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Bij tweede lezingDe verlegen journalist Tibbe krijgt een juffrouw inwonen, Minoes, die vroeger kat is geweest en zich nog steeds vaak als kat gedraagt Zij helpt hem via de katten persdienst aan nieuws Fantasievol, met schitterende vondsten, geweldige personages zowel mensen als katten , en een spannend en lief einde Een heerlijk boek Bij derde lezingEn deze klassieker n g maar s gelezen En weer een heerlijk boek, waarvan het eind zo verrekte jammer is dat je het uithebt, zeker als je er maar een paar uur eerder aan was begonnen Zowel de lieve katse hoofdpersoon als het boek zijn om te zoenen Bij vierde lezingNa het zien van een stukje van de film is de wil weer zeer groot om dit magistrale kinderboek nog eens te lezen Tibbe en de Jakkepoes en natuurlijk vooral Minoes zelf zijn onvergetelijke karakters en de scenes van een verzopen Minoes met een visgraat, Minoes en de muis en Minoes met de sleuteltjes het keer op keer herlezen meer dan waard Bij vijfde lezingHoe vaak kan je een meesterwerk lezen voor het verveelt Ik lees Minoes voor de vierde keer in acht jaar en het is nog steeds ongekend genieten Het boek zit barstensvol subtiele humor en nog subtielere maatschappijkritiek en de hoofdrol, Minoes, is een vondst Haar mengeling van kat en mens maakt haar een even origineel als onweerstaanbaar personage Ik geloof dat ik verliefd ben op Minoes A fantasy story about a cat who becomes a woman when she eats something out of the rubbish bin outside The Institute When Tibble, a newspaper reporter, rescues Minou from a tree after being chased by a dog, she moves into his attic apartment When Tibble is almost fired from his job for only writing about cats, his boss gives him one chance Minou is still able to communicate with cats She hears what s going on around town by speaking to them and passes the information on to Tibble He is now able to write breaking news stories, thus keeping his job But when he has a story about a local bigwig doing something wrong with only cats for witnesses, he has to decide if he will write the story or not He finally decides he will and then must decide whether he will stand by it or not Minou is also given the opportunity to turn back into a cat and must decide if she wants to change back or stay a human being.A cute book with talking cats This book was originally written in Dutch and has been translated to English There is a little bit of mystery, quest for the truth, a cat lady, and a whole host of cat characters Throughout the story Tibble is trying to get Minou to become less catish but he eventually accepts her for what she is An early chapter book that readers in early junior would enjoy, especially if they like cats The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book via Netgalley. [Read Epub] ⚕ Minoes ♥ Minoes Dulunya Kucing Walaupun Sekarang Jadi Manusia, Gadis Itu Masih Bisa Berkomunikasi Dalam Bahasa Kucing Ia Juga Tetap Suka Mendengkur Dan Senang Kalau Kepalanya Dielus ElusIa Tinggal Di Rumah Tibbe, Wartawan Koran Berkat Minoes Dan Kantor Berita Kucing, Tibbe Jadi Tahu Segala Macam Rahasia Dan Peristiwa Yang Akan Terjadi, Bahkan Membongkar Kedok Tokoh Masyarakat Yang Pura Pura Baik What good fortune that Delacorte Books for Young Readers chose to reissue Annie M.G Schmidt s The Cat Who Came in off the Roof, a charming tale of a timid newspaper reporter and the clever but mysterious woman who comes to his rescue Originally published in Dutch in 1970, this children s story has lost none of its charm in the ensuring five decades In danger of losing his job for typing out nothing but stories about cats, the excruciatingly shy Mr Tibble has been directed to get past his reluctance to interview folks and bring home some real news to the Killenthorn Courier, the town s newspaper A chance encounter with a pretty redhead named Miss Minou gives Tibble the big break he needs so as not to spoil things, let s just say that Miss Minou is able to find out scoops due some very unusual abilities I know that readers be they young or simply young at heart will find Miss Minou and Mr Tibble as irresistible as I did In the interest of full disclosure, I received this book from NetGalley, Random House Children s and Delacorte Books for Young Readers in exchange for an honest review. Wederom een schitterend pareltje van Annie M.G Schmidt over een poes die een mens word en een reporter die door de tips van de mens geworden kat hele goede artikelen begint te schrijven Deze reporter woont in en dat geeft een paar hillarische scenes De dochter des huizes speelt hierin ook een rol Natuurlijk wordt de reporter verliefd op de mens geworden kat En heeft dat een toekomst Lees het zelf in dit leuke boek Zeker ook een boek om voor te lezen maar natuurlijk kan de jeugd vanaf ik denk 8 jaar het zelf ook lezen. Cute cat storyThis is a good book about a woman who used to be a cat The author is supposed to be the children s book author that everyone in the Netherlands reads She has won the Hans Christian Anderson Award I am not sure if this is not the best example of her work, or if the translation is not the best that it could be, because although it was a pleasant read, it was just that, pleasant.The story is of Minou, the former cat, and the human that takes her in Mr Tibbles, who writes for the local town newspaper He only wants to write about cats, because he is so shy, and since Minou can talk to cats, and the cats want to help him, they feed him news stories, which works out better than writing about cats.As I said, there is nothing wrong with the book, and it is cute, but It isn t likely something I would reread, as I would the Moomin books, or E Nesbit. Een poes die een mens wordt Dat komt uit de fantasie van Annie M.G Schmidt Het boek was voor mij jeugdsentiment Voor mijn kinderen is dat nu En de film Minoes wordt bij ons ook regelmatig bekeken. My first dutch It was fun but I would say I only understood, like, 20 percent I enjoyed it nevertheless. www.melissa413readsalot.blogspot.comI thought this was a delightful read and would recommend to anyone that has kids or just loves to read children s books such as I do Poor Mr Tibble works for the Killenthorn Courier and his boss has told him he will be fired if he doesn t go out and get real stories All he writes about are cats and anything nice He s too shy to go around talking to people and finding stories for the paper One day when he s walking home he is talking to a man and out of the blue runs a woman being chased by a dog and she flies up a tree at an incredible speed Mr Tibble soon gets her down but wonders how in the world did she get up that tree so fast That same night he is pacing his attic apartment talking to his cat Fluff about being fired if he can t come up with something Later on that night he hears a noise in the kitchen and he finds the lady digging through his garbage can She said her name is Minou and he fixes her something to eat and finding out her story Her story is so incredible that he can t believe it until she helps him with his job and he becomes a great writer for the paper Mr Tibble and Miss Minou go through a bunch of stories and scrapes together along with a large assortment of friends I loved it, it s such a sweet little story and it even has some good lessons about the caring of animals in the book I would like to thank NETGALLEY and RANDOM HOUSE for the opportunity to read this ARC in exchange for my honest review. Unpopular opinion here, but I didn t really care for this book I was a nanny for many years and I have read my fair share of children s books What I have come to learn is that just because a book is for children doesn t mean it has to be overly simple or lazy Unfortunately I found this book to be just that The writing was very stilted and while the plot had potential I found it to be rather boring I realize that I am far from the target audience, but there are just so many other children s books out there that are entertaining for the parent and the child that I don t feel the need to settle for yawn inducing books.Buy, Borrow or Bin Verdict BinNote I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.