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I rarely remember the stories of the books I ve read Even though I might have read this one at least 5 years ago, I can still go back to some of the characters and stories in it Zweig s descriptions are vivid images, so much so that I feel like this book is somewhere I ve been to, rather than something s I ve read.Powerful. (((FREE PDF))) ↝ The Collected Stories of Stefan Zweig ⇖ In This Magnificent Collection Of Stefan Zweig S Short Stories The Very Best And Worst Of Human Nature Are Captured With Sharp Observation, Understanding And Vivid Empathy Ranging From Love And Death To Faith Restored And Hope Regained, These Stories Present A Master At Work, At The Top Of His Form Perfectly Paced And Brimming With Passion, These Twenty Two Tales From A Master Storyteller Of The Twentieth Century Are Translated By The Award Winning Anthea BellDeluxe, Clothbound Edition I consider him a master of short poetic novels.Personal favorites Letter from an unknown woman and Amok. A masterful collection of short stories that cover people s experiences in a smorgasbord selection of settings Published over 50 years there are dark tales, black humour, kindness, sadness, rich people, poor people, persecuted races, male and female narrators, various time periods and various locales Love, loss and the power of empathy predominate A truly wonderful set of stories. So many feelings felt, so many roller coasters experienced I ll be contemplating this collection of evocative and demanding short stories for some time Somehow, the author manages to create a wide array of main characters, both male and female in an astounding variety of plots and circumstances, managing to invest you enough in each story to have your heart twisted, broken, or swollen by the end of each story This a marvelous study in the capacity of the human imagination and explores a wide variety of emotional and interpersonal territory that so many of us thankfully have not experienced in our lives I assure you however, that many of his stories will speak to you in some way They will reach into the most forlorn inaccessible corners of your mind and open up perceptions and feelings of which you had little knowledge.So, if you have a little spare time here and there, give this one a read I assure you that you won t be able to put it down until you have at least finished a story or two, okay maybe three, or perhaps you ll just devour the whole book Either I ve come late to the work of Stefan Zweig, or his work has come late to me Long ago during the 1980 s, when I did my literature degree and in the years around it, I assiduously tried to work my way through the classics In about 1990 I thought job done at least as far as I was ever going to and since then I ve mainly read non fiction and when I ve delved into fiction it has either been to read something new or to re read something old that I loved Meanwhile Zweig, aided by some new and, judging by this,rather good translations has nudged his way into the realms of the classics One ought to have read him He is Roy Hodgson s favourite author presumably he reads him in German Wes Anderson dedicated his last film to him of whichbelow.Is he the real deal I think he most assuredly is His work to me seems to sit somewhere between C19th realism and Modernism It is sharply observed and thematically very rich Zweig was an orator at Freud s funeral and it shows The observation and recreation of obsession and neurosis are at the heart of his work, so much so that at times he reminded me of Doestoevsky, although formally he is a bit like Checkov Is he up there with those two Of course not, but he is good enough for it not to matter To be fair I found some of his short stories trite, and rather dependent on a single twist but the longer stories novellas were uniformally excellent Probably insidious to chose a favourite but I loved Letter from an Unknown Woman , every bit as good as the Max Ophuls film Ophuls was also a Vienesse Jew and seems moi sympatico with the work It exhibits many of what I now think of as Zweig s keynotes Although never described sex is at the heart of things, and female sexuality gets equal billing with male He has sympathy with women and often writes from a female perspective Life is cruel, full of disjunctures and things tend to end badly In most of the stories one of the central characters dies, andthan one story ends in suicide.Publishing types should also definitely read Mendel the Bibliophile.Given all this why was Anderson so interested Zweig creates or reflects a polyglot and glamerous world I m sure the characters are always well dressed and charming, and they are probably frequently attractive as well But has Anderson not noticed that they are rarely happy, hence the tendency towards suicide Who knows.Anyway, this was good enough for me to want to read in chunks so I could savour it longer Footnote as I ve mentioned Zweig writes a glamerous multi national set, and frequently talks about sex and obsession When he wants to create a really special female character she is nearly always English Power to his elbow. What a book So amazing Writing by a master storyteller Writing that takes concentration and a love for the power of language A piece of literary genius. I loved the look of this book, a bright orange linen cover, small in length and width but so deep And the writing was beautiful, passionate But like the Goldfinch, too long Was tired of it long before it ended, but had committed myself, so plowed through til the end I love his voice and his insight into the human experience of emotions But couldve used a few less stories I was intrigued with Zweig after viewing The Grand Budapest Hotel A collection of intriguing short stories, Zweig has an intricate writing style Very stylistic with lots of detail A unique collection of stories.