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We often think of trivial things, and,often than not, these trivial things take over our lives And as our lives are being taken over by these trivial things, on the other hand, we take these trivial things for granted Kind of like a give and take relationship Something in science called Mutualism.But Alan Navarra Raymund Galang, with this book, wants to smash this fact to the ground, wants to erase this mutualism like a hangover.The character, in his very nature, gives you this different fa ades of reality that most of us wouldn t see or wouldn t want to see He wants to grind, dissect, and disintegrate reality of the modern man with his thousand and one questions, observations, and illusions He hits rock bottom the same way he stands up and hits the bottom line Hard Alas is a book of designFrom the front cover down to its very last page, the book is filled with different illustrations that will get you going With the help of Marvin Perez, the book became an explosion of a Tuesday with Molly aftermath Macabre Maybe Weird Definitely Senseless Not necessarily.Raymund Galang is hitting rock bottom There s a light And there s a frenzy Raymund is part of the frenzy He squirms What you see is what he sees Or at least what he tends to want to see.As avant garde as it is, Alas never fails to bewilder its reader with its wide array of illustration that perhaps summarizes life Beautiful As abstract as that sounds Alas is a literary spasmAfter reading the book, the reader should have a sense of genre about the book Or at the very beginning he should have perceived that the book is of this genre, of this class But with this book, the reader can t detect where in the world is he if the world does exist.Is it a social commentary An essay A fiction seemingly becoming an essay A fiction that tries to be nonfiction Prose Poetry Maybe a mix of it all One thing is for sure, the reader, page per page, is left thinking.Usually when you mix different things, the result is a monster And that s what happened with this book The difference is, this monster is for bragging This monster is the type of monster you would join in a contest Confidence filled This is not the type of monster that you would flush down the toilet the night after its conception It s not the type of monster you would hide under your bed along with hundreds of forgotten dirty clothes Nope Not this one Alas is fiction na nagpapaka nonfictionThere is a character Raymund Galang, with this, the reader should have a notion that this is entirely fictitious But from Raymund s point of view, we are gathered in a filme sque film, a documentary, of the everyday life of someone who, in the morning, stayed with the norm and, at night, deviates from it Here we see Raymund as someone real Page per page, illustration by illustration, Raymund becomes anyone He becomes the author He becomes you He becomes me He becomes everyone.And that s one of the beauties in it To see yourself someone you know in another point of view The character wants you to think something you always wanted to think but never got the chance to.He wants you to know what he thinks you know And you know You just haven t got the chance to know it Not until you read the book.The book, in itself, isthan just an artistic expression It is an experience You have experienced what the character had just experienced You want to relieve it, and along with that, you want to know what it means to bethan your usual self your slave self You want to know what it means to be high, and so you ask yourself whether to continue the adventure with the character, who often times, loses himself in what he sees, what he thinks, and what he feels This is you Not you, per se, but your other you The you that s never been afraid of possibilities The you who wants to know the certainty in uncertainty And that s what Raymund Galand does to the reader He shows you that side He is Virgil You are Dante But this is not your hell Only the other side of it.Intellectually bedazzling without being too intellectual it has that angst of a teenage rebel while keeping the curiosity of a philosopher The book has too many pretty corners to it illustration wise and thought wise which makes the book a masterpiece A triumph among other things. I was given the notion that the it s a perspective of a weird, nearly lunatic corporate guy Probably a simple story I thought, still I purchased it, cool cover and a Filipino author, why not try for a change. and yes it really has a very simple story One can almost say confidently that this is basically a person s random thoughts But what makes this book AWESOME is despite of the randomly realistic setting and situations, the way those scenes were narrated are extraordinary.I don t really think the main character s a crazy guy assuming the last part didn t happen , or maybe he is and I am as well, because I ve had some of his thoughts yet the words he used are extremely mind blowing The choice of words are amazing giving me a sense of connection with his character.So yeah, Navarra is cool, I ve started checking out his books, so should you. As we all welcome sincerely or skeptically 2017, there s a rockin reminder from Alan Navarra s ANG PANGLIMANG ALAS AY NAKABAON SA IYONG DIBDIB THAT CHANCE IS THERE Every time It is within us This courage to pursue the grandness of life To accept the inevitable turn of the earth towards our own deaths with a smile larger than the sum of all the world s gold Forged in the bosom of the universe, it says that hope and love does lie beyond all that keeps us weary and wasted and lonely and angry and depressed One chance everyday to be who you are, where you are Every time is the right time Every day is the only day The last day The one day you get to be what you were born to be You are that chance the world is waiting for You and me I and I For there is no greater power than that nameless thing that lives within all of us Some call it love, hope, faith, happiness, soul, life It is there In every hug, every kiss, every song, every chance, in every one Whatever that is take the chance It is here It is true It is YOU lastbookfor2016 Tangina ang ganda nito.So yung una kong nabasang Alan Navarra yung Dumot, and I thought, okay yun na yun Dumot was shit May magagandang stickers na kasama yung libro, pero di ko sure kung binili ko yon dahil sa stickers lang Ewan ko kung bakit ko binili yon Pretentious, hindi nakakatawa Sabi ng marami tungkol daw sa galit ang Dumot, pero di ko naramdaman kasi nabaon sa mga salita na di ko sure kung bakit pinagsama sama.Siguro di ko lang naintindihan talaga.Inisip ko hindi na ko magbabasa ng kahit anong sinulat ni Alan Navarra Not my cup of tea Pero nag resign pinaalis voluntarily umalis yung mga workmates ko, at si Karah, binigyan ako ng kopya ng librong ito bago siya umalis Di raw niya masyadong ma gets This novel would have been perfect for her, but it was a present for me, and I don t think it would be the thing to give it back And here I am, stuck in that corporate world, di nga lang sa makati, pero purveyor of the same lies and marketing strategies na nabanggit sa nobela, isa sa mga consumers at isa rin sa mga nagbebenta ng pekeng lifestyle, pekeng producto No matter how you try to tell the truth, in the end everything is a commodity Even the truth.Masarap makita na hindi ka nag iisa, na sa totoo lang ang faceless mass ng white collar na trabahador ay binubuo rin ng tao hindi lahat kagaya mo, pero one of them, maybethan you d expect, isa sa kanila si Raymund Galang Isa ka rin sa kanila.This novel touches upon the struggles, the politics, the culture of the yuppies There is anger, so much anger at how we take things for granted, the shallowness of the life that we want to achieve and have been brainwashed to want to achieve by various media Anger against the Man Raymund Galang spirals ever downward until a realisation is met That he is not alone That he can start again That the end of the world is only another milestone you have to get past, get over with Angry, hopeful, beautifully told May kasama pang illustrations Hanep. Triggered life angst but in a calm way Sumakto pang panahon na nung natapos ko ito, marubdob ang damdamin namin dahil sa mga nalapastangang magsasaka sa Kidapawan.Oh, life.Why you so full of angst. .Read Book ⚕ Ang Panlimang Alas Ay Nakabaon Sa Iyong Dibdib ♼ The Ground Gives Way A Ditch Suddenly Presents The Gift Of Gravity And I Embrace It I Fall Fast Hard I Hit The Dirt Rather, It Hits Me It Twists My Foot Like A Wet Twig I Lie In The Ditch Foot Hurting And Back Aching Too Tired To Get Up, Too Messed Up To Try So I Stay Down And Let It All Sink In All Of It Today, I Am Raymund Galang I Ve Fallen, And I Can T Get Up I Close My Eyes I Empty My Head Of All My Thoughts Until There Is Nothing Left To Think About