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I feel like I finished reading this book out of obligation I read the first two and enjoyed them well enough and this was of the same, but I really wasn t that into it As I continued on I got into the plot and I can see the how this would be a worthy finale However, I just finished reading the first two books of Red Queen and THAT is a way to write a magical dystopian world So, I mean, this was fun and it moved along There was a lot of a action The characters are hot and amusing But, in the end, this series was just a meh for me. This is a triology so it is done, thank goodness, I am not a fan of fantasy, sci fi or dystopian novels in general but I needed a book for Nevada and Frozen fit the bill sorta but not really It is set in New Kandy which is a future look at Las Vegas as the world is thus into a frozen tundra I enjoyed Stolen until it went well into fantasy with dragons, portals and other things I didnt quite understand In this novel things get bizarre and I lost all connection to this series. #Free É Golden é Recast The Spell Light The Flame Make The World AnewWith The Ruins Of New Kandy Still Smoldering Around Them And Nat S Bond To Her Beloved Drakon Quickly Fraying, Nat And Wes Are Lost Amid A Sea Of Destruction With Wes At Death S Door Wes Tried To Save His Sister, Eliza, And Protect Them From Her Cruelty, Only To See Firsthand Just How Dark Her Power Had BecomeDesperate To Escape The Dangers Lurking In New Kandy, Wes Accepts Help From A Mysterious Voice Calling Out To Him From The Blue, Leading Nat And His Crew Into Even Perilous Surroundings They Quickly Realize That Their Only Chance For Survival Lies With Nat And The Quest For A New World To Replace Their Broken One But At What Cost In This Conclusion To The Heart Of Dread Trilogy, Nat And Wes Must Put Their Love To The Ultimate Test In Hopes Of Seeing Their World Reborn Be right back I need to go cry because this book destroyed me Golden is full of action and heartbreak and emotion The characters are amazing, the story is addicting, the scenes are full of intensity I m never going to shut up about WesI do have a few problems, though This book was very rushed it needed substance It easily could have been 70 or pages longer It is the shortest of the entire Heart of Dread trilogy The ending is undeveloped Here is what I mean view spoiler Okay, so supposedly there s this New World What is this New World I want to see it The characters should explore it What about the boy who died in Stolen, Cone What happened to him Did he get reincarnated What about Daran, Zedric, and Avo Did they come back as different people or are they just gone hide spoiler This is the strangest combination of dystopian sci fi and fantasy that I ve ever read Soldiers shooting bullets at flying sylphs with swords Too weird Golden is a great conclusion to the series Lots of action and a huge amount of loss with regard to characters and war The ending is a little strange and felt a bit tacked on, but fit with the overall theme and worked in a general sense.This is a situation where the first two books in the series are available as audiobooks and this last one is not It s truly a shame, since the narrators Phoebe Strole and Dan Bittner who did the first two books are so good Shame on the publishers for dropping the ball This would have been amazing on audio. So I was planning on giving this book 4 stars but then the ending was rough lol 3.5 is my rating It all just felt very and now everything is perfect k bye This book was short and sweet It kept my attention the whole time and I m glad to be over with the series I wasn t a fan of the first blue bloods by Melissa but decided to give this series a shot, I loved this series way but the ending was disappointing. This review is also posted at was the drakon Its heart of dread And now she was an immense, churning, howling ball of flame.For a series routed in dragons, I gotta say, there was a severe lack of dragons in this final installment to the series And when the dragons sorry, drakons are reintroduced, it is not what you would expect and doesn t last for very long Disappointing, as the dragons were about the one thing I liked about this series, which didn t leave much in the way for enjoyment in this last installment.The writing is so juvenile at times that it s laughable As the substitution of the word freeze for curse words is really frakking heh irritating Take this passage for example Godfreezeit he was freezing dying motherfreezer Nat Nat where are youCase and point on both mentioned above.Golden feels like a romance than anything else, but there is no chemistry between Nat and Wes to speak of, so the plot has no grounds on which to stand And while they have quite a few enemies to deal with, we go through three major fights in the last third of the novel, all sandwiched in together It feels rushed, and there s no real action or suspense behind the prose to keep readers hooked.While I think die hard fans of Melissa de la Cruz and the series will enjoy this conclusion, I ve still yet to be impressed with anything she s written so far. Head over to the HEA blog to see the cover reveal and some questions from Melissa and Michael WITH MELISSATell us about the covers for the series Did you have any say How much do you love them Melissa We absolutely love our covers The artist, Steve Stone, has done many classic fantasy novel covers, and we were so honored Penguin chose him for our covers We are very engaged with our cover concepts, and work with our publisher to figure out the best image to represent our book We feel very lucky that Penguin is so receptive to our ideas.Can you give readers a tidbit or a small spoiler for Golden If this book isn t released updated sooner this year I will go mad I thought everything was going to end well but oh no cliff hanger Golden is the conclusion of Melissa de la Cruz s Heart of Dread series, a book I read out of obligation I finished reading the series because I brought all three of them, and was able to complete them in under forty eight hours, but I wasn t invested in them in the way I had hoped I would be Regarding my enjoyment of this particular book, it was my least favourite of the series the others I considered a two point five star rating, but I couldn t with this one.The series had potential, there was the possibility of a wonderful dystopian fantasy hybrid, but the series never reached the point I had expected it to Everything was glossed over, things were rather predictable, and nothing really grabbed my attention This was especially true in this final book I wanted something big to happen, I wanted everything to come together well, but it played out in the same fashion as the prior books things happened, but it was never really anything we experienced on a deep level.For those who enjoyed the series, I m sure they would enjoy the way this one came together It was something a bit different to the norm, and I m sure fans will enjoy it But, as I said, I wasn t invested in this series at all I finished it because I owned the books.Whether or not I will read another Melissa de la Cruz book remains to be seen The Heart of Dread series has not left the best of impressions on me, so I m somewhat dubious about picking up any of her books Maybe something will convince me, but I will not be going out of my way.