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What would you do if you came to the depressing conclusion that all the things you worked hard to get big job, big bucks, big house, big car oh, and a loyal husband to mow the lawn weren t all they were cracked up to be Most of us would just plod on regardless Money, as they say, doesn t make you happy but it does make you comfortable and keeps the wolves from the door Lindsay de Feliz faced this dilemma and decided that plodding on wasn t enough, not by a long chalk She chucked in the fluffy designer towel, unclipped her wings and flew towards the sun Eventually, the trade winds carried her to the Dominican Republic, a half an island country half a world away, a place that most of us know nothing about Trust me, you ll know a whole lot by the end of What About Your Saucepans Lindsay de Feliz s white water ride of an auto biography The intrepid author swapped the daily grind of bourgeois life for a daily grind of an entirely different sort, a world where the wolves battered down the door and then ate you for lunch But this is not the sorry tale of some deluded sankie lady or VOMIT as I might say from my Turkey days finding herself in hot water in a hot land This is a pioneering and life affirming story of love and survival written with sensitivity and panache. Amazing recount of one woman s last ten years as an expat in Dominican Republic Fascinating but heartbreaking read I read this at the same time as the novel In the Time of the Butterflies about the Mirabel sisters lives in the late 50 s Both books left me rather speechless.Best hopes that Lindsay Danilo regain what is theirs, that they continue their fight Brave souls. I started this book, and couldn t put it down The author s 10 years in the Dominican Republic are nothing short of amazing If it was fiction, I d find it a bit farfetched, but knowing it s a true depiction of her life is simply mind boggling.The book is well written, flows so well that you ll find yourself turning page after page, and the hours will disappear Her eye opening story reveals the beauty of the island and its people, as well as the astonishingly corrupt world of Dominican politics. An excellent memoir with chuckles and unexpected happenings too.This had a nice concise style, it was so easy to read and so easy to like this book It was the catchy title that first caught my eye, and it is relevant when it crops up, and gives a chuckle There are lots of interesting elements in this memoir Relationships, travel, moving abroad And to a new location to me book wise The Dominican Republic There are plenty of travel memoirs to Spain, France, Italy, Greece etc., but here we have a refreshing change A totally different way of life After originally thinking about having a holiday home in the Caribbean, circumstances change and Lindsay decides to leave her current life behind to become a sub aqua diving instructor She works in The Maldives, Menorca and eventually ends up in the Dominican Republic The book starts off nice and light and is later action packed as she is faced with a life threatening situation.Photos are included there s a black and white photo at the start of each chapter, and I thought it was a nice little touch to have the tiny pics of saucepans between scenes An excellent read, highly recommended I went straight onto her second book and it was every bit as good. A super read with many unexpected twistsMy first real look at the DR and it was an eye opener Lindsay leaves her life in the UK to become a scuba diver and live a less hurried life She tells her story with a softness that makes you want to like some of the characters that come her way Her easy writing style has you page turning As soon as I was done reading I purchased the sequel Life After Saucepans I highly recommend. This is a delightful memoir of leaving an old life for a new adventure only to fall in love with a place where it s carefree diving in the day and dancing at night This is also a well observed guide to living in the Dominican Republic where the people are happy despite having to survive on under 2 day.The usual norms no longer apply where with you in five minutes means an hour if you re lucky, your household items often disappear and your fridge always empties as soon as you re stock it Yet all this starts to feel OK as the author by now in love with a local man somehow enchants you into new understandings including the one that taking what belongs to another is not stealing when someone else needs it.The reader is taken on a mission as this couple sets out to improve their community The tempo rises through unexpected twists and increasing jeopardy Their home and their life are invaded not only by supporters but also by ruthless opponents who will stop at nothing.This absorbing drama is skilfully written and keeps us on the edge of our seats You will believe the couple is charmed and invincible as they mount a vibrant campaign with noisy cavalcades and tumultuous support Whenever their luck runs out, vivid examples show what happens where fearful people don t hesitate to use guns, where elections are rigged, identities purchased, lawyers intimidated and the corruption of those in power hobbles everyone across an entire nation.So entertaining you ll feel you re there and so informative you ll better understand how to cope if you do visit such a place Pick this up and you ll not put it down. |Free Ebook ♾ What about Your Saucepans? ♵ Lindsay De Feliz Walked Away From An Enviable Lifestyle Marriage, Successful Career, Expensive Holidays, Designer Clothes, Fast Cars To Pursue Her Dream Of Being A SCUBA Diving Instructor She Could Not Have Predicted The Journey Ahead When She Arrived In The Heat, Sunshine And Vibrant Culture Of The Dominican Republic She Found Love, A Ready Made Family And Despite Being Shot In A Bungled Robbery A Desire To Help The Dominican People, Many Living In Abject Poverty She Supported Her Husband As He Ran For Political Office And With Lindsay By His Side They Were A Formidable Team As The Campaign Gathered Momentum, They Learnt The Hard Way What Happens When You Oppose Those In Power Fighting Corruption, Double Dealing And With Their Lives At Risk, They Were Forced Into Hiding Their Incredible Story Is Stranger Than Fiction And Twice As Menacing The Dark Underbelly Of The Dominican Republic Is Exposed, From The Tourist Beaches To The Soaring Mountains Of The Interior Lindsay Tells It How It Is, But In The Telling Her Deep Love For The Dominican Republic, Its Culture And Its People Shines Through What About Your Saucepans Is Not Only Essential Reading For Anyone Moving To The Dominican Republic, It S Also A Damn Good Read Lindsay De Feliz S Fight Against Political Corruption, Being Shot And Almost Losing Everything Is One Of The Most Inspiring Expat Stories I Have Ever Read Jamie Morris, Founder, ExpatFocus Despite The Incredible Setbacks She Has Faced, Lindsay S Love And Loyalty For Her Adopted Country Radiate Through This Entertaining Chronicle Of Her Eventful Life In The DR Ilana Benady, Co Author, Expat FAQs Moving To And Living In The Dominican Republic Summertime Publishing Lindsay S Adventures In The DR Will Shock And Amuse In Equal Measure, And Her Vast Knowledge Of The Country Makes This A Hugely Entertaining Memoir Shelley Antscherl, Book Reviewer, Dutchnews I thought the first half of the book was a bit long But then it spins off into the second half and by the end I wanted to read the whole thing over again This time taking notes there are so many characters that I got a bit confused An intriguing story that slowly reveals the answers to the reader s questions Pay attention though Booklist review Charmingly clever and mischievously funny, Makkai follows her enthusiastically praised first novel, The Borrower 2011 , with an intriguingly structured tale each section takes a step back in time set on a fabled, possibly haunted estate north of Chicago After the alleged suicide of its beautiful first matriarch, Laurelfield was turned into an artists colony in 1906 and thrived until an even mysterious turn of events led to the property s return to strictly private use Now, at the turn of the twentieth century, Zee, a Marxist English professor who grew up in Laurelfield, is living in the coach house with her jobless husband, Doug, who is supposed to be working on a book about a former artists colony resident Not only does Zee s imperious mother inexplicably stonewall his research, but Zee s batty stepfather also invites his unemployed son and artist daughter in law to live in the coach house Such close quarters provide the perfect setup for farce and scandal, and Makkai choreographs both in a dazzling plot spiked with secrets and betrayals hilarious and dire Her offbeat characters and suspenseful story could have added up to a stylish romp Instead, Makkai offers that and much as she stealthily investigates the complexities of ambition, sexism, violence, creativity, and love in this diverting yet richly dimensional novel. This review is from What About Your Saucepans Paperback An excellent account of how one woman chose the path less trod despite the odds Not only is this an insight into the power of life changing decisions, it is also a fascinating portrait of the process of adapting to a new and very different land from the high life in London to life in the Dominican Republic with all the political and cultural implications A gripping read for expats, for sure, but also page turning reading from the talented Lindsay De Feliz. great, quick, interesting read about a British expat making a new life in the Dominican Republic and all the joy and trauma that came along with it Author Lindsay de Feliz must have a very high tolerance for chaos and change I was often saying to myself, how does she stand it I like learning about different cultures, and living abroad, and was curious about the DR since reading Junot Diaz s Oscar Wao Now I want to check out Lindsay s blog to see what has happened since.