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The Gamester 5 stars Tim Devil Fallon is known for his gambling abilities, and he s won both the townhouse and farm that Griselda Grant owns Her younger brother wagered and lost them, but Zelda is brilliant, and comes up with a plan to win them back Enter Mrs Meek, housekeeper extraordinaire, Zelda in disguise She bets she can be Fallon s best housekeeper ever, and they begin an adventure dealing with creditors, past and present enemies, and their growing feelings for each other Devil s past love interest, her brother, and their friend show up, hoping to deceive him into giving up his riches But, he s no longer naive, and catches them out on than one occasion I love the action, especially Fallon s soir e and card game, and Zelda s ways of manipulating and managing situations very cleverly The King s Doll 3 stars Daral is an arrogant Duke He s challenged by a young French miss Tiri and her mother, Dani, have been sent to England and forgotten, try to make their way in English society Lots of haughty and huffy scenes, some fun than others Not as much humour and sparkle in this book, an OK read Lady Dearborn s Debut 4 stars a nice balance of antics and romance Floss is a poor widow with a niece she wants to help marry Lord Ranulf is under the mistaken impression the widow is evil Michael Glendon is saddled with the ladies, whom he grows to care for and protect Let the bumbling begin Floss panics about Clea s debut, so she makes out that Glendon is engaged to her Ranulf wants revenge, but thinks Clea is her aunt, and is intrigued by her They re all confused, but eventually pair up correctly, with help from Lady Bowser managing the tongues of the Ton Well done Lord Randal s Tiger 3 stars I like the independence of Chloe, and her special horse, Amigo I was disappointed that the title didn t live up to its promise, as if the author switched gears partway It was still entertaining, with Rod and Chloe sparring like an old couple, but it took me awhile to get inside with their match Aunt Janet is the best, kind Aunt, doting, supportive, and a bit mischievous, to bring these two together KU [[ Epub ]] ⇶ Elizabeth Chater Regency Romance Collection #2 ☂ FOUR REGENCY ROMANCE BOOKS THE GAMESTERGriselda Grant Has Everything Beauty, Wealth, And An Engagement To A Future Baron Because Of Her Father S Death, She S Been Left As The Guardian To Her Younger Brother, Sholto Grant, Who, Through His Drinking And Gambling, Loses The Family Property To The Infamous Devil Fallon Griselda Devises A Scheme To Regain The Family Estate, But She Must First Win A Wager Between Her And The Most Notorious Gamester In London And Not Fall In Love With HimE KING S DOLLThe Duke Of Landsdale And His Mother Are Sent A Written Request From The King Of England To Take In And Support The Comtesse And Her Beautiful Daughter, Tiri The Duke S Mother Is Enraged By The Inconvenience And Endeavors To Make Life As Difficult As Possible For Her Unwanted Houseguests To Be Rid Of Them Once And For All, She Begins By Searching For The First Available Bachelor To Marry Off Tiri, But She S Horrified To Discover That The Young Tart Has Caught The Eye Of Her Son The DukeDY DEARBORN S DEBUTClea Bradford S Aunt, Lady Floss Dearborn, Intends On Marrying Off Her Niece, Though It S No Easy Deed Finding A Suitable Parti For A Young Lady Who Stands Six Feet Of Height, Not Counting The Golden Halo Of Blond Hair Lady Floss Goes So Far As To Announce Her Niece S Engagement To Glendon, Though He Couldn T Be Wrong For Her Niece And Right For Her When Lord Ranulf Gets Wind Of A Dearborn Entering The Ton, He Believes He S Been Given A Chance At Revenge For A Wrong Committed Against Him By Lady Floss Dearborn But He Mistakes Clea For The Lady, And Suddenly There S A Lot At Stake Than Clea S Reputation It Just May Be Her LifeLORD RANDAL S TIGERLord Randal Found Chloe Living In A Horse S Stable, Dressed In Rags Despite Her Impoverished Appearance, She Claims To Have An Affinity With Horses And Will One Day Teach Children To Ride And Care For Them Properly As Soon As She Can Get Away From Her Abusive Half Brother Lord Randal Is Charmed By The Big Beautiful Cat Eyes And Devises A Plan To Masquerade Her As His Servant, To Have Her Become His Tiger After She S Cleaned Up, He Finds Himself Besot By Her Beauty, And As The Young Girl Grows Into A Capable Woman, She Attracts Attention Than Just That Of Lord Randal What webs we weaveAnother set of fun, adventurerous reads I enjoyed all the stories, but especially the first, The Gambler because of our heroines attempt at disguise, her competence in completing her goals and our hero s resourcefulness in helping her I find that although a general theme occurs in each story I have never been bored with them, in fact I can barely put the book down so captured am I by the drama and comedy of events evident in each story For a nice, lighthearted, captivating read for ages about 12 and up I highly recommend this entire 5 Collection series I am off now to start the 3rd Collection Happy reading The Elizabeth Chater Regency Romance Collection 2 has four clean Regency romances, all written by Elizabeth Chater My ratings along with excerpts from each of my reviews are listed belowThe Gamester 4 1 2 stars Twenty three year old Griselda Grant, known as Zelda , is the wealthiest heiress in England Since Zelda s father was a merchant, Griselda is a cit, and isn t likely to be able to marry into the nobility, regardless of her extreme wealthThe King s Doll4 stars The King George III and Queen make appearances in this story, and this is the first time I ve read a Regency where the reader is briefly in Prinny s George IV s headLady Dearborn s Debut4 stars I liked the tangled web of relationships A love square The reader knows who will end up with whom, but it s fun regardlessLord Randal s Tiger 4 stars I enjoyed Chloe the heroine being undercover, particularly in the part of a servant I ve read such stories before and find that I particularly enjoy that sort of a premise I enjoyed this collection I preferred Chater s first collection But this was still good, and I will be going on to read the third collection soon. Must read collectionThese stories were masterly written Great plots and lots of laughs I fell in love with the characters and felt what they felt that is when you know you have read a really amazing story Fun Set Of BooksEach book was great for a quick, fun read The last one was the best It was very very good.