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This is the first of the early Maigrets in which I feel that Simenon outsmarted himself Maigret Stonewalled is altogether too rich in incident, too rich in characters, and excessively rich in strange clues that seem to point nowhere This is one of those cases where the complexities of the crime are such that no one could be prosecuted without an excessive social cost to many of the innocent parties I am grateful that Simenon did not continue this strain of complexity in the other works of his I have read He seems to be best in stripped down situations, partly because we can get a better idea of Maigret s mind and instincts at work. I very much enjoyed Georges Simenon s Pietr the Latvian, the very first novel in the series featuring the persistent and clever Detective Chief Inspector Jules Maigret The second novel published variously as Lock 14, The Carter of La Providence and Maigret Meets a Milord not as much Monsieur mile Gallet appears the epitome of bourgeois respectability a traveling salesman of silver plated flatware and christening cups through all of Normandy, with a patrician wife in his 2,000 franc a month home in Saint Fargeau in Burgundy where he spent one week a month But, as Maigret soon discovers, everything about M Gallet was a lie This shadowy man was even living in a hotel in Sancerre under a false name Monsieur Cl ment So why did M Gallet falsify his life And was it himself or his alter ego that led someone to first shoot and then stab him to death in the H tel de la Loire in Sancerre Maigret s as puzzled as any of us would be So many of the pieces of this puzzle simply don t fit In The Late Monsieur Gallet, the clever chief inspector emerges as human and perplexed as the rest of us however, in the end, Maigret discovers the truth of M Gallet s life and death I definitely recommend this novel Those new to the marvelous Maigret need not fear beginning with this one. Maigret Stonewalled was the first Maigret to get translated in to English, not as the Penguin edition claims, the first ever Maigret, even so it was the third official Maigret, published ten years after the first Poirot and over forty years from the first Holmes Here we find a rather faceless Inspector sent traipsing around a town he d never heard of and the holiday destination Sancerre on Loire 205km away from where Maigret is stationed with the Paris police In many ways this is a pretty conventional whodunnit, much so than other Maigret s.What s interesting about this early incarnation of the character is that he isn t really a character, and yet he s still eminently readable as he bumbles around scratching his head in exasperation at the sheer lack of obvious links between clues Simenon plots it in great depth, as others have said before me, much depth and intricacy than the series would be known for, here there is hardly any of that great Simenon psychological insight AND most unlikely of all Maigret barely eats or drinks at all, two of his absolute favourite pastimes There are red herrings galore, several suspicious characters, lie upon lie upon lie AND a death via a most unlikely contraption, the staple of the generic locked room mystery.Maigret s and Simenon s affection for sad little men with sad little lives and sad little deaths is present however, in the investigation in to the death of M Gallet it becomes apparent quite quickly that he thinks that understanding the man is much important than chasing clues and hunting cold blooded murderers And understanding that about this detective and author is key to enjoying the series. Georges Simenon continues to amaze with The Late Monsieur Gallet.In a very quick read my copy is 155 pages , Simenon weaves a splendid tale Once again, Inspector Maigret works mostly alone He has a lot of resources at his disposal yet he singularly is up to the task.There are two things I especially appreciate about Simenon One is that he gives Maigret professional, dogged determination With a lot of unknowns, the inspector digs and wills the facts through old fashioned searching and sifting of clues, talking to witnesses, and lateral thinking.The other is that Simenon has Maigret lay out the possible repercussions once he s solved the crime Who will be hurt by the results Who will suffer the consequences It s very touching moral and ethical stuff.As I said, Maigret works by himself and, even though this is written in third person, one feels him working, interacting, and speaking as if in first person.This is a suspenseful and clever work First, let me say that I see nothing that would indicate these need to be read in order I did read the first one first, Pietr the Latvian It s been long enough that I don t remember what kind of introduction to Maigret was in that one Here, Simenon does not especially assume that you already know Maigret I find his character to be as well drawn perhaps better than one might expect of characterizations in the genre He s a big fellow and he likes to be challenged in his job At first, he finds nothing especially interesting in the case Despite this, he goes about his job with thoroughness The he finds out, the he is intrigued These are in no way as dark as are his stand alone novels Still, they are murder mysteries, a genre that brings out the worst in at least one character Perhaps others will be discerning, but I didn t see the solution until Maigret reveals it And then he goes home to his wife I need to read Maigret Good, solid mysteries Perhaps nothing earth shaking, but worth turning to again and again 3 stars, which isn t a slight from me. A twisted tale of death and money Spoiler alert There are no shoot outs, car chases, or Hollywood stunts here, just a damn good yarn.Inspector Maigret must investigate a strange death, or is it a murder, in a small French town.Clues seem to be everywhere, but which ones are real Using methodical leg work to follow up each clue we see the Inspector eliminate all the possibilities until he uncovers the truth.As a bonus the author Georges Simenon describes the country town with glowing realism which makes for a delightful read.Enjoy FRom Tout Simenon Dans un h tel de Sancerre o il tait connu sous le nom de M Cl ment, Emile Gallet, domicili Saint Fargeau, a t tu d une balle au visage suivie d un coup de poignard dans le c ur, alors que sa femme le croyait Rouen, en train d exercer son m tier de repr sentant de commerce Ecrit A bord de l Ostrogoth, Nandy pr s de Morsang sur Seine Seine et Marne t 1930. Unusual murder investigation for Inspector Maigret that takes him from Paris to Sancerre The layers of untruths he must pilot through are astounding I have never read such a carefully plotted labyrinth of clues about identity that lead to Maigret movingly eulogizing a life bereft of identity and reward There will be no arrest at conclusion of this case. After giving it some thought, I m raising my rating of this novel to 5 stars because this is one of those books in which I m blown away not only by Simenon s own observations of humanity, but also by his ability to put them on paper via crime fiction and have them resonate so deeply Even after only reading four of these books, I can already tell that it s what sets his work apart from other run of the mill police procedurals So far this one is my favorite Maigret novel, completely different from its two predecessors, and I liked it than the fourth,The Hanged Man of Saint Pholien which was quite good I am beginning to believe that this man must have been one of the keenest observers of human nature ever, something that becomes quite obvious here as the story unfolds, layer by layer by layer More about this book at my reading journal here where I take on a Maigret triple play, but when all is said and done, this book turns out to be a bit of a gut wrenching sort of experience as Simenon basically lays bare some of the ugliness of which humans are capable it also, in my opinion, begins to bring out the very human as opposed to strictly investigator side of Maigret not yet seen in the two books prior to this one.Topping this one will be difficult. `Free Kindle ☔ Monsieur Gallet, décédé ↹ A Devastating Tale Of Misfortune, Betrayal, And The Weakness Of Family Ties, Newly Translated For The Inspector Maigret Series In The Third Maigret Mystery, The Circumstances Of Monsieur Gallet S Death All Seem Fake The Name He Was Traveling Under, His Presumed Profession, And, Worryingly, His Family S Grief Their Haughtiness Seems To Hide Ambiguous Feelings About The Hapless Man Soon Maigret Discovers The Appalling Truth And The Real Crime Hidden Beneath The Surface Of Their LiesCollect This And Other Novels In The Inspector Maigret Series, Now Available In Thrilling New English Translations