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!Free ♖ The Disappearance of Emily Marr ⚕ A Stunning Story Of Secrets And Scandal, Identity And InfidelityWhen Tabby Dewhurst Arrives Heartbroken And Penniless On A Picturesque, Windswept Island Off The Coast Of France, Her Luck Appears To Change When She Overhears A Villager Repeating Aloud The Access Code To Her Front Door Hardly Believing Her Own Actions, Tabby Waits For The Woman To Leave And Then Lets Herself Into The House And So She Enters The Strange, Hidden World Of Emily Marr Or So Her New Friend Introduces Herself Soon, However, Tabby Forms Suspicions About Her New Friend, Suspicions That Lead Her Back To England, And To Revelations That Will Have Explosive Consequences For Both Of Them In a small French town Tabby has become desperate, she has a broken heart and is pondering on some home truths and now she s travelled from Paris to this unknown, quiet town with no money on a whim She needs to go home, but is reluctant, she needs to earn money but her French is weak at best, but most of all she needs somewhere to sleep.Emmie is virtually a hermit venturing out only to work so was it fate that bought Tabby to her door Although Emmie is reluctant to speak of her own troubles, she is inquisitive about Tabby s life She listens to her woes and even fixes her up with a temporary job Emmie s spare time is spent working on her story, and what a story it is.So far so chick lit We need the inclusion of a hunky man and we re set to go Well there are some men, one falls into the hunky category and is unavailable but that isn t the point of the story The story is about Emily Marr a woman who was in every paper, on every internet site, a woman hounded for her actions Her picture was on the top ten lists of worst women and the news articles always garnered plenty of spiteful comments This is the age we live in, no longer do we put people in the stocks to humiliate them, instead campaigns are run to pressurise their employers to sack them for their perceived or real transgressions If the object of our fury is a woman it is likely that their bodies are discussed in horrifying detail while we call up the sound bites, attention seeking, narcissistic, bullying, selfish And once it has started there doesn t seem much that the object of our disgust can do except lay low and wait for the public to move onto a new target I am as guilty as the next person as I read although never add my voice to the throng the latest news which is often pulled from social networking sites as a warning that should you warrant it, the past will come back to haunt you Anyway I digress I do like books that reflect the changes in our lives and technology is a big part of those changes, whereas in years gone past only those closest to someone vilified in the press were likely to add their voices to the tidal wave of condemnation, now people can comment from the other side of the word all day long How does Emily Marr cope What should she do With Emmie s narration being told in her own words in the past and Tabby s the story is also one of a different kind of friendship than normally portrayed in women s fiction, here Emmie is far secretive about her past, only giving Tabby the barest of details about her life before France despite Tabby wanting to support her friend but Tabby has a secret too and it may just cause both their lives to unravel.An entertaining book with some really well drawn characters from the major to the minor, recognisable, three dimensional personalities are a must in a book where the root of the book is in their actions and Louise Candlish has proved herself extremely accomplished in creating them for our enjoyment. That title, a lovely cover, and an intriguing post caught my eye and I decided, even though I wasn t sure it would be my kind of book, that I should read The Disappearance of Emily Marr And now that I have read it, I m very glad I did.Tabby Dewhurst had been travelling with her boyfriend, but they had parted company, her funds had run perilously low, and she was managing as best she could She didn t want to go home there had been losses and there had been bridge burning in her past she just needed to get back on her feet again.When she was passing through Ile de R a holiday destination favoured by the wealthy, set just off the coast of France and wondering where she might stay for the night she saw a woman leaving a cottage carrying a suitcase, and heard her saying the numbers out loud in English as she worked the property s digital lock Hardly believing her nerve but knowing that she hadn t enough money to pay for a place to stay, and telling herself that she would just rest for the night and do no harm Tabby entered the cottage.But then the woman she had seen leaving the cottage Emmie came back She was horrified to find Tabby there, but as soon as Tabby explained herself she welcomed her with open arms She offered her a room for a nominal rent, she found her a job, with an agency that looked after second homes and holiday lets It seemed that they were kindred spirits, and that they were becoming close friends.Tabby told Emmie everything, but Emmie told Tabby nothing And that made Tabby curious She did some digging and she uncovered the story of Emily Marr.Emily Marr worked in a pottery, she loved vintage dresses, and though she and her long term boyfriend were splitting up they were still good friends She made a mistake a mistake many young women make she fell in love with the wrong man A married man She thought that everything was going to fall into place, but something went terribly, terribly wrong, and Emily paid the price It destroyed her life.The two stories ran in parallel.I loved Emily, and her story was heart breaking.I liked Tabby rather less, particularly as I watched her looking through the owners possessions and entertaining her married lover in the properties she looked after, and looking for clues about Emmie s past in her cottage whenever her back was turned But I was curious to find out what she found out.The first twist I saw coming It was good, it was right, but I saw it.The second twist was stunning It came out of the blue, it turned everything on it s head, and it took this story to a whole new level.I found myself turning the pages and quickly, wanting to find out how things played out They played out beautifully And the story works on two levels you could read it as a wonderful entertainment, a story of secrets and scandal, set in two lovely locations and you could read it as a story of the iniquities of modern life, of infidelity, of family breakdown, of trial by tabloid There are some lovely details, and I particularly loved the way she threaded similar themes through Tabby s and Emily s stories They worked together very well There were moments when Tabby s story seemed to drift, maybe because it wasn t as strong as Emily s And there were practical points I might question, but the story rang true emotionally and psychologically.It captured me with a wonderful opening, that foreshadowed later events, and it held me until a beautifully judged ending, that answered some questions and left others for me to ponder It would have been 4 stars as it was a good read and a twist I didn t expect near the end, but ended inconclusively which left me disappointed. The story unfolds as we alternate between two voices, Tabby and Emmie two women who meet on an island off he coast of France As the story progresses we learn what personal trials have brough the women here and Tabby begins to unravel a mystery about Emmie s past I didn t want to put this book down, was surprised by the ending, and can t say anything because I don t want to give anything away Do yourself a favour and pick up The Disappearance of Emily Marr The Disappearance of Emily Marr is a beautiful, sad, intriguing and exciting read all at once The storyline is immensely gripping so that from the very start I found it difficult to put the book down when I needed to go to work for instance, or you know sleep , a feeling which only increased with every new page I devoured.After her travelling and life partner abandons Tabby in India she sets out on her own The only thing she requires from the foreign locations she visits is that they are not England She s been cut off from her former life for months now and rarely having any contact with those back home suits her just fine But as her savings dwindle down and she is unable to support herself it becomes harder and harder to find somewhere to spend the night From shabby hostels she goes to a one night stand and eventually ends up in Ile de R , a tourist destination for the wealthy located off the coast of France.While searching for a safe location to spend the night she overhears an Englishwoman, Emmie, speaking out loud when entering the password into a cottage s alarm system as she leaves In a moment of moral compromise Tabby enters the code to gain access to the property and inside she finds a very welcome bed to rest her tired body But while Tabby assumes that the other woman would be gone long enough for her to have a restful night, Emmie actually returns the same day to find Tabby asleep in the spare room Instead of kicking Tabby out of her home, as she has every right to do, Emmie decides to let the younger woman explain herself After hearing the story she feels sorry for the way Tabby has been left stranded in a foreign country by the love of her life and it sparks the feeling that she has found a kindred spirit, so Emmie decides to help this random stranger by offering her a cheap room to stay in and putting her in touch with her own boss in the hopes of finding her new roommate employment The Disappearance of Emily Marr is a heartbreaking story of two women who have both had a lot to deal with in their lives Most of the unfortunate events leading them to where they are now were beyond their control, and it s surprising they turned out quite as well as they have Sure, Emmie is wary of other people and likes to keep to herself and Tabby is perhaps a little too hung up on her ex Paul, who she sees as the most important person in her life, but both of them have good reasons for acting the way they do and they are still functioning reasonably well despite all this While reading I felt sorrow for their individual melancholic pasts, intrigued by the secretive details yet to be unveiled and hopeful of their recovery, as their growing friendship provides a much needed positive change in both their lives.And then author Louise Candlish drops a bombshell onto her unsuspecting readers I will not spoil what happens but let s just say that it completely turns around the 300 pages that have come before and I exclaimed WHAT out loud in a public place when I got to this point This sudden change in the storyline is what elevates an already solid 4 star novel into a brilliantly put together 5 star book.It doesn t happen often nowadays that a story manages to take me completely by surprise several hundred pages in, but this one did So take my humble advice and order your copy now, I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed if you decide to pick up this fantastic read.Review originally posted on my blog The title and the blurb for this book grabbed my attention It seemed to promise drama and mystery my perfect combination But I need to like at least one character in a story and I neither liked the characters nor believed in the premise of the story in The disappearance of Emily Marr A tale of selfish,shallow people Only at the end could I feel some compassion for one of the characters but by then the author had lost me Disappointed. A very good and interesting read with an unusual ending. I don t understand why this book gets such high reviews None of the characters is likable Tabby and Emily are both women obsessed with previous lovers Both need to hear that He s just not that into you One was involved with a married man, the other currently is The media scandal created because of the consequences of Emily s affair is totally unreal I don t care how powerful Nina Meeks supposedly is, NO editor would allow a column like hers which generated nation wide hatred of Emily to run And finally, the ending has no closure I don t know that I ve ever been left hanging like that before If you read the author s notes you ll see that she invites readers to contact her so that can tell you what sort of ending she s thought up for the characters Seriously I bought your book That should include an ending.There s only one redeeming quality about this book It includes a curve ball that no one will see coming I pride myself on being able to figure out those moments well in advance of the author fully revealing them, but this one was well hidden up to the last moment Still, not enough to save the book. I was duped into reading this book It sounded mysterious and good, but really it was all about adultery What a waste of time.