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Stories from Elton High is a wonderful furry novel But it isn t just a wonderful furry novel strip out all of the furry elements, and you still have a fine bildungsroman and truly touching coming out story Indeed, the quality of the writing compares favorably with that of many of the best writers of gay young adult fiction today think Jay Bell, David Levithan, and the like.Fortunately, Alflor Aalto avoids a lot of the pitfalls of the genre with aplomb The politics of the main characters coming out is addressed but does not come across as heavy handed, and the novel has some very streamy sexual encounters, but these are described in language that is heartfelt and sensual, but never prurient or completely pornographic In writing a charmingly romantic novel that comes across as genuine and quite relatable, Aalto has taken his furry fiction in a great direction this is magical realism done right I can t wait to read from Alflor So this is the first review I ve ever done I m doing it mainly because I feel a bit duped by all of the five star reviews here They lead me to believe this novel would have some real quality writing with dynamic characters and an unconventional story This couldn t be further from the truth Keep in mind I only made it about 100 pages into the book before I had to give up on it First of all, please please please read this on sofurry first, where it is apparently posted I really wish I had It should give you an idea of the writing style I seem to be in the minority here, but I found it to be completely amateurish The sentences are clumsy and almost all of the dialogue is awkward I m absolutely amazed this was actually published.The story is even worse It progresses in such a bizarre fashion, to the point where the two leads are meeting, hanging out, confessing love, then having a quickie in the bushes all within a few days and not a single meaningful conversation is had between the two in all of that time Further into the novel the relationship doesn t feel authentic The characters hide things from each other that just don t need to be kept secret Characters are inconsistent, acting erratically and making decisions that don t make any sense Everyone just sort of goes along with it, too Friday s review here put it well Also, apparently Redwall is a thing in this universe Really Pretty sure that would be straight up racism speciesism in that world.The main character s coming out process was almost insulting I realize the author is trying to be original a coming out story where being gay isn t the hard part, it s staying in love But the rate at which the main character realizes his sexuality, then accepts it, is ludicrous Not only that, but he seems to want to closet himself at random moments, while at others he s completely out The whole thing felt incredibly rushed, which speaks to a greater problem in the book The whole thing progresses unrealistically and with the terrible writing and dialogue on top of that, it became impossible for me to continue.I bought this book because I wanted to support the furry writing community, but I don t feel like we have to lower our standards so far to say this is actually a good book There are many furry authors out there deserving of your purchase, this is definitely not one of those Waterways by Kyell Gold, which this book is incredibly similar to, is a far better read by an author who actually understands people and how relationships work I don t personally know the author, but, while I can definitely appreciate him creating and finishing a story, he has a lot to improve on to deserve a 20 purchase and a published work. While it isn t my favorite book, it is still a really amazing book It has it s highs and low, parts were you are as happy as can be and then comes the parts that make you full of rage Even with that, you continue to read to find out what is going to happen next and the reason being that is that the characters are relate able and well balanced Maybe not to you exactly, but you will start find connections to those that you knew in school or in your life currently All in all it is those characters that make this book shine. This is a great novel for readers getting into furry fiction It was my first of this category and I ve been hooked ever since The author does a great job molding his characters and will make you fall in love with them throughout the story This book really jumpstarted Alflor s writing career and you can see why when you open the book Definitely recommend this I picked this book up because the cover was attractive, I won t lie.No regrets None.I could talk all day about how Alflor weaves far than just a single novel here I could talk about the three stories that wind their way into one, as two boys struggle to figure themselves out at a very fragile time in their lives, and how two men try not to repeat the mistakes of their youth Each story complements the others, and there is a certain beautiful balance there that makes this so much than just a single book.The writing is also nice and smooth No Hemmingways here This isn t a conserve words like it s a famine sort of book It doesn t need to be Mr Alflor is a natural at painting scenes with words and then linking said scenes into a seamless flow Cadence feels like a forgotten art these days, and Alflor nails it Highly recommended And I m off to read this guy s other books. What a wonderful, wonderful book I re read this one recently, and completely forgot to write a review Seeing the average rating drop so low, however, has pushed me to act.To start, this book is fantastically well, written The prose flows brilliantly The pedants will complain about use of adverbs, but guess what they are parts of speech, just like anything else They re a spice, sure, one that Alflor uses delicately, but their use helps color the sentences Just give them a read What I really learned from reading that one star review is that this book is not for people who like to check off boxes Read it to enjoy it Read is as a piece of art, as a story Much like King, Wilde, Lem, Rowling and many other greats, Alflor does not write with a checklist You can either enjoy it, like fans of King, Wilde, Lem and Rowling do, or you can take your ball and go home.If you do choose to stay, you re in for quite a treat There is than one story in this book I guess that might confuse some The story of Mark and Arden is woven cleverly with what is almost a story of the two boys many years down the road, should they make the wrong decisions now I won t spoil any than this.Sufficed to say, I can t recommend this book enough If you re a formula nerd, who is too grounded in nebulous rules crafted by nameless lawmakers of writing, you might not like it That s been made quite evident by one of the other reviews on this page But if you enjoyed books the likes of Harry Potter, give this one ago You won t regret it. |READ KINDLE ♳ Stories From Elton High ☦ Arden S A Good Kid He Keeps His Head Down In School And Gets Good Grades Thus Far, He S Done A Fairly Decent Job Of Staying Afloat In The Hectic Sea Of Life Until A Letter Comes From School Informing Him Of A New Physical Education Requirement Every Student, Regardless Of Species, Must Run A Mile In Under Nine Minutes Failure To Do So Will Result In Remediate Gym Time Arden Shrugs, Throws On A Ratty Shirt And Heads Out To The School Track To See If He Can Even Run A Mile, Let Alone Do It In Under Nine Minutes This is the definitive furry work, I think It is written with buttery smooth prose, and the characters of Arden, Mark and Sam will stick with you for a very long time Something about this book brought me back to my old high school days, and what a trip it was.Alflor has chosen to split the book into four parts, each named after a season, and what an amazing choice it has been I don t wish to spoil much, but this is one book that flows so beautifully largely because all of its containing elements fall so beautifully into line The characters, their dilemmas, and the plot itself is simply fantastic This is absolutely my favorite work of Alflor s, and that speaks volumes of its quality.If you enjoy a good romance that tugs at all of your little heartstrings, if you enjoy a coming out novel done somewhat differently than many others, give this one a shot You won t regret it. This truly is an amazing story When I first started reading, I couldn t put the book down I immediately fell in love with the characters and wanted desperately to find out about them Each chapter brings new conflict and difficult choices that the characters have to overcome Arden and Mark s struggles pull at the heartstrings, and reminded me of my own experience in high school and how difficult it was to deal with homophobia.Alfor writes in such a smooth and flowing manner, I forgot I was even reading Instead, I was pulled directly into Elton High and was able to experience all of Arden s emotions as he battled the conflict around him and in his own mind The plot is easy to follow, and the transitions flow smoothly Each chapter pulls you in further, and you can t put down the book until you know the conclusion.In the end, I can t say enough great things about this book The characters are lovable, the plot is expertly crafted, and the story is written by a true artist I am looking forward to any sequels following this story So go and read it You won t be able to put it down. This is my third time reading this book, and I can safely say that it holds up just as well as when I first read it I will save myself and the readers some time by agreeing with most of the other reviewers This book is most certainly worth your time A certain review has claimed that this book lacks a plot And if a boy s struggle to balance his fear of coming out with a kind of open and happy relationship he feels his boyfriend deserves is not a plot, I give up on this reviewer already Similarly, to say that the protagonists have no flaws If view spoiler the paralyzing fear of inadequacy that stems from Mark constantly being pressured into the closet by his so called caring friends is not a flaw If him dumping Arden with total disregard for the otter s feelings in an effort to set him free is not a flaw If his blinding trust in his best friend is not a flaw If him failing to see his own mistakes magnified in his own in the closet father is not a flaw You get where I m going with this hide spoiler