focus on relationships on the job While I may want to just get started on the meeting agenda and connect to people while accomplishing tasks, other people need to have those team building ice breakers first in order to work well, and both are valid The emphasis on acknowledging differences is always a good reminder.