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My biggest complaint is the length of the stories They are too short Besides that, I m not a big fan of the ending in book 2 It s rather abrupt and a way to create space for the sequels It doesn t really match with the rest of the book I prefer a complete story, not such an open ending. I am so screwed WHY do I do this to myself I have literally hundreds of books on my TBR that are already paid for So what do I do This idiot here gets sucked right into another series that I am now going to have to buy because the damn books are really a serial Ok, bitching about my total lack of discipline over.This is two stories written I guess by two authors The first I liked but was not completely sold on the series Raphael had a hard time coming to terms with the fact that his mate was human and view spoiler pregnant hide spoiler Read Book ♡ Raphael/Parish ☹ RAPHAELThe Brilliant And Dangerous Diplomat Of The Pantera Shapeshifters, Raphael Has Devoted His Life To Discovering The Key To The Infertility That Is Threatening The Extinction Of His Puma Race Creating A Vast Network Of Spies Worldwide, He Never Expected To Discover That The Answer Might Be Beneath His Very Nose But When Ashe, A Beautiful Human Female, Crosses His Path, His Most Primitive Instincts Are Stirred Unable To Resist, He Takes Her To His Bed, And Is Shocked When She Becomes Pregnant With His Child It S A Miracle That Might Prove To Be The Salvation Of His People, But Only If He Can Keep Her Safe From The Mercenaries Determined To Kill HerRISHUntamed And Undeniably Sexy, Parish, Leader Of The Pantera Hunters, Rarely Leaves The Magic Of The Wildlands To Deal With The Humans He Despises But With The Prized And Risky Pantera Birth On The Way, Puma Shifter, Parish Must Travel To New Orleans To Find And Bring Back A Human Doctor The Moment He Sees The Lovely, Talented And All Too Human Dr Julia Cabot He Cannot Resist The Wild, Potent Drive To Make Her His Betrayed And Destroyed By Love, Julia Will Not Let Her Heart Choose Her Path Again But As She And Parish Fight To Save The Life Of An Unborn Child, A Fierce And Overwhelming Bond Develops Between Them, Threatening Her Frozen Heart With The Secret Hope And Ultimate Temptation Of Love And Family Great story story line another friggen cliffhanger sigh Now I have to continue with the series to find out what happens grin Thanks for the recommendation Megan This review was posted at Under the CoversBayou Heat is unrelated to either Alexandra Ivy s or Laura Wright s worlds, and it features one of my favorite shifters pumas No need to go into any detail than that Yes Oh you want me to Fine.Pumas are the less talked about felines of the shifter world and, to me, they re so sexy Something raw and primal always surrounds them In this series it s no different The Pantera shapeshifters of Louisiana are somewhat of a myth Humans don t really believe in the tales of magic that surrounds the area they live in And the Wildlands is an area full of magic Actually that s the only place the Pantera can shift.Raphael by Alexandra IvyI have to say this was my favorite of the two stories It caught my attention with the story, the intro to the world and, of course, the sexy as sin Raphael After what he thought would just be one night of hot sex with a woman he couldn t resist, she ends up pregnant with his child Due to the rarity of that occurrence, Ashe has some mercenaries after her Raphael, big bad mate that he is, steps up for the protector role The alpha male sparks were oozing off the pages This story was all raw sex appeal.Parish by Laura WrightParish can be sexy and scary at the same time I mean, he lives in a cave, never smiles and prefers his animal form That can be intimidating Then he s sent on a mission into the human world to bring back a Doctor that can help Ashe through her pregnancy Of course, the terms talking and asking are not very familiar to him so he pretty much kidnaps Julia and brings her to the Wildlands There s a little bit action in this story and probably world building than in the previous story, but I connected less with the characters At the end of the day, Parish still won me over because he did what was necessary to make sure that his woman would be happy.I am looking forward to reading of this series The cajun feel of the setting and the sexy characters will keep me coming back for me for sure. I love these two authors and jumped at the chance to read this book that they had written together.Rapheal ,written by Alexandra Ivy and Parrish,written by Laura Wright.Both entries were equally as good with Ivy s being erotic and Wright s the romantic.I enjoyed them both and cannot wait for the next installment as this ended in a dratted cliffhanger.I hate cliffhangers I really wanted to Love this book but i just couldn t , I found it rather lacking to be honest, i know they are short books but still, i was left wondering about a few things most of the time I didn t like how either book finished it was like running and then hitting a brick wall they just ended full stop yes i know, cliff Hanger the concept was good but i found both stories rushed and left a lot out that could have been added New World New Species New Addiction I love this fresh new series, Bayou Heat by Laura Wright and Alexandra Ivy I read books one and two, Raphael and Parish, straight through and am totally hooked Fresh world building, super sexy alpha heroes and the strong heroines who tame them The ending left me aching for Can t wait for book two, Bayou and Jean Baptiste. Re read April 2015 3.5 StarsOk, I m gonna hold my hand up and admit that I must have had an off day the last time I read this as enjoyed it a lot and have upgraded the rating In my defense I m writing this as nearing the end of Bayon Jean Baptiste and am getting into the series rather than having to stop and frustratingly wait for the next addition I still think each story is way too short and would have benefitted from being longer, but now want to have answers to the questions that was left unanswered.The books from this series cannot be read as stand alones.Originally read Feb 2013.2 StarsI really wasn t bowled over with this one and can t decide if I should give it 1 or 2 stars hence the just just too brief and lacked any substance I didn t feel any connection or chemistry between the H s h s and can t say I was wowed by any of the characters There was nothing wrong with the style of writing, I like both AI and LR but suppose this one just wasn t for me Not really sure if I am gonna continue with this series 3.75 StarsBasic InfoStandalone or Part of a Series view spoiler Part of a series and preferably read as one, since all the stories entwined, and finished with a cliffhanger that connects to the next one hide spoiler