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I really struggled to finish this book but finish it I finally did I admit that I did not perform all the spells described nor the meditations but I made sure to read through them Invoking Animal Magic did cover some very interesting animal related myths from around the world and though I already knew most of them, being a mythology buff myself, beginners will find the information valuable Still, my advice would be to go read about them from actual mythology texts.At the end of each chapter come the Musings which are supposed to be thought provoking questions and spells but are in fact 1 2 pages of reading comprehension essay questions with rather uninspiring crafty project type spells and meditations thrown in Normally it is these sections that spark my own creative ideas but this entire book s worth of musings left me with nothing.Given that Invoking Animal Magic is supposed to be A Guide for the Pagan Priestess, who I assume should already have a decent amount of prior knowledge, this book adds nothing new. Interesting take on animal magic, this isn t the usual animal totem reference book, in fact it is not that at all It does however cover some of the major totems such as the snake, bats and mice but interestingly intertwined in history, myths and goddesses Set out in sections with titles such as The Underworld, The Womb, The Soil, The Dreamworld and The Long Journey.It takes you on a mystical tour of animal magic absolutely fascinating. *KINDLE ⇭ Invoking Animal Magic ⇛ Invoking Animal Magic Explores The Power And Wisdom Of Animal Allies More Than A Compilation Of Interesting Facts Stories, Folklore And Animal Behavior Are Integrated In A Modern Pagan Perspective Illustrations Based On Cave Paintings And Artifacts Add A Visual Component To The Text While Thought Provoking Questions And Fun Activities Help Ground The Material In Personal Experience Invoking Animal Magic Offers An In Depth Study Of Nine Animals, Each With An Important Place In Euro Paganism Their Myths And Legends, Historical Context And Magical Themes Rituals And Spells Are Also Included In Each Section