Book ⚖ The Lucky 13th: Until Relieved (Lucky 13th) ☻

Science Fiction Book ⚖ The Lucky 13th: Until Relieved (Lucky 13th) ⚖ Until Relieved A Lucky Th Spacebourne MissionThe Th Spacebourne Is The Elite Fighting Force Of The Accord Of Free Worlds For Decades, The Accord Tried To Keep Out Of The War That Divided The Galaxy But Now, They Have No Choice It S Fight Or Die And The Soldiers Of The Th Spacebourne Are The Lucky Ones Chosen To Do ItTwo Enemy Empires Are Poaching Free World Planets The Lucky Th Must Hold Until Relieved, Delaying The Actions Of One Empire While The Free Worlds Main Fleet Fights On Another Front If Their Mission Succeeds, The Fleet Will Come And Rescue Them If Anything Goes Wrong, The Unlucky Fighters Of The Lucky Th Are On Their Own Meet The Soldiers Of The Lucky Th Colonel Stossen Is The Only Commanding Officer The Lucky Th Has Ever Had He Doesn T Always Like What He Has To Ask His Men To Do, But He Always Knows They Ll Do It Or Die TryingSergeant Joe Baerclau Rarely Shows Any Outward Emotion, But When His Gray Eyes Begin To Smolder, His Men Know It S Time To Get Out Of His Way Or Follow Him Into ActionCorporal Ezra Frain Is A Veteran At Age Twenty The Tall Redhead Has Joined The Th After Helping Fight Off The Enemy S Invasion Of His Home Planet Now He S Ready To Give That Enemy A Taste Of His Own PoisonPrivate Mort Jaiffer Is The Old Man Of His Squad At Twenty Seven A Former College Professor Turned Soldier, He Turned Down A Chance At Officer School To Be A PrivatePrivate Kam Goff Had Never Seen Combat Before Landing On Porter, But Before The End Of His First Day On The Ground, He D Seen Enough To Last Him A Lifetime The 13th Spaceborne is sent to is sent to the planet Porter as a diversion for an all out assault on Devon They are sent in with only seven days supplies and told to hold until relieved which keeping the enemy engaged to prevent the transfer of troops to Devon Sergeant Joe Baeerclau of Special Ops has to also deal with a replacement who can t cut it in combat. This is a new release from Event Horizon EBooks, an e book reprint of the original 1994 Ace paperback edition Note that the rating is posted by the publisher. Until Relieved 1994 236 pages by Rick Shelley.A combat novel The prologue gives us an overview of the current mission Humanity has settled many worlds, and split into two major factions The Accord and the Hegemony The Accord are the good guys The Hegemony is ruled by an oligarchy that severely limits human rights There were a few planets on the border that the Heggies have occupied The Accord is sending a massive effort to save the planet Devon, and minor efforts to the other planets such as Porter to make sure they can t send reinforcements to Devon In order to win back Devon, they may have to take some casualties on the other planets.The 13th Spaceborne Assault Team is assigned the harassing duties on Porter The story primarily follows Sergeant Joe Baerclau s squad in 2nd platoon of Echo company 13th SAT We also get to see up close a couple of wasp pilots, a HAVOC gunnery team, and a little bit with Colonel Stossen who is the commander of the 13th SAT The original plan was to harass the Heggie forces on Porter until the 13th could be picked up in four days or so We knew from the preface that it would probably be 10 or 12 days.They troops land on Porter some distance from the second largest city, Maison They immediately get away from the landing zone, so they aren t sitting ducks There s a minor skirmish, then they move, we get to see what the Wasps and the artillery are doing, then a fight with the force in Maison When retrieval doesn t arrive Stossen plans an attack on the capital city.The book tried for realism, no super soldiers or super weapons just one battle after the next The tactics they used were a given What I mean is that there is no mention of shooting a rocket into space and destroying the ship, or lobbing a nuke onto the landing zone Just our guys had wasp fighters and Havoc artillery, their guys had Boem fighters and Nova tanks Reading one battle scene after another could give you the same tired and exhausted feeling those weary soldiers must be feeling.The book was good, recommended for fans of war novels. As the only other material of Shelley s I ve read is the Dirigent Mercenary Corps series, the first thing to leap at me in this one was the shifting viewpoint We follow wasps in the air, infantry on the ground, Havoc s self propelled artillery ,and occasionally views from the CC tent on the ground the DMC books progressed us through the ranks with one focal character we saw Lon through Officer Cadet to Colonel.Until the latter part of the book it took me a while to get into the spirit of the shifting viewpoint I enjoyed the military stuff per usual, but sadly the interlude by the enemy commander and the extremely rushed ending means that I doubt the other books of this series will interest me as rapidly as they might have.