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Hardboiled storiesIn questi racconti gli spigoli Hardboiled sono pi marcati e diretti rispetto ad altre letture Chandleriane in cui l ironia stempera le situazioni, e seppur lontano dalle vette dell autore, restano una godibile testimonianza di molte di quelle caratteristiche che hanno reso eterno il genere. e pensare che a me Chandler di solito piace proprio Raccolta di 6 racconti senza Marlowe e uno con Il primo mi piaciuto, mi stavo leccando i baffi quando ho preso sonno sul secondo e sul terzo, arruffati e noiosetti possibile Possibile Buono il quarto, ora sono al quinto Che finora cos cos Finito Si sente che sono racconti scritti in epoche diverse, alcuni riusciti meglio altri peggio 3 stelle perch Chandler Chandler, e senza lui il mondo sarebbe peggiore Per , azzarola, si pu scrivere o tradurre, sa il diavolo 69 volte ghigno sogghigno o sghignazzo sono precisa, le ho fatte contare dal kindle Anche quando, ci metto su i cabasisi, il protagonista tutto faceva fuor che sghignazzare. @E-pub Î Red Wind: A Collection of Short Stories á Nel Genere Noir C Un Prima E Un Dopo Raymond Chandler O, Per Meglio Dire, Non Ci Sarebbe Il Noir Senza Raymond Chandler, Indiscusso Fondatore Del Genere Il Suo Mondo Di Pistole, Sigarette, Bar Fumosi, Marciapiedi Umidi Di Pioggia, Dark Lady E Duri Con L Impermeabile Si Impresso Per Sempre Nella Memoria Collettiva Rafforzato Da Una Scrittura Secca, Potente Come Una Fucilata, Attenta Come Un Amante I Suoi Racconti, Nessuno Escluso, Sono Autentici Gioielli Narrativi In Questo Volume Vento Rosso I Ricattatori Non Sparano Consegna A Noon Street Il Re In Giallo Le Perle Sono Una Seccatura Aspetter La Matita COUNTDOWN Mid 20th Century North American CrimeBOOK Novella 199 of 250 I chose to focus on Red Wind in this collection When Chandler writes, His gun raked the side of my face but it didn t go off He was already limp, Chandler isn t talking about a gun, no way, no how So we know instantly we re in a Chandler work.HOOK 2 stars In the grand tradition of It was a dark and stormy night, opening, Chandler opts for There was a desert wind blowing that night Writing 101 Never open a story with a weather report That said, the story I m reviewing is titled Red Wind , so Chandler gets a pass, for a 2 star hook PACE 1 star So much happens so fast I didn t understand the story At all But sometimes, I don t think Chandler bothers much withPLOT 2 Milady wants her stolen pearls back Allright, tell me about the pearls We have had a murder and a mystery woman and a mad killer and a heroic rescue and a police detective framed into make a false report Now we will have pearls All right feed it to me Feed him the pearls Isn t this getting a little bitummmhomoerotic YES But just in time, The wind was still blowing, oven hot Now for page 2.CHARACTERS 3 I ve lived in Los Angeles Yes, I know about the red wind Of the 15 permanent addresses I ve lived, the only place in which candlesticks have actually melted was in L.A very few residences have, or need, air conditioning, at least back in the 80s and 90s Then there is Waldo, who had described the girl s clothes in a way the ordinary man wouldn t know how to describe themI might have said blue dress or even blue silk dress, but never blue crepe silk dress You just can t help yourself, Chandler, you gotta get in phrases about men who aren t ordinary It was only a matter of pages But I loved this After a while two men came in with a basket Lew Petrolle was still polishing his glass and talking to the short dark dick Nary another word about that darn basket and I m not really sure if the short dark dick is a person Oh, and back to Waldo, They didn t know who Waldo was yet either Oh, and what was it Lew was polishing Yep, homoerotic ATMOSPHERE PLACE 4 I stopped, with a glass in each hand, and said Maybe this hot wind has got you crazy too I m a private detective I ll prove it if you let me Perhaps carrying 2 glasses is proof enough, one supposes And about a gun in her hand It was a small automatic with a pearl grip It jumped up at me One doesn t read Chandler for plot It s all style and sometimes it just doesn t make sense But it s Chandler, particularly heavy here with phallic references.SUMMARY The answers, my friend, are blowin in the red hot wind and out of Chandler s grasp, as plot doesn t much matter 2.4 overall. The Red Wind Very pulpy Very LA A murder or two, a detective, some clumsy cops and a dame Chandler once described LA as a big hard boiled city with no personality than a paper cup His books a hard broiled as well with not a lot of depth but fun. Chandler is always great, especially because they take place in Los Angeles. I dunno, California seems really bleak and depressing for being a fantasy land full of dreams and illusions I guess that s about right. Kilka tygodni temu natrafi em w antykwariacie na tego audiobooka Kosztowa grosze, wi c si d ugo nie zastanawia em aby go kupi Raymonda Chandlera dotychczas nie czyta em ani nie s ucha em adnych jego audiobook w Nadarzy a si okazja, aby w ko cu zacz poznawa jego tw rczo Red wind zosta przet umaczony na j zyk polski pod tytu em Gor cy wiatr Tytu owy gor cy wiatr to wiatr kt ry wieje w Kalifornii, w Los Angeles Tam te w a nie dzieje si akcja tej ksi ki G wny bohater to prywatny detektyw Ko cz c prace udaje si do pobliskiego baru na piwo natrafia na tajemnicz kobiet uzbrojon w pistolet Ucieka przed kim Z drugiej strony mo e w a nie kogo przed chwil postrzeli a Nasz bohater, detektyw pomaga tajemniczej kobiecie, we w asnym mieszkaniu pozwala jej si ukry , przy tym jednak sprowadza na siebie wielkie problemy Opowie jest troch zawi a i momentami mia em troch k opot wychwytywa wszystkie szczeg y i niuanse tej opowie ci Cz ciowo to te wynika o z faktu, i s ucha em tej ksi ki w j zyku niemieckim J zyk w jakim napisana jest ksi ka nie jest trudny, jednak opowie jest do kompaktowo napisana, do zwi le S uchanie wymaga o ode mnie sporo koncentracji.Klimat ksi ki jednak by niesamowity Co po troch z Wielkiego Gatsbiego jest w tej ksi ce, akcja toczy si w latach 20tych lub 30tych w Stanach Zjednoczonych w czasach tak zwanego jazz age u Mo e miejsce akcji nie pasuje do Wielkiego Gatsbiego bo zamiast wschodniego wybrze a miejscem akcji jest zachodnie wybrze e, ale za to drogie auta, towarzystwo lubi ce imprezy bardzo mi przypomnia y Wielkiego Gatsbiego To raczej t o ksi ki ni g wny w tek, ale tworzy to ciekawy klimat G wna bohaterka jest bogata, wydaje si by kim kto ma do imprezowe, wystawne ycie Nasz bohater to samotnik, pustelnik, d entelmen gotowy bezinteresownie pomoc obcej kobiecie w trudnej sytuacji.Wielkie pieni dze, gangsterzy, bogaci ludzie samotny prywatny detektyw oraz kalifornijski ciep y wiatr to klimat tej ksi ki Zaciekawi , zaintrygowa mnie Chandler Red Wind to raczej kr tka opowie , na pewno si gn po bardziej obszern opowie Chandlera. Red Wind is the title of a short story written by Raymond Chandler Raymond Chandler is considered by some the father of hard boiled crime fiction, and Red Wind is supposed to be the best of his short stories This is why I grabbed the audiobook, Red Wind, narrated by Elliott Gould, on Audible.com, which is not the story collection pictured in GR s version listed above AnywayChandler s P.I isn t new to me He s the Humphrey Bogart character, Philip Marlowe The Big Sleep , who can size up a dame as fast as he can bring down a gunman Red Wind was first published in 1938, in the crime fiction magazine, Black Mask This is important to me because 1 I m trying to get a sense of the origins of my favorite genre mystery, and 2 my dad always had a stack of those pulp crime fiction magazines by his recliner in the early fifties No doubt he had been reading them in the late thirties when he started working as an investigator in Marlowe s city, L.A My next job is to find out how detectives and crimes, as well as eggs, can be hard boiled. Che Chandler sia un maestro indiscusso del genere lo sapevo gi , ma finora avevo sempre trascurato i suoi racconti Cos ho aperto questa raccolta Ogni volta che ne terminavo uno, mi dicevo non si pu fare meglio di cos E poi il racconto successivo mi smentiva A volte sbagliarsi piacevole e questo vale anche per le trame dei suoi racconti, che ti portano su una falsa pista e ti fanno girare a vuoto, per poi sorprenderti con un colpo di coda finale Piccoli giocattoli a molla, architettati alla perfezione S , ho detto perfezione, perch qui si tratta di Chandler, ragazzi.