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Eleanor and Momma agree that this is a four star book We like reading about Vikings, but it also makes me really sad when reading about all the destruction the Vikings caused in Ireland The Irish truly saved our civilization in those dark ages The scene where the elderly Brother Michael gives the kids his book that he s been working on his whole made me really sad, because as an adult I knew what brother Michael s fate would be when the Vikings arrived.Eleanor says I wanted it to rate it three stars but my mom wouldn t let me and she wanted to rate it four stars.Momma says I said we could rate it three stars.Eleanor says I was pretty sad what the Vikings did Later they became helpful Not in the book, but later in real history when they settled in places There were a couple facts about Vikings at the end of the book I think my favorite characters are Jack and Annie and Brother Michael He was kind and he offered to give the book to them even though it wasn t done He knew his book was important, even if it was not done. The book that I read today was about a brother and sister named jack and Annie In the morning, jack and Annie went to the tree house When they got there, Morgan lee fe was waiting for them She had another mission for them to go to She wanted them both to find a secret book that contained very important treasures When they got in the book, Annie an jack found out that the seas where filled with Viking ships When they saw the Vikings they where frightened, but the Vikings where nice They both asked the Vikings if they know that secret book that Morgan was talking about They said yes, but they wouldn t hand it to them So Annie told jack that they would take it from the Vikings and hurry into the treehouse It was dangerous to do that but they did it anyway So, they found out that the book was hidden in their ship on the deck because one of the Vikings dropped it They quickly picked it up and went to the tree house, but Vikings where chasing after them which was really scary They got to the treehouse in time and left in a jiffy They handed the book to Morgan Annie said that the book they went into was really scary, but at least they where safe and sound at their home The end. I didn t this book because I don t like Viking ships I enjoyed this book because I liked the part when a sea serpent saved them when they were lost at sea. The book I read today was number 15 It was about a brother and sister named Jack and Annie Morgan gave them another mission to go to an island when the seas were filled with Vikings She gave them a mission to find a secret story The title of the story was called Serpens Magma When they went in the tree house they first waved good bye to Morgan.The tree house spun faster and faster them came to a halt When they came out of the tree house they were in a island They came out the tree house then two monks named Brother Patrick and Brother Michel both greeted Jack and Annie then took them inside a hut as big as a beehive When Jack and Annie came in the hut they already got relaxed Brother Patrick showed Jack and Annie his book he made with decorations all over the cover And you know what, the story they were looking for was right in that book Jack was surprised So was Annie Brother Patrick gave them his book that he made so they can remember the two monks.When they went in to the tree house Jack saw three Viking ships He and Annie went to warn the monks then the monks warned the people Jack and Annie went in a boat to go back to the magic tree house but then the waves started acting up Annie wished for some help then her wish came true A giant sea monster carried them to their tree house then they were safe That was the book I read today I ll probably be wrapping up my series of reviews of books from the Magic Tree House soon My son has become a strong enough reader that he now reads these books by himself With all my other reading I m not sure I can keep up with them as he tears through this series.Viking Ship Before Sunrise is the third book in the lost works series This time Jack and Annie have to go back to an island off the coast of Ireland to rescue an illuminated manuscript before the island is over run by Vikings.There s a lot of history and art history tossed into this volume but at 75 pages there just isn t much time to go any sort of detail Jack and Annie learn how to live like monks briefly , learn about the process of making an illuminated manuscript briefly , learn about the Viking invasion and nearly experience it first hand With the emphasis put on the danger there s little time for anything else The adventure here didn t feel as well integrated as it is in a later volume, Tonight on the Titanic. Jack and Annie are new Master Librarians for Morgan Le Fey, and they are tasked with the retrieval of four lost stories This particular episode sends the kids back in time to medieval Ireland, where they must retrieve an illuminated manuscript from a group of monks before vikings arrive and pillage the place.This had some fun plot twists, including a deus ex machina that was so over the top that it still falls into the fun plot twist category The Kiddo enjoyed some of the little touches in this when we read it out loud We ve gotten into the habit of correcting Jack s Oh, brother catchphrase that he uses every time Annie proposes a particularly rash course of action to the accurate, Oh, sister Kiddo also laughed out loud when Jack, in a particularly harried moment, says the wish to get them home very loud and fast Repeated phrases and little variations are a big part of what makes this series work for a six year old, and Osborne works them masterfully.She also did a nice job of working an Irish blessing into the story, as well as some good discussion of the concept of civilization, which the kids end up defining as reading and writing books and playing chess in a warm and comfortable room.I could get on board with that definition. |Download Book ♼ Viking Ships At Sunrise (Magic Tree House, #15) ♼ Best EPub, Viking Ships At Sunrise Magic Tree House, 15 Author Mary Pope Osborne This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Viking Ships At Sunrise Magic Tree House, 15 , Essay By Mary Pope Osborne Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You I like Magic Tree House books Jack and Annie went to Ireland to find a lost book In Ireland they met Brother Patrick and followed him into a church In the church Jack and Annie found the lost book but it wasn t finished Back at the tree house they see the vikings so they go back to the church The vikings tried to kill them but hey were able to get back home I like the book because it was fun and you never know what will happen next. It was not that good but ok. Jack and Annie went in Vikings time by the help of magic tree But when they went their everything was quite and peaceful They meet a jolly Monk name Brother Patrick who help them to reach the book they they want And tell them about the Monk civilization and where thing in it But when they reach the room that was full of Monks They saw all the Monks was doing all kind of fun stuff some was playing chess other was painting and some was making books Brother Patrick and Brother Micheal give them the book they want.When they were about to go home back they saw many ships heading toward them.Annie cry it is the Viking everybody start to move fast, they start to hide the books and all kind of expensive stuff Time for home said Jack but Vikings are so close to us They will never let us reach they magic tree house.