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Does what it says on the tin Balthus hitting the high notes on his favored subjects, cats and girls The cats mitigate the paedo revery just enough to make this book something you can leave out in view of others Cats what can t they do Other than display prolonged affection, of course. #DOWNLOAD » Balthus ä An Insightful New Look At Balthus S Ongoing Fascination With Cats And Girls, Including His Controversial Paintings Of Young Adolescents Balthus S Lifelong Curiosity With The Ambiguities And Dark Side Of Childhood Resulted In His Best Known And Most Iconic Works In These Pictures, Balthus Mingles Intuition Into His Young Sitters Psyches With Overt Erotic Desire And Forbidding Austerity, Making Them Among The Most Powerful Depictions Of Childhood And Adolescence Ever Committed To Canvas Often Included In These Scenes Are Enigmatic Cats, Possible Stand Ins For The Artist Himself Balthus Cats And Girls Is The First Book Devoted To This Subject, Focusing On The Early Decades Of The Artist S Career From The Mid S To The S Drawing On Extensive Knowledge Of The Artist S Life And Work, As Well As On Interviews With Balthus And The Models Themselves, Sabine Rewald Explores The Origins And Permutations Of Balthus S Obsessions With Adolescents And Felines She Addresses The Crucial Influence Of Such Key Figures As Poet Rainer Maria Rilke, His Mother S Lover, Who Acted As Balthus S Surrogate Father, But Also Includes The Previously Unknown Voices Of The Girl Models Their Recollections And Comments Provide A Unique Perspective On Some Of The Best Known And Most Controversial Paintings Of The Th Century I didn t read all the text in this collection of art work by Balthus I looked at the images, which was my purpose in checking the book out of the library The paintings were interesting and, like most art, but especially painted portraits, raises questions about the artist and the models, their relationships, the atmosphere of the setting, the personalities of the characters, and the goal of the artist The images were not particularly dark, but I did not find them infused with joy either They seem to be moody and pensive Of course if I had read all the text I may have reasons for why the images are like that This painter s life story reads like a nineteenth century decadent French novel, but what is evenfascinating is his superlative skill with pictorial composition and other painterly techniques that he used to create these really unique pictures. In this case, you really can judge a book by its cover.