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@DOWNLOAD EPUB î Broken Butterfly Ü It All Began With The Bite Of A Mosquito Yes, Just The Bite Of A Pesky, Seemingly Innocuous, Little Insect That Had Been Sucking Her Blood Not Just One, But Hundreds Had Punctured Her Arms And Legs With Red Marks Which Later Swelled To Small Welts Who Would Ever Have Thought That Our Family S Life Would Become Derailed, That Its Tightly Woven Fabric Would Eventually Fray And Break All From The Bite Of A Mosquito In November Of , The Finell Family S Lives Were Changed Forever By A Family Vacation To Acapulco Seven Year Old Stephanie Fell Ill Soon After Their Return To The United States, But Her Mother, Karin, Thinking It Was An Intestinal Disorder, Kept Her Home From School For A Few Days She Was Completely Unprepared When Stephanie Went Into Violent Convulsions On A Friday Morning Following A Series Of Tests At The Hospital, Doctors Concluded She Had Contracted Viral Equine Encephalitis While In MexicoAfter A String Of Massive Seizures One Leading To Cardiac Arrest Stephanie Fell Into A Six Week Coma When She Awoke, Her World Had Changed From Predictable And Comforting To One Where The Ground Was Shaking Due To The Swelling Of Her Brain From Encephalitis, She Suffered Serious Brain Damage Doctors Saw Little Hope Of Recovery For Stephanie And Encouraged Her Parents To Place Her In An Institution, But They RefusedIn Broken Butterfly, Karin Finell Recounts The Struggles Faced By Both Her And Her Daughter, As Well As The Small Victories Won Over The Ensuing Years Little Was Known About Brain Injuries During That Time, And Karin Was Forced To Improvise, Relying On Her Instincts, To Treat Stephanie Despite The Toll On The Family Alcoholism, Divorce, And Estrangement Karin Never Gave Up Hope For Stephanie S Recovery Through Stephanie S Story, Her Mother Has Found A Way To Share That Optimism And Her Lessons With The World Broken Butterfly is book about never giving up, and finding ways to finish your life with obstacles 7 year old Stephanie was put in a tough life, and throughout the book , she finds ways to help her return to her original life Her mother Karin, drops everything and tries to help her daughter The family already has so much going on, that Stephanie s problem doesn t help them any better This book teaches us that when something comes up in your life, you need to find a way around it You may need to change the way you live, but you can t give up The only part I didn t like about this book was that it drug out parts that I thought weren t that important Overall, I thought that this was a good book that taught a good lesson.