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!Free Pdf ♿ Naughty Christmas Nights ☩ This Christmas, It S Nice Vs Naughty Lace Stockings Hailey North Has Worked Her Butt Off To Make Merry Widow Lingerie A Success But If She Doesn T Win The Bid For Rudolph S Department Store, She S In Big Trouble Her Strategy To Prove That Romance, Playfulness And Eroticism Are What Women Want The Problem, However, Is What Hailey Wants Her Wickedly Hot, Sexy Competitor Or Black Leather Sex Sells, And The Milano Line Is Certainly All About Sex Besides, Winning Is The Only Way Gage Milano Can Extract Himself From The Family Business Unfortunately, Hailey S Romantic Lingerie Threatens Not Only His Freedom, But His Libido But When Their Professional Rivalry Turns Into A Red Hot Rendezvous, The Competition Really Starts Heating Up And Xmas Is About To Get A Whole Lot X Rated Well, it is very romantic and sexy book It has an intrigue but it s very predictable I admit that I have to read some 4 books like this for some reason and this was the third book So, for me a little bit too much of sweetness Sometimes these super romantic books are Ok but the most important thing is not to overdose of them D Hailey North needs this contract for her Merry Widow lingerie at all costs but then so does Gage Milano if he is to go it alone in business and make a break from his family But the sparks fly at their first meeting at the fancy dress party a Grinch and an Elf a very sexy elf Loved this story it is hot and sensual with both Hailey and Gage learning a lot about themselves and each other of course true love never runs smoothly and there are ups and downs along the way this is a book you will not want to put down emotional and very Christmassy a great read that I highly recommend MS Weber has done it again another book on my keeper shelf If you want to heat up your holidays I recommend this book Hot, Hot, Hot I really liked how Gage and Hailey decorated Gage s Christmas tree These two are fighting for a lingerie contract, Hailey to have her business succeed and Gage for his freedom How can these two be together when both can t win or can they Was not a huge fan of Gage in the beginning, but he won over my heart You know this was good book because towards the end it had me teary eyed I definitely like how this one ended Another winner by Tawny Gabe Milano hated holidays with all the glitz and pomp, all he wanted was time off from Milano Designs and a break between whooing contracts as he was the marketing genius At Thanksgiving, he lost a bet with his oldest brother and here he was dressed as a six foot green Grinch trying to win the Rudolph department store contract He knew that he would win it as he never ever lost, and at least he could salvage something out of this party if he could just convince that cute little blond elf to leave with him once Rudy announced who won the contractTwenty six year old Hailey North never had the easy life and had to struggle hard, so when she was offer Merry Widow Lingerie, she jumped at the chance to show her designs Her former partner had died without getting their contract settled enough though he said he had and now his children wanted her to buy them out and she couldn t get a loan She needed that Rudolph contract to keep her employees on and her business float Tawny Weber spins a tale of two people wanting a contract for different reasons, Gabe wanted to be free over Milano for a paid year and Hailey who wanted to keep her business At first they both thought the other was the agent for Cherry Bella, the model, Rudy wanted for his spring collection But what would Cherry go for sex and leather or romance and satin and lace Four and a half stars.Hailey North owns Merry Widow Lingerie and designs outfits that not only make a woman look beautiful, but also help her feel lovely and good about herself But her fabulous designs won t necessarily sell themselves, and she s looking to win an exclusive partnership with a large department store to ensure her company s financial future.Gage Milano s a marketer for his family s clothing company and needs to win this partnership to seal his position with his father and brother Milano s designs are edgy and overtly sexy, and he feels confident that he can convince the decision maker that Milano is the way to go.As Hailey and Gage battle their mutual attraction and angle for the winning deal, there s ample opportunity for some well written battle of the sexes scenes and revealing conversations about sex versus romance and what women and men really want Both Hailey and Gage are compelling characters with very real motivations, and I enjoyed how they didn t really pull back from the heat of the challenge or from the heat they generated.Hailey is no pushover despite her very feminine appearance, and I loved how she truly gave Gage a real run for the money Gage also had some real depth, and it was good to see him re evaluate his life and views based on his interactions with Hailey.Well done, Ms Weber An excellent read for the Christmas season or any time of year 4.5 Star Review Naughty Christmas NightsI recommend this book.I enjoyed this book by Tawny This book includes Erotic fun, passion, laughs, heartache, and betrayal.Tawny will pull you into the story and before you know it you will either be laughing out loud or yelling out loud Hailey North needs to win the contract to save her company Gage Milano needs to win the contract so he can get a year off from his family s business.When it all comes down to it who will win the contract that they both want They are attracted to each other even before finding out they are competing for the same contract How will they set aside the attraction to win the contract Is that even possible Hailey knows what it like when people let you down Seems everyone has always let her down Will Gage also let her down Love both of these characters Gage is tough but also sweet Hailey is a sweetheart who hopes that everyone is not going to let her down but gets disappointed every time They are both funny and sweet together. This book contained all of the things I love family ties that bind and gag, strong competition, mistaken identities, and scorching hot sex Hailey North is a woman following her dream and trying to make it a reality Gage Milano wants to follow his dreams but the family ties and demands bind and gag him, preventing him from following his own dreams When they meet at a sexy holiday costume party, sparks fly instantly Its not until much later, after a sexy encounter, that they find out they are direct competitors Both have strong motivations for winning making their dreams a reality but their attraction is white hot I loved following both Hailey and Gage on their journeys towards their dreams and true love As with all of Tawny Weber s books, the characters are well drawn, strong and sexy The story is fast paced and the sexual tension on every page I loved the characters and the situation and loved following them on their journeys Fantastic book and great love story I was given an early copy of this book to read and review and I must say I m grateful Naughty Christmas Nights is a story about a man and a woman both fighting for a contract that will keep her business open and make his dad happy Both have significant reasons for doing what they re doing, but neither realizes just how important this contract is going to become to both of them This book sucks you in from the first few pages and keeps you fascinated to the very end Ms Weber is a master at characterizations and storylines This was an extremely pleasant book to read I loved Hailey and Gage I loved their problems, their angst, their misunderstandings and the way they worked through everything.This is a book you will thoroughly enjoy reading Cindy R. Harlequin Reader Reviews 4.5 Star Review Naughty Christmas NightsI recommend this book I enjoyed this book by Tawny This book includes Erotic fun, passion, laughs, heartache, and betrayal Tawny will pull you into the story and before you know it you will either be laughing out loud or yelling out loud To read , go HERE