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!Free Pdf ♵ ノーゲーム・ノーライフ ♳ Best E Book, Author Yuu Kamiya This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book , Essay By Yuu Kamiya Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Some of you may remember the review I did of the manga version I did a while back For those who don t want to read it, let s just leave it as I was not thrilled with that adaptation I had watched the anime a while back and loved it, but the manga adaptation was a less than satisfactory imitation Thankfully, the light novel lived up to my expectations from the anime though admittedly, I still like the anime best of the three.I ve seen a lot of complaints regarding the writing in this book The grammar is fractured, and this is full of half sentences While I can t say it s my favorite writing style, I can t imagine this having a proper, grammatically correct one either If you pick this one up, keep in mind that it s full of fragments.Anyway, one of my biggest complaints with the manga was the amount of fan service While the light novel has some fan service, it s mostly played up for laughs much like the anime There are boob jokes, jokes about age ratings of various scenes and so on, but details are largely left out Those squeamish about dirty jokes might not want to read it, but I think the general population would be fine.Character wise, this is pretty good You have Sora, a guy who s so good at reading people that he hates dealing with others Shiro, a savant when it comes to games of logic and Steph, a girl who sucks at games and logic and well, is super gullible.Following these characters through the logical adventure is impressive, and I would read for that alone The amount of sarcasm and characters screwing around makes it even better.I had a good laugh and I enjoyed it, so I ll be reading the second book in the series. Fanservice nya buatku sangat disturbing dan di luar batas toleransi Daripada dibilang fanservice, lebih tepat disebut sebagai bentuk pelecehan seksual terutama bagi karakter bernama Stephany Dola Aneh membaca karakter ini masih bisa tergila gila dengan Sora meski sudah dilecehkan sedemikian rupa Dan membaca dialog dialog Shiro yang mendukung bentuk pelecehan itu tindakan merekam, memberi ide lebih terasa nggak wajar lagi mengingat tokoh ini adalah gadis berusia 11 tahun Belum lagi pengakuan Sora dan Shiro yang tampaknya memendam rasa tertarik secara seksual satu sama lain Sebenarnya ada bagian yang seru dan patut diapresiasi seperti adegan pertarungan game antara Sora feat Shiro dengan Chlammy saat memakai catur sihir dengan memakai strategi psikologi dan roleplay ala pertarungan di medan perang Juga kata kata Sora yang menyemangati ras Imanity manusia untuk tidak inferior dengan kekurangan mereka dibandingkan ras lain Sayangnya adegan fanservice baca pelecehan terkesan lebih mendominasi buku ini, terutama karena dituliskan bahkan sebelum penulis menjabarkan cerita mau dibawa ke mana dan universe dunia fantasi ini kaya apa.Sejujurnya aku masih penasaran dengan pertarungan Sora Shiro vs ras Exceed yang lain, tapi kurasa cukuplah Aku nggak akan meneruskan mengonsumsi cerita macam ini lagi Risih Sekarang rasanya aku jadi setuju saja waktu light novel ini dicekal dan nggak diperbolehkan untuk dijual di salah satu toko buku besar Masalahnya bagiku nggak cuma kover, tapi juga ke kontennya kuharap penerbit yang namanya sama dengan toko buku itu juga ga bikin keputusan aneh seperti menerjemahkan manga nya Mencekal light novelnya tapi menerbitkan manga nya itu bakal terasa ganjil banget.Ada lagi yang mengganggu, format penulisan yang nggak rapi Nggak tahu apa ini masalah translasi atau format asli dari Jepang ya memang seperti itu Kurasa penerbit light novel perlu lebih selektif memilih cerita macam apa yang mau mereka translasikan secara resmi, nggak cuma dari segi kepopuleran, tapi juga dari segi konten. This was a lot better than I remember it being Of the three recently released light novels I read this one was the shortest, but it also had a tighter plot and better pacing The world building was incorporated into the story without coming off as info dumping or boring thank you Yuu Kamiya , the characters while not always likable are interesting and complex A lot of situations that bother me in other series I was able to overlook in this one because they made sense, but on that laterNo Game No Lifeis about siblings Sora and Shiro who are shut ins unable to assimilate into society and instead play games all the time It could be argued they are just escaping from reality, but it s unclear if the author will acknowledge that so for now I ll just say they really really really really like games.They like games so much that when they find themselves in the world of Disboard, where conflicts are solved by playing games, they pretty much feel like this is where they belong And I have to say, Sora and Shiro seems to thrive in this world Which is good, because as fun and potentially creepy as Disboard sounds, it needs to be shaken up and Sora and Shiro will definitely accomplish that.I love Sora and Shiro s relationship They are siblings, but it s shown due to their inability to get along with others and as a result of becoming shut ins, they now have a very dysfunctional codependent relationship Which I really hope gets addressed in later vols, but considering the fun tone of the book may not happen so fingers crossed.One thing I hate about Japan is the need to have view spoiler the little sister character fall for her older brother It s just unnecessarily creepy and or doesn t make sense, but here it makes sense Shiro is eleven, her brother is her whole world, they literally do everything together and are so traumatized they are unable to do anything apart Her desire to monopolize her brother and eventually have a romantic relationship with him when she s 18 how awesome is it she s planning to wait till she s 18 to make a move makes perfect sense And yeah I don t want them to get together, I ve been really relieved Sora doesn t return her feelings and is constantly aware of how old she is and that she s his sister, but I understand why she s in love with him and am okay with that hide spoiler The siblings are like this D PSteph Chammally OOF WRONG SPELLING C The is tears Fanservice, loads of fanservice Besides that, it has a really entertaining plot. I loved the story because it s from probably my favourite anime , but the writing style was atrocious There were only a couple remarks in the whole novel as to who said what in a dialogue Every ten pages, the translator editor used a fancy word just to embellish his style a little.This book should ve been as colourful and descriptive as the anime, but the writing felt bland except for the annoying and childish way of writing in Japanese, e.g., ngh , Wha , etc But in the end, I loved this story, loved the characters, loved the jokes and loved the references. This would be the first time I ve ever tried reading a light novel Before I proceed with my short review, I d like to make it a point that I have already watched the anime because I think it had an effect on my experience of reading the story.It was okay Certainly easy to read light novel, indeed XD But my main comment about it, which is most probably the same with the anime as well, is how the story would have been potentially great and unique if not for its very much apparent element of targeting the male audience In my opinion, some scenes in the story sort of unintentionally appeared shallow and too clich d because of throwing in perhaps overusing would be the appropriate word what they call fan service too often Although the plot, in general, is interesting Not entirely extraordinary Just enough to make me occasionally excited and also just enough to keep me turning to the next page. First I don t know if it s the author or the translator But this book Is written with a weird Prose style With lots of choppy sentences And excessively long ellipses It s Annoying.The plot.There are these two kids Brother and sister They are the best gamers in the world Not the best at any one game The best at everything Pac Man WoW Civ They ve even beaten Deep Blue At chess One day they get sucked To an alternate universe Where wars are settled through games And humanity is on the verge Of losing Everything The two kids must Take over the human Kingdom And become heroes By winning games.These kinds of stories They re called isekai It means Another World They ve been popular in Japan Recently They aren t too different From American fantasy in the 70s and 80s Thomas Covenant, all that shit Except The heroes in isekai stories Are always computer geeks Who are really good at RPGs Which inexplicably translates to Mad skillz in A fantasy setting Not all these stories are shit Log Horizon is cool But this Is shit. Don t hesitate to pick up this light novel if you liked the anime series Today I ve watched all the anime episodes, and finished by completing this first light novel you will not be disappointed.Unfortunately due to the change in media, stuff is lost on it s translation to an anime series and the light novel fills in all the little details fans would have after the anime series.Can not wait to keep reading.