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~Read Pdf ♍ The Roads of Taryn MacTavish (Lords of Arcadia, #3) ☽ The Wizard Is Dead And There Is Peace In The Valley, But Peace Doesn T Necessarily Mean That Life Gets Easier As Summer Drags On, Taryn MacTavish Must Find A Way To Cope With The Inevitable Changes Peace Has Brought Her Baby Griffin Is Growing Up, The Dragon Born Pathfinders Have Opened The Roads Between Arcadia And Earth, The Long Exiled Cerosan Are Returning To Their Homeland, And Antilles, Lord Of The Valley Of Hoof And Horn, Has Defied All Tradition And Asked Taryn To Marry Him, But Perhaps The Greatest Change Is The One Growing Under Her Own Heart The Child Conceived By The Wizard S MarkBut While Taryn S New Family On Arcadia And Her Old Family From Earth Come Together In Celebration, A New Shadow Grows, An Ancient Evil Which Sends Taryn Alone Into Strange New Lands On An Impossible Quest From Which There May Well Be No ReturnR Lee Smith S Powerhouse Erotic Series, Lords Of Arcadia, Continues A Dark Vision Of Fantasy And Sensual Suspense That Grips The Reader From The First Page And Doesn T Let Go Fans Of Smith S Provocative Style Will Not Be Disappointed By This Return To Arcadia, Where Life And Death, Sex And Savagery, Are Often Waypoints On THE ROADS OF TARYN MACTAVISH There is no single possible star rating for my complicated feelings about this book.Here s a bar graph showing my enjoyment of the book in tenths Book percentage Star rating 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% As you can see, I loved some of it, but hated much of it That final star at the end is wishy washy because I really have no idea how the hell everything fits and whether or not I like where it s going It ends on a damn cliffhanger, so it might be leading up to something greator not.The things that really fail in this book are all related to character motivations I simply do not believe Taryn s motivations because I do not understand them She s motivated by some unseen force in this entire book.As far as I m concerned, pregnant protagonist Taryn essentially attempts to commit suicide early in the book.Seriously, there s no other way I can think to describe such an outlandishly irresponsible act on her part Suicidal characters are fine, but again, I cannot understand her motivations It was immensely frustrating to read and I had a hard time getting past it.The story stayed pretty flat until quite a bit later during another of Taryn s attempts to die in this dangerous land o Arcadia.Taryn s sister is a potentially interesting character, but her part in this was handled in a way that made her frustrating than sympathetic.The other family interactions were almost dream like in their weirdness Taryn s parents were totally cool with being surrounded by horse cocks and tits and having it implied that their daughters were taking it hard and deep from minotaurs And they didn t seem to have any questions about what the hell was going on I guess they re hard core hippies or something It s a pretty big book and I m extremely critical about most of it I could go on and on ranting about the various problems I have with the entire first three quarters.But in the last quarter, it suddenly picked up I don t know if it was just in contrast with how bad it had been before or if it really was that good, but I was suddenly loving the story It was a little over the top, but it fit and there was a precedent It was beautifully described It was insightful It was new It was fun.That chunk of the book reminded me why I had enjoyed the series so far and what impresses me so much about Smith as an author.Which is why I m completely baffled by the ending I don t even know how I feel about it.Clearly I need to read the next book to find out.For the moment, I m giving Smith the benefit of the doubt and giving this a rating of three stars as a whole Don t make me regret it, R Lee Smith If you ve made it three books in, they re a couple things you have to accept in order to genuinely enjoy this series they are as follows Reverse harems, Taryn s milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, and to care is to get your lovin on That s about it If the aforementioned doesn t bother you you re all set, if it does, there is no way in hell you ll truly be able to enjoy this tale Lucky for me, I fully subscribe to the Taryn school of thought and I m hook, line, and sinker along for the ride The Roads of Taryn MacTavish enjoy a nice little time skip from the ends of The Wizard in the Woods Although we re dealing with the very serious consequences of interspecies breeding, we re in a decidedly lighter place from whence we came It s a nice light break for our heroine, and although she s got a tough road ahead, it was very nice to see her have a chance to sit back and reacclimate Sometimes spending time with Taryn, Aisling and Tilly is all we need, although it quickly comes to an end when it s finally time for Aisling to learn than Taryn can show him I m not going to lie though, although expected, I was very unhappy with the boarding school approach for Aisling I miss him I missed him through the entirety of this long book I hope he has screen time in the finale, because it is a little jarring to have the central character i.e the griffin who began this entire journey disappear over the course of than 600 pages I can only hope that when he returns he comes back in a a major way, and b with the ability to really be an aide to Taryn.So we re missing a large character for the majority of the book, but you know what that s not entirely a problem at first Taryn still has her myriad of friends in Rucombe including everyone s favorite Tonka, and so life continues as it finally should Until in pop s Aisling s replacement in the form of Taryn s younger sister Rhiannon Turns out, her human connection isn t as naive as she thought, and her heavily edited African photos aren t cutting it any Not going to lie, Rhiannon s entrance is quite the low point for me in a series that thus far has had few hiccups I was all for a sisterly reunion maybe a little hurt, raw feelings, some arguing and eventual make up session and sisterly bonding, I was on board for all of it Unfortunately for me, Rhiannon is here to play a much bigger role than anticipated, and I m truthfully not that big a fan of her character In one respect she acts as a great foil she s anti Taryn, she s brash and cynical, she s the hurt younger sister who seems to be the only person not falling all over themselves to help Taryn In that respect she s a great character to have The problem I have with her is that in being abrasive with clearly hidden hurts in her past, her storyline starts to replay as a less interesting Taryn plot that we just spent two books already solving She s dream stalked by a mysterious angel, haunted by the abuses of Taryn s ex boyfriend, all while collecting for herself her own horseman and Cerosan a la Tayrn s Antilles and Tonka So instead of holding strong as a counter weight to Taryn, she reads to me as a Taryn redo only whinny and less sympathetic We already saw Taryn deal with very similar situations and do it with grace to watch Rhiannon run screaming in terror from everyone while being unapproachable, standoffish understandable although not sympathetic , and kind of mean, quickly starts to grate on my nerves And Smith has decided to dedicate entirely too much of the story time to Rhiannon s subplot which also lacks a strong beginning, middle, and end In fact, at its conclusion, she has failed to exceed anyone s expectations, and has run off once again in misery I ll be honest, I ve always had a problem with stories where two women share co spotlights, I personally prefer one main heroine on her quest to great dom, so I m predisposed to see Rhiannon s entrance in a negative light, but I do feel there are better ways to deal with her insertion then what we are left with For example, if we ve learned nothing thus far, it s that Taryn is a go getter who grabs the bull by the horns literally and goes for it To see Taryn fail to first acknowledge a problem with her sister, then ignore her during her introduction to Rucombe is both a problem with character continuity for Taryn and an overworked plot device to make Rhiannon relatable It obviously drives a larger rift between the sisters, while trying to make it seem justifiable the way Rhiannon mopes continuously Add to that her stalker demonic angel dreams that are a one dimensional redo of Taryn s wizard problem, and the fact that NO ONE, in a town of people who have ALL seen this HAPPEN BEFORE, can identify it, and Smith is hammering us over the head with this idea that we must feel bad for Rhiannon and thus accept and like her as a character, and I for one am not biting I m not going to lie, every time a chunk of Rhiannon chapters appeared, I flipped to see when Taryn would come back and then read through them as fast as I could As of now, they fail to provide any additional useful information and they are repetitive in nature and situation Suffice to say Rhiannon is boring As much time as I spent harping on Rhiannon you d think I didn t enjoy The Roads of Taryn MacTavish, but that would be a lie Taryn s chapters are everything I ve grown to love and I lived for her section of the story Although Aisling is gone, Taryn has excellently crafted visits with both the Satyrs and Fauns as well as the Lycan communities These sections are back to basics if you ask me, and if it s not broke, don t fix it Taryn is at her best when she is harassing the locals and changing mindsets It s also nice to see a change occur without it being brought about by undying affection for Taryn although I can t say I m upset by her ever increasing harem With the slow brewing of a clear problem on the horizon it s good to see Taryn paving the roads for eventual allies in the war to come Special mention to the Lycan community which was by far the best portion of this book I love Smith s ability to build these crazy mixed characteristics that would realistically be presents in a group of people who share many traits with wolves I loved the pack mentality and trouble that ensued because of it I also happen to really love Kruin and Nakaroth and hope to be seeing them both in the conclusion.I would rate this so much higher if I could simply scratch Rhiannon off its pages, or better yet, rewrite her to be less abrasive and less central to the plot I don t begrudge her her romances or even her relationship with Taryn, only her outward presentation to anyone and everyone and her repetitive brokenness I know she s not going anywhere soon so I m hoping that maybe Arion and or Shappa can finally begin to put her back together and she can become useful to the plot as opposed to a counterweight Maybe then I won t hate reading her chapters so much, although as it stands right now I d prefer she just stay on Earth and that Taryn could return to the Lycans Even with many a missed moment for me, ultimately I really enjoy Taryn s saga thus far I ll definitely be around for her conclusion 3.5 Rhiannon reduced stars Here, here was the point that I got tired of all the sexual healing XD But honestly, I think I was just reading too many R Lee Smith books at once and needed a change of pace I still really, really, really loved the book Feels, lols, epic cool. The cost it seems is never enough for Taryn and I can t even seem to dislike her.Taryn is a character that I would want to characterize as infantile, naive, impractical and reckless I ve never read about a character who has been raped by gods, ghosts, wizards, dragons pawed on by minotaurs, satyr, and cenaturs and still be so happily adventurous and no care given to personal sacrifice She has been starved, beaten, of course raped but she s pregnant, has a Griffin son and she is still pushing the boundaries even against those she loves because she thinks she s right I would love to call her arrogant, but she has paid the cost of her over confidence and naivety over and over again but she ll do the same thing even at the cost of her life.I can t say she s brave or courageous because when she pushed by those who warn her of danger and does it anyway, and when the fallout falls not only on her shoulder but also on her loved ones she can only be seen as vain There is brave and then there s not I am at the point where she figured out that humans with guns have invaded Arcadia Instead of warning them with precise words of gun wielding humans with the capacity of mass genocide she stays quiet and becomes obsequious, letting herself be taken by the lycans to prove a point She s still heavily pregnant and she wants to save the world It s very odd and highly ironic that instead of appealing to the humans for peace, time and time again she turns to the magical beasts, victims of humanity s perversity for understanding and goodwill I can t even ask for her to be less stubborn because there would not be a story Her sister I m not sure how I feel about her sister Rhiannon On the one hand i feel horrible that she was slut shamed and her whole school shamed her as well I didn t like that she just didn t tell anyone and spilled all this nasty and petty feelings on everyone I wished she d told her supportive and loving mother, her courageous father and admittedly absentee sister I absolutely hated that she made Axiom feel like he raped her SHe should have said no and that she wasn t ready I didn t understand what those weird dreams were about with Gabriel were about and that again she, Rhiannon didn t ask for help.The biggest disappointment though was Taryn She can save a imprisoned sex slaves freed from satyr but she couldn t and wouldn t see that her sister needed help and was in pain It goes all back to Taryn s stubbornness What she sees as important is all that matters and everyone follows along. It started going down in quality We ll see what happens in the fourth book Review soon. I just finished the book last night and my mind is still in the world this morning I m loving my book hangover Arcadia is a character itself and keeps getting larger and larger with each book in the series Just when I think I have this place figured out, it grows just a bit Arcadia s inhabitants are so rich and their stories are all grand and so well developed that I love finding out about their histories I m glad there are books in the series because there is so much story left to tell. 4 Stars 3.5 Stars 3 Stars..This book varied between all of these ratings but in the end, I grant it the highest rating because, well, I m writing this directly after finishing When I hit a series that I enjoy so well it is hard for me to stop and write a telling thing or two to describe for any willing to listen to my perfunctory words I just want to keep on reading to the next book until there is no I m about to purchase the next in this series tonight and I m kind of angry This one had a serious cliff hanger if you ask me I ve read four books by Smith in the past few days so I clearly enjoy her But I m noticing a trend..the woebegone woman that is practically traumatized beyond all reckoning because she creates a mountain out of a molehill They cause so much fucking drama and torture themselves so much it makes you wonder why they haven t been put on suicide watch in an institution somewhere Smith introduces the siblings So now we can see little sister Rhiannon total chip on the shoulder and just fuming and lamenting like a 15 year old on her period walking around bitching everyone out for caring one iota for the cloud of misery she drapes herself in She is having supernaturally awful nightmares Hides under tables and avoids food and makes horribly stupid attempts to say no to sex but then wanting sex but NOOOOO The entire back story to her trauma is just ridiculous These were the less than 3 star moments in the book Almost every chapter about Rhiannon at first I read through them diligently awaiting for the story behind the story to make me realize why she s such an idiot Then it just never happens So near the end I just didn t care at all if Antilles little bro wants to hit it up with Rhiannon and oh gosh they are having troubles Arion should look elsewhere, his mom as much of a horrible person as his mother is is kind of right All the Farasai, I love the damned centaurs but they were as a race entirely Mary Sue to annoyance I would like to be inducted as a kinswoman right now because they will put up with any bad day I have and if I feel like having a ten year slump I m sure they will just give me sexual healing, some chess games, lots of food and tonics and pat me on my back and heal me I kind of wished Rhiannon would get eaten by some rampaging Fellcats..or that stupid Kelpie I don t care if her plot line even finishes up in the next book I swear I m just going to skim her chapters Taryn Ok so some say she s getting all saintly and magically makes things better But she s fun She is fun to follow around and see who she s going to fix next and how she s going to do it She s a pioneer healing woman cum girlscout what s the highest rank for girlscouts Are there Eagle Girlscouts because whatever, she s like super Girl Scout idk, queen of luscious amazing spiritual sex And you know what Great She s not a damned whiner, she has down moments but she s a can do chick and I like that When encountering vicious animal stones and sticks will make you epic and she is She discovers something truly interesting near the end of this book in this universe and I was excited about it This entire series barely touches upon the Avalon connection but wow, there is a Planet of the Apes moment at the end that is really cool IMO This kept the stars high on my rating The Satyrs A let down Not much happened IMO and I just felt it was just another side mission quest filler If it had been a longer stay for Taryn and well developed it would have been much better but the Satyrs were truly disgusting in their habits and decades long campaign of vengeance against all humans and barely redeemable Although Taryn being Taryn does everything in her ever loving heart to right their ways and forgive them since they make amends and attempts to turn around it just seems too easy and poorly developed The Lycans Generally tolerable supernatural race in this universe very wolfish and extremely primitive and slightly interesting I did enjoy seeing Taryn cope with her own doubts and having her Pollyanna attitude ripped out of her spirit a few times because this is realistic I wish we had about the Sileni and what happened with Rhiannon I wish we had the Lord Dragon I want of the Aerie domain now please I want to know about the Romany that is now man.I wish that Taryn had another better sibling that could hook up with the Lord Dragon or something As it is I m not looking forward to reading damned Rhiannon I hope she shoots herself and Taryn has to cope with the grief and ends up saving the universe by overcoming said grief by sleeping with Quiabe I want Quiabe Poor Fuans Poor Arkes Sex with gods give me Smith So I will swiftly purchase the last installment of this..knowing that I will be at least slightly disappointed There is a climax building up and I can already tell there are too many tantalizing things that are going to be left unanswered. It had some good bits, but mostly I was annoyed with Taryn who flings herself and her unborn child into danger and the constant whining of Rihannon. Spectacular writing,poor story.Taryn is not the heroine that set out to save the griffin With new set of clothes,came out new,slutty Taryn without moral standarts or even inner conflict about what is right and what is wrong.Author tries really hard to paint her as honorable,sacrificing heroine while reader sees her as very selfish and stupid Aisling is all but forgotten save for two pages to explain his absence.It is very disappointing and totally undervalue initial Taryns goal of caring for him Antilles is barely present and Rhiannon, oh God,she is truly something.Her story is unbelievable on some extreme level The reason behind her attitude is shallow at best and in no way excuse her behavior She is the most hateful,spiteful, rude and mean bitch in all the books Especially because none of it comes from her hurts.Once you start paying attention to her inner thoughts, you realize that her biggest problem is jealousy She is choking on jealousy of Taryn and mostly just tries really hard to get everyone hate and hurt her,just so she could feel better and valued.Yet she refuse to earn her place God,how I hated her I got an impression that author meant her to be just broken,but she failed to show it She is just rotten and by her own will and choice Let s hope will get eaten by some monster to propell Taryns story.Reads easier than first books but have the feel of no set goal Author just puts whatever came to her mind on paper and rarely any of it tied together in one solid story Story itself deserves 1.5 stars,the other 1.5 are purely for my love of author of The last hour of Gann.