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Disappointing, especially from Roget s This isn t a thesaurus, it s sort of a half hearted blend of a thesaurus and a dictionary, and not a very good example of either I have apps on my phone that do better jobs at both functions I got this online If I d had a chance to look the book over before buying it, I wouldn t have bothered It s not completely useless it s just not very useful either Comparing it to the original format Roget s I also just got, that s immediately obvious This book is physically only half as thick and about half the page size of the larger work, even using a bigger font The front cover announces prominently that this book has over 2,300 terms the 7th edition original style Roget s International Thesaurus hasthan 325,000 Enough said.Seventeen bucks down the drain. [[ DOWNLOAD PDF ]] ⇤ Rogets Thesaurus of Words for Writers ⇧ The Ultimate Tool For Writers Whether You Re Crafting The Next Great American Novel Or Pounding Away At A Last Minute Blog Entry, There Will Come A Time In The Process When You Struggle To Find Just The Perfect Word Or Phrase Under The Time Tested Banner Of Roget S Thesaurus, This Collection Will Quickly Become The Most Essential Tool On Your Desk When You Re Working On Your Next Piece Far From An Ordinary Word List, Each Entry In This Book Is Organized By Meaning And Offers A List Of Compelling Word Choices That Relate To The Ideas You D Like To Use It Also Provides A Pronunciation Guide, Definition, Antonyms, Synonyms, And A Sample Sentence For Each Listing Filled With Thousands Of Unique And Compelling Words, This Book Will Help You Find Inspiration, Expand Your Vocabulary, And Create One Of A Kind Sentences For Any Writing AssignmentWith Roget S Thesaurus Of Words For Writers, You Ll Set Your Projects In The Right Direction And Engage Your Audience One Word At A Time It s just OK I don t like how it s organized And worse yet, most of the words are big words that the average reader wouldn t understand How about an all the words kind of thesaurus for normal folks who don t need 12 letter words to feel important Wonderful selection of words There are 223 main words here, and all other terms are synonyms, related words, and antonyms The best thing about this book is its witty demonstrative sentences The large print, easy pronunciation, and ample spacing also make this a fun item to peruse during spare moments to pick up new words for that unfinished novel, term paper, or just an opportunity to descant like a vainglorious jackanape See Guide words at tops of all pages make up for the lack of table of contents Index included. The words aren t as evocative as the cover leads one to believe They areoften esoteric The definitions are just awful Often multiple words will have the same definition without any nuance on what differentiates the words within a section I love the idea of the thesaurus though and hope books will improve on the idea. While this book does contain plenty of words I found it to be badly organized It was very difficult to find the words you were looking for The organization is highly counter intuitive. Great choice of words. That s not better than any average dictionary with some examples and when its come about a dictionary I always prefer online dictionary like Vocabulary.com which is far better and user friendly. I purchased this book when I started to branch out into different writing genres, trusting that the Roget s name would provide a comprehensive compendium to keep at my side at all times Unfortunately, in almost every single instance, the words which I sought in the thesaurus were nowhere to be found, making this book nothingthan a paperweight As a proof reader and copy editor and author, I now refer to online resources when writing my novels, in order that I do not repeat words too often My suggestion to all potential writers who require a vast array of words on hand to replace those which you have possibly repeated don t use this book to do it I was and still am very disappointed. Disappointing but still okay.