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An oldie but a goodie I have always loved the Fear Street novels by RL Stine I think they were the beginning of my love for YA novels, I mean, they were practically the only YA novels in the early 90 s right Save for Chris Pike and LJ Smith of course, but these started the entire YA genre really Anyways, this novel follows four girls, who met at summer camp in the past and are now reuniting for the summer at Marlas house Claudia, the MC is from shadyside, so that is where you get the fear street link I love how these novels have recurring characters and I mean, seriously is there really that many twisted people in one town Anyways, off track, again Soooo Marla, Claudia, Joy and Sophie are having fun on the beach and than the accidents start happening After Claudia joy and Sophie each have an accident, they all start to suspect Marla, since they all remember what happened last summer with Marlas sister And there is also a boy popping up everywhere like a ghost. [E-pub] ♼ Sunburn ♫ You Could Get Burned The Perfect Suntan Soaking Up The Rays Fun On The Beach That S What Claudia Walker Had In Mind When She Accepted Her Friend Marla S Invitation To Spend The Weekend At Her Cliffside Beach House Little Did She Know That Horrible Accidents Fatal Accidents Would Occur On The Beach And In The HouseBut Claudia Knows They Re Not Accidents She S Sure Somebody Is Out To Get Them Out To Kill Them The Week Of Fun In The Sun Has Turned Dark And Deadly Reviewed on Lili Lost in a BookClaudia is invited to go on vacation with some friends from a camp she went to the previous summer Claudia thought she was going to have the time of her life, just her and her friends alone, enjoying the seaside mansion with a private beach all to themselves Just summer fun, right It all starts with Claudia being left out in the sun sleeping, buried in sand deliberately But that s only the first of many accidents to come to the girls Is it possible that their host is trying to kill them for what happened at camp last year Or is it the stranger they Claudia keeps running into They don t think so, but all these accidents why What s going on I loved Sunburn The f cking plot twist at the end of the bookIt was AMAZING I did not see it coming This is exactly why I love Fear Street The mystery was amazing, it was very thrilling and suspenseful, plus there was also a bit of nostalgia there The first time I read this cause I ve read this twice now I found it really interesting that this book didn t actually take place on Fear Street However, Claudia actually lives on Fear Street, so that s the connection I guess that Fear Street curse follows you even when you leave the streetThe characters themselves I liked well enough really liked Claudia s love interest by the end of the book But, look, the only downside to these books is that they are so short I don t have time to really connect with the characters But on the other hand, it s so short you can finish it in one sitting Lol.When it comes to Fear Street books, they can sometimes be a bit of a hit or miss, but Sunburn is definitely one of the best ones in the series that I have read I highly recommend this one if you re looking for a creepy summer read Or, you know what, just read it whenever Who cares It s great The Fear Street connection Even though the book doesn t take place on Shadyside, the main character Claudia lives on Fear Street Super exciting I loved the flashbacks and it was completely the opposite of what I expected I usually don t expect much from these YA thrillers I ve always loved the cover artwork, though Sunburn, however, proved to be much intense and original than the norm, with an engaging mystery and a nostalgic summer setting. Sorry, I m too busy driving a truck through the plotholes. I really don t have much to say about this book Anyone who knows me can tell that I m obsessed with Fear Street books, but this wasn t that good at all Mostly, it was just okay The plot was kind of boring There weren t really any moments where I was scared or creeped out There was one scene involving an Irish wolfhound and a shark I felt like it was supposed to be super suspenseful However, it wasn t exciting at all and as pages and pages went by, I kept wishing that this part of the story would be over already The thing with Daniel was stupid The explanation made sense, but I thought the reveal seemed kind of like it was just thrown in at the end as an afterthought I also didn t understand why Marla and the others weren t concerned when Claudia said that this strange boy knew the code to the gate You would ve thought something like that would be a big deal, but everyone just ignored her The ending was so anti climactic There s the big twist and I ll admit that I was interested in the story after view spoiler they found Marla s body in the shed hide spoiler Una historia con una trama entretenida como todas las de esta colecci n, a mi parecer todos los libros que conforman la calle del terror son los que mantienen una estela de misterio y onda paranormal m s fuerte que las otras colecciones, que tambi n me gustan claro Esta en particular me gust e incluso me sorprendi , es de los que tienen un giro en la trama, algo m s o menos utilizado por Stine pero fue de los que me gust un poco m s. Another great instalment in the popular 90 s YA Horror Fear Street series.Claudia is invited along to her friend Maria s beach house for the weekend, they are joined by Joy and Sophie the four of them having spent the previous summer at camp together But after a series of events that are initially felt like accidents Claudia, Joy and Sophie start to suspect that Maria might be planning on killing them.It s a fun Horror Mystery with plenty of red herrings, the revelation of what happened at the camp the previous year adds depth to the story.Which ties up nicely with an amazing plot twist at the end One of the best in the series