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I wasn t sure what to expect from this book, because it sounds like a lot of characters to focus on for a romance book I ended up enjoying it, that is until got to the end Spoilers ahead The main character shows such growth throughout the book, even seeming that she s moving past a guy she has supposedly loved for ten years though how she has loved him when they have no chemistry at all I don t understand She becomes confident and even meets a guy along the way who is a good match for her and so full of life, bringing out an energy in her she never had before I would have been fine if her relationship with Joel ended as see you later and that was that However it ends with her completely regressing and going back to the guy who has rejected her for ten years and was just engaged earlier in the day I was so mad Still am, deleting the book from my kindle so I never have to relive the end again. Just too fake. I ve enjoyed Jones other novels in the past, but sadly not this one The plot is very weak, but not as weak as the heroine, Lara, and indeed the hero , Elliott Both of them annoyed me very much and I suspect they probably deserve each other I think the trouble is that the group of friends act and think like 18 year olds when they re supposed to be approaching 30 The one good thing about this book is the lovely Joel, whose character and story are so much interesting than anything else that s going on I do wish this book had been about him it would have been a much better read. I enjoyed this book, the storyline is fun if sometimes a little unbelievable and the characters are, mostly, real and relatable I like this authors style of writing and she does a good job of describing California in a way that really wants to make you visit I read this in 2 days on holiday its great to relax with as it doesn t require you to think too much ( DOWNLOAD EBOOK ) ⚆ The California Club ♥ When Lara Richards Jets Off To Glamorous California, The Last Thing She S Expecting Is To Find Her Old Friend Helen Transformed From A Clipboard Clasping Frump Into A Shimmering Surf Goddess The Secret Of Her Blissful New Life The Mysterious California Club So The Offer Of Guest Membership One Wish, Guaranteed To Come True By The End Of Their Stay Is One Lara And Her Friends Can T Resist If you are trying to stop drinking, this isn t one for you The seem to be knocking one back every three pages I found it all a bit shallow, but did enjoy the friendships in a half believable sort of way Admit I m a bit annoyed by the ending I thought Joel was great.However I don t think this is an author for me. Came to me at a point in my life I needed a book like this re read easy to read , funny I actually ADORED this book, and now desperately want to visit California Ok not great literature.but if you are after a fun mindless escape.Chick lit..Belinda Jones is one of the best.