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!Download Book ⚖ Learning to Stutter ☨ Kenneth Kocher Seems To Have It All A Good Heart, A Sense Of Humor, Decent Looks, And Lots Of Money What He Doesn T Have Is Something Most Of Us Take For Granted Freedom Of Speech Kenneth Lives With A Severe Stutter Which Has Wreaked Havoc With His Life Since ChildhoodAfter Much Embarrassment, Pain And Soul Searching, Kenneth Realizes That To Free His Inner Self He Must Accept The Fact That He Cannot Be Cured, And That He Must Learn To Stutter With Grace Along The Way He Meets Another Stutterer And A Young Widow Who Are Both Dealing With The Stumbling Blocks In Their Own LivesUsing An Experimental Syntax To Portray The Neurological Component Of The Syndrome, The Novel Gives The Reader A Unique View Of Stuttering From The Inside Out Book Review Learning to Stutter by Sherm DavisAlthough main character Kenneth Kocher s conversations are often anything but graceful, author Sherm Davis ability to articulate a stutterer s daily struggles with dysfluency is incredibly eloquent Learning to Stutter allows the reader than a glimpse into the neurological syndrome of stuttering, which is far difficult to overcome than most non stutterers realize His invented lexicon of symbols skillfully translates the many physiological manifestations of stuttering into text The overall effect of embedding this experimental syntax into a work of semi autobiographical fiction is compelling The concept of stuttering with grace is a message that needs to be heard, and naturally lends itself to realizing the need for tolerance and acceptance in today s society as a whole The underlying themes of perseverance, as well as discovering and accepting one s path to self expression are inspirational not only to those who stutter, but to anyone who strives to overcome a personal obstacle In addition to those who struggle with dysfluency and their friends and family, I highly recommend this novel to educators and speech pathologists to ensure their understanding of the multi faceted impact that this neurological syndrome can have on one s identity.S Mayerson, MS, CCC SLP Abandonment, illness, handicaps, and death leave indelible scars for those who seem the most vulnerable, especially adults thirty somethings who have their lives ahead of them For Ilene Halberstam, experiencing the intense and unexpected loss of her endearing husband, Brian, sends her into a pit of grief that is almost insurmountable For Kenneth Kocher KK , a successful computer programmer, attempts to shed the weight of insecurities anchored in stuttering which exacerbates his ability to confidently communicate and impedes his pursuit of healthy relationships For Donny Schwartz, a personable and talented ex actor, walking a tightrope of a balancing act between living his own life and addressing the obligations of caring for his ill parents begins to fray some edges Author Sherm Davis takes the reader to ground zero of facing life through the eyes of lifelong stutterers and is able to magnify these figuratively across the inner workings of all of his characters He spares no detail in holding readers hands through every breath, every pause, and every calculated syllable a fearful speaker must understand and practice The reader can feel each painstaking word and inwardly applauds each uttered sentence of his characters The writer takes the same care in developing even minor characters with their fragile reactions to their evolving worlds and gives equal billing to them An elderly grandmother, Lottie Kocher, contends with life and death in a nursing home a divorced older woman left to raise three children, Janet Halberstam moves on with her life after her husband cheats on her a frustrated husband and father, Jonathan Kocher, desperately trying to save his marriage and do right by his son, seeks dramatic change in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.Learning to Shutter captures the isolation of the human heart in its darkest spaces and reveals that it is the most universal fears and inadequacies that bring people together Davis threads some of life s most challenging emotions through a host of characters and exposes a rich yet raw realism to what all humans face on many levels loneliness, insecurity, and isolation A touching self journey, learning to stutter translates to facing your fears head on before moving forward on varied roads to recovery, compassion, and love.