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I absolutely loved this book Heather Day Gilbert has a compelling voice and weaves a story that had me sitting back and thinking What a brave author She dives deep and thick into the human spirit, exposing both weakness and sin while also bringing hope as these characters craved an understanding of the Lord I rejoiced over their triumphs and grieved in their heartaches and loss This novel is powerful, poetic and at times, gritty It s a look at humanity in all its forms and celebrates what God can do in any life as He is the author and finisher of our faith. What s a girl to do when she s married to a good man, but has feelings for another Enter the world of the Vikings, and meet Gudrid A beautiful woman related by marriage to Eirik the Red, she was a real person, and a Viking Christian History books tell us Virginia Dare was the first child born in the New World, and maybe she was the first English child, but Gudrid s son, Snorri, came before her.I slipped into Gudrid s skin as I read, such was the author s skill with deep POV and first person, present tense While Gudrid did seem a bit fickle in her emotions, I appreciated her honest heart and yearning for a protector Many married spouses either deny their improper feelings, or look for ways to excuse them Not Gudrid She was honest with herself, and I loved her for it In fact, all the characters in God s Daughter were unique and endearing in their own ways Snorri Thorbrandsson had a haunted aura about him that made him a favorite And Freydis She s Eirik the Red s daughter, and an intense, no nonsense warrior woman I hope the author plans to write a book featuring her story.Pages went flying as I ate up the Viking history and period details, and guessed at the mystery Though there was plenty of action to keep me happy, the author didn t wrap it up quite like I d expected, with the standard, worst case scenario and breath stealing climax, but in a way that felt true to life and organic to the plot God s Daughter is sure to minister to those struggling with disappointment in their marriages, and dissatisfaction with their circumstances I know it ministered to me, and I m looking forward to reading from this author Fantastic debut, well done. I wish they had a wrote shelf Ha Of course I need to say I read my own book, and of course I would want to give it five stars I hope Viking culture comes alive as people read about Gudrid s life. 9 6 16 Audio book reviewThe audio book is excellent I really enjoyed this listen to gear up for Forest Child s upcoming release The narrator does such a good job with the different tones and inflections of the characters She doesn t try for any outlandish sounding accents, but I will say her Scottish accent is excellent and sounded just like I thought that character should sound If you re interested in Viking s and what life was like for Viking women, I can t recommend God s Daughter enough.2014 Review Gudrid is a Viking woman, and she s the real deal She doesn t back down from conflict, and she s not afraid to wield a weapon to protect herself of those that she loves from harm Even so, her hand in marriage is of a commodity than something to be won, and she must give in to the whims of the powerful men in her life Despite the marriage to her husband, Finn, a good man, she is still unsettled, torn by her feelings for Leif Eiriksson yes, THE Leif that she left behind to travel with Finn to the new world.Settling in a hostile, unknown environment and an absent husband both emotionally and physically leaves Gudrid open to temptations of the adoring Snorri, Finn s second in command Her honest portrayal of Gudrid s desire for a protector and fight for survival were raw and moving I loved her prickly yet strong nature.The plot flows steadily, full of relationship struggles, as well as the ever present fear of attack from their enemies and the true fight to survive day to day Every aspect was realistically drawn the actions and motivations of the characters might have seemed harsh or extreme, however, they truly fit the setting and time period of the story Viking fought harsh, acted first, spoke later or sometimes not at all , and I thought they were beautifully drawn here I loved the secondary characters, especially Freydis and Snorri, and I m so happy to know that Freydis gets her own story in book two.God s Daughter surprised me it made me smile, made me frustrated, and moved me Gudrid s was a story that made my heart ache, yet made it sing Heather Day Gilbert is officially on my authors to read list, and God s Daughter is a favorite of the year so far I applaud her for choosing to set her story among Vikings She brought a little explored group to life in a realistic, fresh way. A lot of people love history, but not many are patient enough to slog through a thousand year old Icelandic saga Guess what you don t have to any Author Heather Day Gilbert did the homework for you and wrote a hard hitting action packed adventure in her debut novel, GOD S DAUGHTER.I admit I am somewhat of a Viking history snob, but this girl did her work There s not one horned helmet or sight of a shield on the side of a ship amid high sea This is the kind of accurate historical read that I can whole heartedly recommend.The story centers around the life of a young wife and mother, Gudrid, who s traveled to the new world with her husband Life is primitive in this land, and they eventually trek back to Greenland, her previous home where Leif Erickson is master yes, the Leif who discovered America fella.Warning spoiler alert Woven into the adventure is a love story that leaves you wondering who will end up with Gudrid s heart She struggles with an attraction to several other men besides her husband, but finally realizes she loves her husband than any other man quite a refreshing message in this day and age.While the Viking peoples of the time often mixed their religions, melding old guard gods with Christianity, Gudrid stands firm in her faith This is handled in a manner that is not overtly preachy, though, and is very well done.There are only a handful of Viking novels that I recommend This is one Buy it Don t make me come over there with a battle axe. Heather Day Gilbert just became one of my favorite authors God s Daughter is everything I m looking for in a novel fascinating history, vivid setting, complex characters who evolve and grow as the pages turn, skillful storytelling, realistic dialogue, and relevance for today In fact, I was surprised at how this Viking tale brimmed with lessons for today s readers I absolutely loved the heroine and found her faith in Jesus so inspiring as she lived in a pagan culture which worshiped Thor I devoured this book in less than 48 hours and eagerly await the next in the series Bonus there is an author s note on the history and a list of her resources at the end of the novel. Every now and then I like to read something different And this was different Timeframe 1000AD Location Straumfjord Present day Newfoundland Characters Gudrid, daughter in law of Eirik the Red, sister in law to Leif Eiriksson spellings in the book are this way which was in keeping with Viking spellings She had two husbands before her current husband, the second one being Eirik the Red s son Those husbands both died not long into the marriages Thorfinn FinnGudrid s current husband Sailor and trader Freydis Illegitimate daughter of Eirik the Red Snorri, friend of Gudrid and Finn, and secretly in love with Gudrid forever Several servant women who are close to GudridThis is the first of Heather Day Gilbert s Viking saga books Several months ago I read 2, which was about Freydisalso very different But I liked it, so I wanted to backtrack and read the first one Glad I did.Freydis does not become a believer until the end of 2, but in this book Gudrid was a believer from the start She had readily accepted the gospel after she watched her mother being sacrificed to one of the Norse god s She wanted nothing than to rid her life of false god s who cared nothing for the wellbeing of its subjects Jesus was a loving, caring God she believed in immediately However, without the Holy Scriptures she floundered with what to obey at times But she and her husband wanted to live Christians lives Vikings, however, were barbaric people, and getting past the ways in which they grew up was a struggle Men wanted her because she was beautiful She never intended to act on their lusts, but she enjoyed the idea of being held, and their attention Leif Eiriksson was one who gave her lots of attention and would have taken her if not for his Christian faith, and having to marry someone else Snorri was another who loved her and wanted her, but he respected her, and protected her from those who had little to no respect Her husband went on an expedition to plunder other lands and bring back wealth While he was gone lots of things happened which had Gudrid in the middle of it all Raids from neighboring people Skraelings , a stillbirth, a wolf who decided to make friends with her, attacks by several men, and always the fear her husband might not return were things she faced.So as to not give it all away, I will leave it at that I enjoyed the book a lot Could hardly put it down, in fact I m glad I went back to the first of the series I really like Ms Gilbert s writing and will definitely read by her. *Epub ⇺ Gods Daughter (Vikings of the New World Saga #1) ☂ One Viking Woman One God One Legendary Journey To The New WorldIn The Tenth Century, When Pagan Holy Women Rule The Viking Lands, Gudrid Turns Her Back On Her Training As A Seeress To Embrace Christianity Clinging To Her Faith, She Joins Her Husband, Finn, On A Voyage To North AmericaBut Even As Gudrid Faces Down Murderous Crewmen, Raging Sickness, And Hostile Natives, She Realizes Her Greatest Enemy Is Herself And The Secrets She Hides Might Just Tear Her Marriage ApartAlmost Five Centuries Before Columbus, Viking Women Sailed To North America With Their Husbands God S Daughter, Book One In The Vikings Of The New World Saga, Offers An Expansive Yet Intimate Look Into The World Of Gudrid Thorbjarnardottir Daughter In Law Of Eirik The Red, And The First Documented European Woman To Have A Child In North AmericaThis Novel Is Based Heavily On The Icelandic Sagas Great history and writing Had me sweating, though, as a husband Wondered how many muscular, long haired men have declared their love to my wife since we ve been married. I love a well researched novel set in a place and time I m largely unfamiliar with I mean, I know Leif Erickson had something to do with finding North America, but after reading this book, I want to do research on him Gudrid, despite her clunky, terrible historically accurate name, was wonderful as the heroine and narrator of this story Gilbert tackles issues unseen in much of Christian fiction with finesse She had my emotions in a tangle throughout the entire story, and totally blindsided me with a twist at one point that left me reeling My only beef with the writing is some confusion on Gudrid s backstory I realize Gilbert took great pains to remain historically accurate with the names and details of Gudrid s first two husbands, but it was mildly confusing and took me much of the book to sort out I m looking forward to Freydis s story next and wondering if poor Ref will last long.