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Just not a good book I am going to assume that all of the 4 and 5 stars were written by Elwood s friends and relatives or Elwood herself It is the same story told by many of the indie authors Bad boy meets good girlbad boy beds good girl and then hurts good girlgood girl forgets and forgives bad boy It seems that all of these bad boys are tatted up Oh and it seems that all of these bad boys has something traumatic pastsan alcoholic mother, an absent father, a hang nailthey all have something that they WHINE about All of these indie authors write the same damn book This is why they are indie authors no reputable publisher would touch this crap Real authors are good and have publishers, these indie authors are just bored housewives who think they can write I am glad I got this free, if not I would have insisted on my money back I will not read anything else by this authordon t waste your money on this one [[ Epub ]] ⇤ Take Me Out ✔ Charlotte Grew Up In The Boston Socialite SpotlightBentley Grew Up On The Wrong Side Of The TracksOne Chance Baseball Game Will Change Both Of Their Lives ForeverBut Will Their Relationship Stand The Test Of Ex Lovers, Arson, And Charlotte S Parents I don t even know where to begin here The book was completely unrealistic It was clear the so called author did no studying on the area of Boston If she did she would know the hang outs of Boston University students and she would also know that I 95 does not go through Boston at all That s the least of the problems with this book The poor grammar which remained after editing makes it very hard to read Nothing is really explained Transitions are very lacking There s a fire one minute and the next all s good I usually really love indie authors I was hoping this was just first book jitters with this author or something, but I m afraid that s not the case as I ve read her 2nd book and am left extremely unimpressed I m losing faith in indie authors after this experience. I borrowed this from the Kindle Owners Library and even though I am only through the first four chapters, it is apparent that if the author paid for someone to edit this book, she clearly needs to ask for a refund For instance, in Chapter One the paragraph that begins with Being the only biological daughter in a sea of boys is repeated a few pages down in the same chapter WTF Please take this book down and send it to an editor that knows basic grammar, punctuation and sentence structure Only then will I give it another look.Note I did get a receive a copy after the author allegedly sent to an editor for a rewrite, and found the same errors in basic grammar and punctuation Nevertheless I finished the book and was sorely disappointed in the content and style, not to mention the storyline The debut was clearly rushed. Take one wealthy and handsome misogynist, add an independent, mind of her own rich girl, throw in a shot of good ol fashion UST for good measure, and the results are fireworks that rival Fourth of July over Fenway Park.Bentley is a beautiful enigma I loved him in Chapters One and Two, and was ready to send him to the dugout by Chapter Three On the other hand, Charlotte Charlie is her own paradox She wants independence, then she wants Bentley, then she s not sure what she wants, and the crazy way Charlie deals with her confusion nearly drove mecrazy in the process Take Me Out had me on the edge of my seat while shouting at the characters through my e reader screen like a disgruntled Red Sox fan shouts at an umpire Then, when I honestly had just about given up on Bentley and Charlie, believing I could hear the metaphorical fat lady singing for them, the author brings in a game changer, and my only response was much like Charlie s a soft, satisfied and triumphal sigh Now, just as I m sure it s not hot dogs I smell, but the sweet victory of a happily ever after ending, the plot takes an unexpected twist, and I m right back to angst ville.This book will relentlessly tap into your emotions bank, until you find yourself praying for the seventh inning stretch Danielle Elwood has hit a home run Bentley Young man whore His childhood taught him to never want a relationship because he could never trust a woman As soon as he was old enough he left home and never looked back, starting a new life in Boston He s almost done with college, he and his best friend have done well with an idea they had as freshman For Bentley baseball, beer and one night stands are all he needs.Charlotte Charlie Windor isn t interested in complicating her life with a man She almost done college at Boston University lives with her best friend and adopted sister Shay and is always trying to please her mother, trying to make up for her wild teenage years Her one true passion in life is baseball at Fenway Park, go Red Sox.Of course these two meet and that is when the fun begins Dawn Robertson is always the spinner of wild love stories filled with hot sex and this book delivers just that In this story Dawn shows her readers some deep wounds laid in childhood which leads the two main characters to become who they are I personally enjoy knowing why things happen, what makes people who they are so I really enjoyed that part Also Dawn is a magician when it comes to creating the fantasy bad boy and Bentley Young is no disappointment I wouldn t mind have a Bentley of my own Charlie is a strong woman She knows what she wants, she knows how she feels and she won t let anyone change her mind, she s a strong female with a good head on her shoulders I truly enjoyed this book and give it 5 stars with 3.5 hands down the pants. I absolutely loved this story It is an amazing read and I couldn t put it down Bentley didn t believe in relationships, beer, baseball and one night stands seemed to be his way of life Leaving home and attending Boston University gave him access to everything that he needed.Charlie Charlotte is almost finished with school at BU and doesn t need a guy complicating things She is also a very big fan of baseball Boston Red Sox s and Fenway Park to be exact.When Bentley and Charlie meet, there is an instant attraction and neither one of them are prepared for the roller coaster ride that their relationship will take them on.This is a sweet and sexy book that you will definitely love Okay, so there were a few editing issues, but I definitely do not agree with the 1 star reviews I ve read While I don t agree with the 5 star also, I am going to give it 4 stars because I really enjoyed it It was a nice debut story There are a few areas that could use improvement sentence structure and description for example However, that is something with which authors learn to improve as they grow This is a story that show that love looks not with the eyes or ears , but with the heart The characters face so much in their relationship that you almost want to stand up and cheer for them each time they survive another obstacle I hope this author keep writing, because with a little improvement she could be a 5 star author I hope she doesn t give up After all, even Nora Roberts got, and still gets, some bad reviews But, she hasn t quit and neither should this author. Dawn Robertson is one of my favorite authors and I jump at every chance I get to read another of her books I would read anything and everything she writes This book was much different than what I m used to reading by her, but I still really enjoyed it.You can t help but to fall in love with Charlotte and Bentley I thought both of them were very strong charactersand how could you possibly not love a rich, sweet, hot, tattooed man I loved how they met at the baseball game and I loved watching their relationship and feelings towards one another grow throughout the book.This book never let me get boredthis is a very sweet love story, but there was always some crazy person looking to ruin these two very in love people. 4 Beautiful stars.What a sweet story of unexpected love That feeling you get with a person, and you know they are the one Bentley and Charlie had those feelings Both have family pasts that were not great but they both were able to pull themselves through and become who they arestrong and independent, loving, caring and passionate A few obstacles along the way, but nothing will prevent them from their forever I really enjoyed this book I am thankful for the ARC I received Great job Danielle.