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Another home run from Adventurotica Great swashbuckling tale with the reluctant hero, the Golden Mask, and the revenge driven Lady Fox Like all their stories, the sex is frequent and explicit, but it is all in service the plot, and they really work hard to deliver on an excellent story High marks all around even if not all of the scenes were to mypreferred tastes. |EBOOK ♗ The Golden Mask ♭ It Is A Time Of Airships, Decadence, And Splendor, A Mad King Rules Over A Terrified Populace Justice Is In Chains, Replaced By The Mad King S Whim, The Populace Brought To Heel By FearBorn A Commoner, Count Varian S Heart Still Lies With The People, And The Crimes Inflicted On The Populace By Mad King Marivane Enrage Him He Has Played The Part Of Noble Long Enough, And Now He Must Play The Part Of Hero He Becomes The Golden Mask, Anonymity His Only Shield Against A Traitor S DeathAmbrel Has Returned From Long Exile, Driven By Rage To Avenge The Destruction Of Her House As Lady Fox, She Harries The Corrupt Nobility, Seeking The Heart Of The Conspiracy That Destroyed Her Family Her Cunning And Fearlessness Drive The Golden Mask To Seek Her Aid, Aid She Is Not Necessarily Willing To GiveOpposing Them Are Those Who Now Rule From The Shadows The King S Adviser Urza, Who Has The Kingdom Wrapped In His Shadowy Web And Raziel Morningstar, Who Enforces Urza S Will With Fire And Sword And Cruelty Both Are Said To Possess Unnatural Powers, And Both Are Hungry ForThose Who Resist Are Swiftly Silenced Mass Arrests Fill The Cells Of The Tower Of Justice, Where Innocent Citizens Await Execution For False Crimes Others Are Murdered Outright Some Simply VanishIn A Country In Desperate Need Of Heroes, Who Will Be Brave Enough To Answer That Call