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A truly epic sagaThe Land of Riandus continues to develop in this remarkable story Amazingly talented Linda Boulanger has constructed a remarkable world with characters that jump off the page and appear before the reader fully realized These are not flat players, but three dimensional beings who make you laugh and cry and ache and love with them The story is complex in its construction, but resolves beautifully into a HEA that is satisfying and fulfilling I highly recommend this book, and look forward to further adventures in the Land of Riandus. From the very first words I found myself lost in the story of Dance With the Enemy For me it is an Oh my goodness book I haven t read romance novels in a number of years because they had become so ho hum in plot Girl meets boy, they fall in love, something happens, and so on and so on You know how they go Dance With the Enemy by Linda Boulanger is anything but ho hum The idea of sailing off to meet the man you were marked to be with is such a romantic notion There is one person on the earth to whom you belong, you share their blood, you will meet him and be immediately taken with himit is every fairy tale ever written But not in Dance With the Enemy I won t spoil the story for you, you really must read it for yourself Tahruk is a strong, powerful warrior, capable and respected in his community Elenya is a beautiful and proud woman, filled with courage and new ideas, the hope of her people The sparks fly from the moment the marking takes over He chases, she runs He softens, she balks Their love is challenging from the very beginning Their entire traditional way of life will come into question.This is a novel to read, then read again as you all in love with the characters Linda Boulanger has created Watch for the twists and turns and enjoy this beautifully written book I am so excited by the coming of a second novel in this series later this year Thank you, Linda, for taking the time to share your gift of the written word Dance with the Enemy by Linda Boulanger is a great story Terrifically plotted and well written, this book has transported me to a new world, just like Eleyna The detailed descriptions of everything drew me completely into the twists and turns I loved how the truths appeared as lies, but unraveled into truths And just when I thought an HEA was imminent, in walks Gavin Ugh, I wanted to scream But the epilogue saved me This one is just really well done. mildly spoilerish I thought that this book seemed fairly well written, if you like the sort of thing I generally liked all of the characters and even the plot, in the broadest sense However, there were just some very basic aspects of the story that I personally disliked I acknowledge up front that these are personal preferences and plenty of people won t share my opinion Some will probably even be like, are you kidding me But I m giving the book 3 stars, because though a lot of it made me cringe and grind my teeth I m not claiming it s a bad book in any fashion In some ways this is a fairly cookie cutter piece of fluff Young, innocent virgin is forcibly in this case socially claimed by a hardened warrior His beastly heart is then melted by said maiden s and yes she is referred to as a maiden genuine, open heart, fiery temper and guileless sensuality absolutely predictable Where Boulanger tried to add a little variety was in the cultural necessities that brought Elenya and Tahbruk together I can appreciate the effort here It s and interesting idea But I hated the incredibly sexist patriarchy created Women seemed to hold no value beyond breeders and whores glorified whores, courtesans even, but whores all the same This sexism was highlighted, at least partially, to provide a challenge to be overcome Again, I get that But I still had to read 300 pages of it Conversely, since the marking ceremony was exclusively for the nobility, I was left wondering how men who weren t noble warriors, say a baker, found wives This was never addressed Now, here s the Catch 22 that meant I was just never going to be the right reader for this book Part of the plot was that some of the characters thought these same ceremonies, leading to this mistreatment of women, were out dated and needed to be abolished A good thing, yes No Not for me at least I mean it is, butone of my literary pet peeves is watching socially or morally superior characters, especially outsider characters, declare otherwise accepted cultural practices wrong It s one thing for a whole society, or even a portion of society to be struggling for the improvement of the laws and practices that affect their lives It s another to see one person telling the same society it s doing something abhorrent How arrogant is that Even if that character is correct by modern western standards, do they really have the right to judge others And when such social change is easily affected the anthropologist in me wants to cry The, admittedly contrary, result was that I enjoyed neither the existing social setting of the book nor the stories attempt at improving society It just struck me as baseless optimism There was no social push for improvement, just one or two individuals who apparently decided everyone else was socially stagnant What s , I could have done with a little world building outside of the mating rituals For example, many characters pray to the good Lord but religion is never touched on So who is this deity everyone keeps calling on Add those big personal no no s to any number of smaller irritants, like my dislike of seeing otherwise good men driven to dastardly deeds by the loss of a platonic love, and this book and I just never had a chance Again, I m not calling it a bad book The writing was fine I don t remember any editorial issues The sex wasn t gratuitous, which was actually surprising since I started the book thinking it was erotica, and despite being the first of a series, the book actually ended So, not a bad book, just a bad book for me. [ Read Book ] ♡ Dance With The Enemy ♅ The Time Has Come For Elenya To Meet The Man She S Belonged To Since She Was Three, The Man Whose Blood Flows Through Her Veins In The Midst Of The Maidens, The King S Warriors Are Released Each Forced To Find The Woman Chosen For Him Through Her Scent, Resulting In A Half Mad Frenzy That Heightens Already Aroused Animalistic Needs Elenya Is Terrified, Especially When She Realizes What The Warrior Searching For Her Does Not That She S Been Marked With The Blood Of Her Family S EnemyAs The Leader Of The King S Elite Forces Makes His Way Toward Her, She Ignores The Pull Of The Marking And Darts Out Into The Night Into His Territory She Has To Get To The Masters So They Can Right This Wrong A Mistake Must Have Been Made Surely Fate Would Not Force Her To Dance For A Lifetime In The Arms Of Her Enemy And If It Did, Would His Blood Flowing Through Her Veins Be Enough To Unite Their Hearts 1 2I was pleasantly surprised reading this book I tend to like my romances on the steamy side and this one was completely behind closed doors Yet it wasn t until well after the first love scene that I realized it had been behind the closed door I still felt connected to both H h and believed in their passionate love for each other as much as one can believe in insta love So while I missed the scenes for myself in retrospect, it did not detract from my enjoyment of the book at all The 3 1 2 stars is not for the lack of smexy but because the book did drag just a little in the middle while the H was off fighting in a war There were several plot points that looked like they were being set up for tension between the H and h when he returned but nothing developed with them There was a development at the end that you could see coming but still worked, so there was still excitement upon the H s return, so again I didn t feel like the book was lessened any from the lack of real tension between the H h.All in all a good read that kept me up waaaay past my bedtime 305 pagesToo many times I found myself wincing through this world of men for men novel but once or twice there was a glimmer of hope that the designated role of marked women as royal breeders and unmarked women put there purely for the sole pleasure of both marked and unmarked men and how they ended up in those roles would eventually come to an end And it did Whew.That saved my wondering if Tahbruk really meant it when his thoughts lead him to a future defiance of society rules if Elenya were unable to produce the obligatory heir or two which is the position his father found himself in when he was forced to replace his marked with her younger sister for the continuation of the royal line The only good that came out of that situation was Tahbruk s response, he knew his father was powerless and knew he loved the older sister He didn t want that for himself or for Elenya Nor did I.Strangely enough I really liked it although I wouldn t have felt the same way had it ended differently. OK, I am not a romance guy, and make no mistake, despite the fantasy elements this is first, foremost and always a romance As such it s all about the relationship between the two main characters, which is just not that interesting to me The plot is also fairly predictable.All that being said, this is a very well written book It falls short of five stars mainly owing to my preferences, not from anything particularly wrong with the story While the characters are interesting enough I would have liked to learn about their world and frankly to have fantasy elements involved aside from the unfamiliar locations and the ritual of Marking there s nothing to tell you this is a fantasy novelStill, if you like romance novels and have a penchant for fantasy, I am sure that you will love this book and I strongly recommend it Dance With the Enemy is the first book of series It s fantasy meets historical as it takes place in a fictional historical land with fanstasical aspects with the Dremis celebration where warriors meet their chosen who were marked with their own blood making them irresistible to them The book find such a pairing in an unlikely couple whose families have been enemies for centuries The story keeps you engaged as the couple fight through that and ultimately fall in love I have never been a fan of the historical romance books, but this series has enraptured me in spite of that Each book leaves me waiting for the next It is definitely a must read. This book is Lord of the Rings meets Game of Thrones without all the gore I was instantly swept away into Boulanger s world of warriors, family rivalries, and arranged marriages I have no doubt that you ll love the characters and even hate a few Boulanger does a lovely job of bringing you into the story, making you root for Tahruk and Elenya and by the end you ll be grasping for the sequel Highly recommend.