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!EBOOK ♢ Chase the Storm ☲ Up Until He Buys An Old Truck, Elijah Morgan Lives Life According To His Family S Plan, Never Feeling Like He Belongs Desperate To Find His Own Path, He Heads Out On The Open Road, Only To End Up Stranded In Nebraska Not Wanting To Ask For His Parents Help, He Takes A Job With Tough, Independent Farmer Chase McKenzie Despite Their Age Gap, The Attraction Between Chase And Elijah Soon Becomes Undeniable They Give In To Their Desire, But That Night Changes Everything And Threatens The Secret Chase Guards So Carefully As The Summer Heats Up, So Does Their Relationship When Autumn Arrives, Elijah Is Due Back At College, And He Ll Have To Choose Whether To Continue His Education And Follow In His Family S Footsteps Or To Stay In Nebraska With The Man He Loves The audiobook made it tolerable.Well this has so many good reviews so I am just going to be here in the corner, it s not the book it s me.The beginning was good and promising, the writing solid and I was prepared to have a wonderful tear jerking time, instead I ended up being angry, but I continued to listen hoping it would get better, but as the story progressed, I kept deducting stars.I started by feeling sorry for Chase for losing his husband to not really liking him at all His grief was not an excuse for how he treated Elijah, and Elijah made me angry for taking it all in and not fighting back, making excuses for Chase saying that it was grief that made him act that way Ummmm Nope If being a jerk is how to show you are grieving, then I can t get on board with that at all.Chase And Elijah was determined to prove this theory right The sex scenes were hot until they became too much and repetitive, I can t believe I am saying that , It reached a point I started to forward the audio, yap i got bored with the sex scene SMH And this did it for me, I couldn t get past it Damn I need to learn to forgive some of the book characters that make me angry view spoiler I couldn t get past Chase acting like a dick to Elijah to make him leave for college then apologize the next minute and they have sex After Elijah leaving they had no contact in 3 years, why the hell did he even have to go to college and stay for that long without contact Just to come back to the farm with the Diploma that was not even going to help them why couldn t he just transfer to a college nearby and spend time during the summer with Chase he is the love of his life at least that is what he claimed and then he started sleeping around In the beginning we are told that he stayed a virgin because he wanted the sex to mean something, be with someone he cared about How can he then decide that having sex with other guys is Ok as long as he doesn t give them his heart, Like really, really Who is this guy and what have you done to Elijah Wanting to avoid messy morning afters, I rarely took anyone home, but there had been a few, all of them eager to bottom for me I never bottomed for anyone I knew I couldn t give myself like that to anyone but Chase Even with all the head I received and the fucks I had, no one ever compared to the blond cowboy who had taught me love, who I continued to write nightly. hide spoiler DNF at 70%The first 30% I really liked, they were awesome, but as it went on I just stopped being invested in the characters and they sorta started getting on my nerves At 50% I started skimming and at 70% I got to thinking Will this book never end That s when I decided to DNF.The writing style here is pretty great so that wasn t what bothered me, I guess this is the situation it s not the book, it s me I lost interest and oh well, can t get it back now Wow This book, by the end, really just stole my heart The pace, which I thought was painfully slow in the beginning, turned out to be exactly what made this story as beautiful as it was Elijah, our 19 year old narrator, grew up in a privileged home with parents who have never really understood him Against his wishes, but to please his family, he heads to Harvard to study business Desperately unhappy, lost, and defeated after his first year, he spontaneously buys a beat up truck and heads wherever the road leads him The road leads him to Nebraska and onto Chase McKenzie s farm.Chase is such a heartbreaking character Having experienced loss over and over again, he s basically shut himself down and resigned himself to living his quiet life on his horse wheat farm Needing an extra pair of hands to help out, he takes Elijah in and not only teaches him how to be a farmer, but eventually, also, how to be a man.Elijah, though na ve, innocent, and inexperienced actually had such a burning strength inside of him I loved how huge his heart was for Chase His heart loved big enough to forgive Chase s own internal struggles manifested in mistreatment, at times, of Elijah And his commitment to seeing Chase to a place of healing was lovely.Chase sigh I ve never wanted to just hug and console a man as much as I did Chase Broken, hardened, and painfully sad, the moment he begins allowing Elijah in, and even all the struggles to reconcile their relationship in his life following, all I wanted was to see him happy This book s pace is slow and repetitive But I realized about of the way in that this must be intentional The life lived on this farm is slow and repetitive And when something was introduced out of the norm, I felt as affected by those experiences as I believe Elijah was as well The bond between these 2 characters was a slow growth and the end result is truly one of the most beautiful love stories I ve read in a long time Emotional I cried a lot.Sexy damn are the two of them sexy together.Sweet.Heartaching.Powerful.Lovely.This review can also be found at For me, this book was about feelings and emotions I ve written so many pages of notes, but when it comes down to it, LOVE is the overwhelming theme.Elijah s beautiful first time love for Chase, Chase s everlasting love for Owen, his dead husbandand of course, Elijah s absolute determination to prove to Chase that hewas worth loving and that Chase should give his heart another chance This was a stunning book, Val deserves all the accolades going her way, and to my mind, it s 5 HUGE stars and I m not going into great depth in this review As I ve said, I ve written so many words downChase A very lonely and bitter man, alone since Owen s death 3 years before, Owen, who was himself Chase s White Knight after the death of Chase s father when he was 18 Chase is wracked with guilt at the thought of taking another lover after the death of his husband, and is almost brought to his knees by grief, throwing himself into his work and only interacting with the horses on the farm, rejecting overtures from friends trying to help him come to terms with his loss He deliberately tries to push Elijah away, fighting his attraction to the other man cos in his mind he s betraying the memory of his husband , BUT he is torn in two by his body s desires and needs I have to admit that I was not at all happy with Chase at times furious might be a better way to describe it , especially with the way he sometimes treated Eli with complete contempt and the awful, nasty and extremely mean things he said to him.Elijah, sigh I loved him to bits What a wonderful young man, strong, determined and mature for his age, he ultimately fell head over heels for Chase, gifting his virginity to him, his first lover He was absolutely obsessed with Chase but not in a stalker type way , Chase was the first thing he thought of when he awokeand the last thing before he slept There was a joy and elation in Elijah at the thought of having found someone he could love, but at the same time, this was tempered with shame and sadness at the apparent lack of control Chase had over his guilt and his refusal to want to start living again.This book was sensual, tender, heartwarming and touching I absolutely loved it, and you will need tissues Ladies and Gents PLEASE CAN I TRIPLE MY STARS FOR THIS AWESOME BOOK Every now and then you see a picture, discover a poem, read an inspiring quote or like in this case, read a book that hits you in the gut, takes you to a different level and simply blows you away Chase The Storm did all those things to me and I read a lot and I ve been privileged to read some absolute gems in this genre so to find a new author for me and another jewel of a book that genuinely took my breath away was just wonderful.I read the first paragraph and that was it love at first read The writing flowed in that easy way, where you don t have to keep stopping to analyse because its overly florid or wordy It s just eyes down,sit back, relax and let it take you on its emotionally charged journey Elijahs voice as he tells the story is simple and beautiful and I deny anyone not to fall head over heels with this endearing 19 year old young man as he starts out on a road trip in his old truck with only his savings and not much else, to find himself away from the pressures of college and the expectations of his rich family, and as a result discovers the love of his life in a stubborn, lonely, heartbroken older cowboy who not only stole and at times broke his heart during their tempestuous relationship but stole and put mine through the wringer too From the moment they meet the air around them is electrically charged with some of the best written sexual tension and chemistry I ve ever encountered in a m m love story so be prepared for graphic, intense raw sex that doesnt pull any punches but at the same time is still beautiful, sensual, heart pounding and poignant, because of the emotional connection that these guys share and that jumps of the page in all their love scenes Its not a perfect book, there will be things to question but because I personally adored this story so much, it was perfection for me I class myself as a rose coloured glasses reader because if a story grabs me I honestly don t look for or generally see things to pick at, I m happy to allow a bit of poetic license and when I read Its always the pleasure that I get from it that I base my ratings on, and my enjoyment and connection to a story and I was heart tied to this from start to finish I freely admit to being a high rater but this one I would triple the rating if I could The actual story you need to read for yourselves and I guess Chase s actions will hit everyone in a different way but however you feel about way he acts, I m pretty sure he ll have you loving him with a pash by the end of the book I fell under his spell the first time he was described in the story so I understood why Elijah put up with so much to be with him Both he and Elijah are characters who will stay in my memory for a very long time I was gutted when I finished it so as soon as Ive finished this review I m going to start it all over again, something I ve only done a handful of times when a books been so good, and this time I m reading it interruption free No stopping to write OMG Style updates grins I loved this book so much Thanks V.M Waitt for putting so much heart and soul into it and therefore giving such a pleasurable if somewhat teary eyed reading experience, because be warned you ll need the tissues Well you will if you re a big softie Thanks again to my bestest buds Mark, Gina, Bev and Tina Extra thanks toTina for introducing us to this amazing book Another great buddy read A keeper never ever to be deleted. When I ve heard that Val brought out her first original fiction I was ecstatic I had to read the book and fast Chase the Storm is a story about 19 years old college student Elijah Morgan who doesn t want to live the life his family has planed and organized for him He is so lost, never quite fitting in, never feeling comfortable in his own skin So he sets off to find his own path He buys an old truck, heads out on the road and ends in Nebraska, in the middle of nowhere His truck is broken and the car mechanic needs a few weeks to fix it So he takes a job as a farm hand on the farm of Chase McKenzie, a withdrawn and harsh but attractive manChase is hurting and emotionally numb He radiates pain and grief He fights his attraction to Elijah every step of the way Elijah learns to live with the battles Chase is fighting and you see a boy become a manElijah and Lakota I don t know what to saybut I was fucking blown away right from the start I adore authors who are gifted with painting pictures in their readers mind You can smell the hay, hear the whicker of the horses, feel the burning heat of the sun and imagine the sweat running down your back and soak your shirt You feel the pain, the desperation, the love and read about a lovemaking you will never ever forgetIt s the kind of story that doesn t let you down you can t avert your eyes, you just can tChase is thinking about Owen Andoh boy when a story is a tearjerker like this one, when all the emotions and the heartache the MCs are feeling are melting into tears than you know you are reading one of these rare gems that you never want to forget.5 stars for a wonderful debut Val, make your dreams come true and write of these wonderful novels You told me on Twitter that you are thinking about writing Chase and Owen s story Keep going, bb We are soooo waiting for your next book Highly recommended Please ensure that you have enough tissues You re going to need an awful lot Thanks again to my lovely friends Gina, Bev, Mark and Macky for another great buddy read I love you guys D CHASEELIJAHElijah is 19 and feels lost,he feels he doesn t belong in the life he has mapped out for him.His parents want him to carry on in his father s business so he is studying Business Studies but his real love is music.One day he sees an old Ford pick up truck for sale and,on impulse,decides to buy it and instead of going home for the summer he takes to the open road not knowing where he is going or what he is looking for.When his truck breaks down he takes a job on a farm to help pay for the repairs.This is where he meets ChaseChase is a solitary man,emersed in grief after a tragedy in his past.Initially it s just a working relationship with Chase trying to push Elijah away.I thought the Author did a great job with the descriptive of the farm setting.I could totally picture long hot summer days working in the wheat fields and tending to the horsesThis is a slow burning love story with two very different charactersone very complex and the other totally open and honest.I must admit half way through I didn t care for Chase much and I hated the way he treat Elijah at times but by the end of the book I understood him much better.Elijah,wellI just adored that boy.Although we know Elijah is 19,we aren t told how old Chase is but I m guessing around 30 and this is one of my favourite M M themes..the older guy and the younger one.The sex scenes are hot and well written.My only slight negative would be I felt the last 20% was a little rushed,bearing in mind the time scale it involved.All in all a very enjoyable,well thought out M M Romance. This book set my soul on fire excuse the cheesy metaphor, but, really, it did.Cowboys are hot, but gay cowboys are SIZZLING.I loved Chase and Elijah Chase was grieving and gruff, falling for Elijah but scared to love And Elijah, young and a little naive, just wanted Chase There were so many feels, I was sob gasping at one point the slow burning sexual tension the push pull between the men the painful separation the scorching chemistry the unanswered LETTERS and the KISSES, god, the kisses were epic This was one of the best love stories m m or otherwise I ve ever read Revised September 2014 to add cowboy gifs BECAUSE BEAUTY LIKE THIS MUST BE SHARED. So beautiful, lovingly and tenderly told and so hot and romantic I m mesmerized 5 M M StarsI had intended to write a long and overwhelming positive review, but the time wenttwo and a half months later 5 Sept 2013 The young University student Elijah Morgan buys one summer an old Ford Pickup 1965 to discover a new life He comes to the middle of nowhere in Nebraska and get an offer for a job over the summer in a horse farm The owner is the quiet, hard working and almost timid farmer Chase McKenzie Can I stay here I asked worriedly.Even in the dim light, I saw a flash of emotion in his eyes at my question before he nodded.One is young, talkative and interested in everything The other is slightly older bitter, hardspoken and with an immense sadness Life on the farm is tough with hard work from early morning to late evening, and the former urban guy learns everything the very hard way Keeping his eyes on the tractor in the ring, ha said with a hint of his crooked smile, Stop staring I can t help it, I said with a shrug Try harder Rolling my eyes under my hat, I returned my attention to the tractors, and not Chase or It was anguish and at times I was so angry at Chase, he was so consistent, but ultimately they both had my full support Age difference, life experience, great sorrow and understanding of what you want in life were themes in this book All well made and no unnecessary between Sometimes I wonder if maybe he sent you to me Two lonely men, horses, silence and irresistible attraction makes a wonderful story It s a bit dirty and raw, the conditions for an HEA ending is small but this is beautifully told and a pleasure to read.A wonderful steaming hot very well written love story I loved it all and of course adore this two lovely men Recommended I LIKE a great novel