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4.5 StarsSyren s childhood was a horrible one his parents were killed in front of his eyes and then they sold him when he was just ten years oldAnd what do we do with pretty boys Because of his childhood he can t let others take control of him and that s something that Kane wants Kane wants complete control over him Kane is a federal marshal And he lost his partner lover a few years ago But still couldn t forget him It s like he lives with a ghost Kane was the first and only man that Syren wants to touch and touched by him But how Syren can be in a relationship when a ghost is between them I was waiting to read Syren s story from the first time I read Call the Coroner And as I expected I enjoyed it so much But I should say Syren s character was far from what I expected I have something else in my mind for his story, something darker but it still surprised me Who thought that secretive and scary Syren is an emotional, sensitive and funny person This story had some elements that I really don t like in my m m books but I couldn t help myself I enjoyed it so much, especially Syren Told in dual POV, 3rd person It s the third installment in the Brooklyn Sinners with character crossover The writing was perfect, as always Overall, I loved it and hope you enjoy it as well Some people ride the Revenge Train, Syren Rua drove that motherfucker An eye for an eye was never going to be enough Ricardo Delatorre was going down, something Syren had been secretly plotting for years I ll be honest here and say that this was a shock I had some preconceived ideas of what to expect, but of course, Avril being Avril, she simply blew them out the water and gave us something else entirely I knew that Syren was a man of secrets, he collected them like a Curator in a Museum and stored them away like the priceless artefacts that they could very well become in the future and of course, in the right hands What I didn t know was how many different heads Syren wore and the reasons as to why For me and no spoilers it was the most heart wrenching story in the entire Series.As Syren slowly started to shred off his layers one by one the ones he wore like a bulletproof jacket for so long exposing himself to Marshal Kane Ashby the only man he wanted to touch him , we saw just how truly special Syren is It s a pity I can t say the same thing about Kane What an arsehole I think the nicest thing I could say about him was that he was as pleasant as an itchy butthole He let Syren down BIG TIME and because of that, he lost my respect Wasn t over impressed with that ending either.But how Syren plotted and executed his revenge, how he kept his secrets from the baddies and never wavered in his quest, is definitely worthy of 4 If Kane hadn t let the side down, it would have been 5. view spoiler MY 900th READ WASSUP It feels like I ve read but it s 900 I wanted it to be with a book that was worth it hide spoiler 4 stars Emotionally exhausted that s what comes to mind after reading this book, but dammit if I didn t enjoy this journey A Sinner Born is book 3 in the Brooklyn sinners series and is the story of Syren aka Faro who we met in To Love A Sinner Finally I got to read Syren s story the elusive, dangerous and beautiful man who intrigued me since the beginning of this series The man that seems to know everyone s secrets and has so many of his own In book 12 we learned bits of Syren s past, what was done to his family, the violence and his plan for revenge I m glad that the author chose Kane for Syren s love interest, who is the brother of one of the H from book one Kane is also a marshal, who lost his partner a few years back and still very much mourns him Syren is much intrigued by Kane and stars pursuing him and they both feel an attraction to each other that they can t denied Syren Kane had a very emotional relationship both coming from being hurt in different ways My heart broke for Syren to finally know exactly what he went through physically I totally understood why he was the way he was In this story we see his vulnerable side, his alter ego Faro come down all by the man he loves, Kane What I loved about these guys was that they were intense, passionate, their sexual encounters were off the charts hot The fact that Faro had a very sexy fetish, man that made their sex ever delicious But what frustrates me a some was the pull and push thing they had going on Believe me they took turns acting dum and hurting each other There were situations where they had my heart breaking and then I would be enraged by their decisions, it definitely had my poor heart all over the place But regardless of the bumps on their journey love always wins over hurts, misunderstandings, and even those betrayals The reason why this one didn t quite hit the five star was for the push pull The dead partner, it s always hard for me to read about one of the H loving someone, but that s a ME thing because I m so jealous of my characters Last I was missing some of the of the dangerous side of Syren But still a fantastic addition to this series and I m very much looking forward to Mateo and Tommy s book. Until 80%, it would have been 5, but THEN one of the characters GRRR the gif below is pretty much how I feel every time I think about Kane now I want him groveling so I can spit on him while he s doing it Does that sound too harsh I don t think so. Written November 5, 20143 1 2 Intense with big heartfelt emotion and an thrilling grand drama Boiling hot againBook 3My third installment as an audiobook 11 30 hrs in this Brooklyn Sinners series M M suspense CR written by Avril Ashton Slightly disappointed could have been a better read.I was looking forward to a new thrilling steaming hot love story in this Brooklyn Sinners hard, ugly and dangerous crime world And I got exactly that Maybe was it me, maybe was it the narrator, maybe was it because I already got kindred stories two times before this third book part Who knows Sorry to say, I wasn t as stunned this time Syren Rua aka Faro battles painful childhood demons and is taking the steps necessary to bring his family s killer to justice As Faro, Syren makes deals with the worst Kane Ashby Gabe s brother from 1 , isn t over the death of his long time partner.Syren has been watching and craving the grieving man for his own He s always stayed away from temptation, but that s about to change We are actually invited into an amazing next to unbelievable sad life history here and there are so much revelations and emotional moments that I could hardly count them High intensity is a good word I hurt myself, Syren bit out I make myself bleed and it feels good It eases the pressure inside me, but it never lasts for long I ll not even try to start to explaining all the tours, twists and turns It is absolutely impossible Exciting what it anyways and I were both nervous and very relieved when we got the grand end An romantic sweet end I liked You are everywhere In my head, in my dreams You are who I want You make me feel and I sometimes I like it, sometimes I don t, but you make me feel and after twenty years, that alone is enough for me to want things Unattainable things With you From you My reviews from earlier books in this gangster gang member series Brooklyn Sinners view spoiler 1 Love the Sinner 3.5 stars , Angelo Pagan Gabriel Gabe Ashby 2 Sinner, Savior 4.2 stars , Pablo Castillo Devon McGhee aka view spoiler Shane Andrew Ruskin hide spoiler OMGhe was ever so sexy This book was sexy wicked There is some brutal stuff in this book, but.Syren Kane Simply A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E Re read to get ready for new series , love the writing, hate the storyline concept, not my thing.But This Book WasSizzling Touching Heartbreaking Intense Sweetness Both MCs have flawsandMan oh ManSyren Kanewere A Hot Mess, Apart from each other, yet Simply Beautiful Together PLEASE READ THIS BOOK WITH CAUTION In this book there is a rapealbeit a survivor, please still read with caution The series as a whole thus farembeds romance s that are VERY, VERY, intensethis writer epitomized this so very well, I believe it to be the writers gift.The plot s are, sort of FBI ish my fav, but gangster ish, is so NOT my favbut I found ALL it to be my fav in the series Don t get me wrong Angel s book gives this one a run for it s money as I love them both I Loved that ALL the MCs in the old books were back, and OHMYGAWD that smexy scene of Gabe and Angel at the party, yummy, yum, yum Kane why Couldn t you have a little faith in him view spoiler Syren while being raped and seen by Kane and his brother he was NOT saved by his big bad Marshall, and that he looked and made assumptions that he was cheating, even if that was the case, which it was NOT.he should have torn that man off of him and said MINE hide spoiler If you took the heat of the first book, mixed in the angst of the second one then poured a bucketful of emotions on top of it all this would be the result.I was stunned.I laughed and cried and screamed at my Kindle This book wrecked me I was an emotional mess for two days TWO DAYS I really want to thank Ms Ashton for handling that one scene so delicately Much respect She was able to incorporate all of the emotions without the details Thank you I don t know how this one can be topped It s a mighty tall order.Five hundred thousand stars (READ EBOOK) ⚜ A Sinner Born ð Book Three In The Brooklyn Sinners Series One Man Buried In Secrets Another Still Grieving The Love He Lost Their Worlds Collide In A Battle Between Memories, Old And New, While Trust Hangs By A Fragile ThreadSyren Rua Is At War He Battles Painful Childhood Demons And His Intense Need For The First Person Who Makes Him Feel As Faro, Syren Makes Deals With The Worst While Taking The Steps Necessary To Bring His Family S Killer To Justice He Isn T One To Indulge In Selfish Needs, But He Ll Make The Time In This Instance Syren Has Been Watching Kane Ashby, Craving The Grieving Man For His Own He S Always Stayed Away From Temptation, But That S About To ChangeKane Isn T Over The Death Of His Long Time Partner He S Certainly Not Ready For A Relationship, Sexual Or Otherwise, But Syren Isn T A Man Who Takes No For An Answer The Unpredictable Syren Offers Nothing But Secrets And Brings With Him Memories So Dark, They Could Wipe Out Any Chance The Two Might Ever Have Syren Brings Kane S Heart Back To Life But It Is Also Syren Who Could Inflict The Most Damage Inside Scoop One Of Our Heroes Has A Panty Fetish And It S Hot This Book Also Contains Brief References To Rape And Child Abuse We interrupt this series to bring youa moment of extreme angst and just general flailing about this book Often with a series like this where the stories centre around different couples you get glimpses of the people who will be central to future stories Such is the case with this series From my first glimpse of Syren, I was fascinated I wanted to know , I knew there was and I diligently waited for it Kane interested me as well, maybe not quite as much as Syren but enough to make me wonder how much I didn t know about him That changed when I realized that these two men were connected This story is the connection, it s the background for them both and the path to their future.My biggest fear had been that I would be disappointed as occasionally happens I wondered if the author could meet the expectations that were building in me for the story that would bring these two together Well my fears were resoundingly and firmly laid to rest A Sinner Born was all that I had hoped for and so much.This story for me was 5 beautiful, glowing, tear filled stars because as much as I loved it there were tears many, many tears Truthfully if you don t like angst this probably won t be a 5 star read for you and while I admit angst isn t always my thing If the story is good I have no problem with a high amount of angst For me the story was beyond good.So now I m going to take a bit of a break an hour or two anyways before jumping into the next story whichOh Happy Day is Kane and Syren.