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Beautiful writing This story went slowly for me than is my usual, but I really enjoyed it I really felt the emotion of the characters, and believe me there was plenty to feel I didn t agree with all of the choices Clair made which is natural considering I personally identified most with her mother I m a small town good girl who is content to live a normal, simple life I greatly admired Clair s courage and innate kindness I also loved reading all the stories and legends scattered throughout It was like listening to the tall tales in my own family, about the time when Thanks to Kathleen, from whom I won this book in an LL contest It was a pleasure reading it I just finished The Old Mermaid s Tale I give is 5 stars The writing was incredible, I loved every character, I didn t want it to end It is now one of my favorite books of all time. [Read Book] ♷ The Old Mermaid's Tale ⚖ Novel K Words Love Story, Coming Of Age, Historical Paperback Or EBook In When Clair Wagner S Friends Are Showing Off Their New Bikinis At The Local Swimming Hole And Planning Weddings, Clair Is Plotting Her Escape From Her Rural Farm Community Life She Is Headed For College On The Shores Of Lake Erie With Plans For The Future And Dreams Of A Handsome Sailor With The Constellations Of The Northern Seas In His Eyes Into Her Life Comes Pio, A Beautiful Italian Fisherman, Who Longs For A Life Of Adventure On The Great Lakes Under The Aurora Borealis Clair Soon Meets Gary, The Dashing Son Of A Wealthy Shipping Magnate, Who Introduces Her To Canal Street On The Waterfront Where She Encounters The Old Mermaid Inn, A Tavern That, As Gary Tells Her, Deserves Its ReputationBut The Old Mermaid Inn, With Its Giant Painting Of A Seductive Mermaid, Is Home To Some Fascinating People Including Tessie, The Owner And Original Mermaid, And The Intriguing Baptiste, A Breton Mariner Injured In A Shipwreck, Who Earns His Living As A MusicianWith Pio, Clair Discovers Passion, With Gary She Gains Entry Into The World Of The Commercial Waterfront, And With Baptiste She Discovers All Consuming Love But As Her Relationship With Baptiste Grows She Discovers He Is Far Complex And Mysterious Than She Could Imagine He Has Secrets And His Secrets Will Alter Her Life Forever I can t believe I enjoyed this book as much as I did since I do not usually like romance novels , but this was no simple and superficial love story The author is a gifted storyteller, creating characters and locations that come to life on the pages It was beautifully written and the characters will be with me for some time to come I look forward to reading from this very talented writer. I have read several short stories by Kathleen Valentine, and I have enjoyed all of them This is the first full length novel of hers that I have read, though When an author is successful as a short story writer, I always wonder whether they can sustain that level of writing in a full length book It is with great joy that I found that Kathleen Valentine is a wonderful success at both In fact, this book will definitely be on my top books read in 2012 list I was discussing the book with a friend, and we both agreed that this is not your typical romance book In fact, we both felt that it is not really a romance book at all, but is instead a captivating love story Being one of the best love stories that I have ever read, I cannot imagine a lot of other books overcoming it The characters in this book are superbly developed Each one has a uniqueness that draws you into their lives and sweeps you along the story line In fact, I cannot even pick out a favorite character from the book as I loved each and every one of them The book is set in the 1960 s along Lake Erie and focuses on one city where the majority of the residents are connected to the Great Lakes maritime trade With the combination of her wonderful characters and the beautifully written prose in the book, Ms Valentine not only makes her love story compelling, but makes the world of these people come alive for the reader Here are a couple of my favorite quotes You can write down your dreams, make pictures of stars but that does not preserve the magic Nothing captures those gorgeous glimmers of eternity Yet love, like dreams and starlight, returns again and again in defiance of fears and foolishness Perhaps, I think, it is our longing, and our willingness to see beauty in the most humble of places, that makes us so irresistible to God I am now a steadfast fan of Ms Valentine and look forward to reading from her If they are all as good as this one, I am certainly in for a treat. This was such a wonderful story This book made me laugh and cry and just didn t want this book to end I was actually surprised by the ending but would not of wanted it to end any other way. I have to be honest with the reader of this review I had received this book as part of a package deal with the author s other book, Each Angel Burns, which I had been dying to readand def lived up to its promise I went into this book with a bit trepidation as the description of the book didn t tickle my fancy in the least and I was concerned that I would be giving it a poor review Every so often, I am shocked about my reactions to a book This book was a wonderful example of a MATURE, coming of age book that was written with a poignancy that with the age of the main character didn t come off as shallow, stupid or superficial and best yet, I didn t feel like I had dropped a couple of IQ points with often sticky, sweet, cutsey literature that women are forced to endure in reading books about women s issues, particularly with the age of the main character late teens early twenties This is def an author I will be seeking out Her writing has def hit me with an enjoyment of drinking a fine glass of wine. Beautiful and LyricalI was totally captivated by Clair Wagner, the storyteller of Valentine s lyrical novel, The Old Mermaid s Tale The story is set in a 1960 s Lake Erie town It s Clair s coming of age tale mixed with two love stories Clair and Baptiste sandwiched between Clair and Pio Valentine sprinkles her book with delicious folklore tidbits Baptiste s Breton sea lore, Lake Erie seamen tales, and tales and folk music from the early sixties The setting evokes memories of the unique life of each town before chain stores and hotels took over The characters are full bodied Sal, Baptiste, Tessie, Pio they all deserve their own books Valentine teased me with glimpses of their lives outside of the confines of this tale, and she left me with a longing to know I was afraid that this would be too much of a girly book for me, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, and was sorry when I finished it I m looking forward to tales from Valentine. I can t rate it because I wrote it. This book has to be one of the best love story s I have ever read.Kathleen has a magical skill of making her characters real, believable and true Although fictional, she has the ability to make them reach out of the pages and touch us.It was beautifully written and it reached out into the depths of my soul What a wonderful story that will stay with me always.I highly recommend this book