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Naruto, Vol 28 Homecoming Naruto, 28 , Masashi Kishimoto [[ Free Book ]] ⇺ NARUTO -ナルト- 巻ノ二十八 ☞ It S Been Two Years Since Naruto Left To Train With Jiraiya Now He Reunites With His Old Friends To Find Out He S Still Not The Most Accomplished Of His Former Teammates But When One Of Them Is Kidnapped, It S Up To Naruto To Prove He S Got The Stuff To Save Them Two and a half years have passed since everybody went there own separate ways to train When Naruto returns he is thrust into a training match with Sakura against Kakashi to see how far they both have come in their respective training However they dont get time to rest because the Akatsuki arrive and launch an assault on the Sand Village to kidnap Gaara and are successful News reaches the Leaf Village very quickly and Tsunade dispatches Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi to assist the Sand Ninja in finding Gaara, the Kazekage La trama se est poniendo muy interesante y al mismo tiempo intensa Me ha encantado ver como han crecido como personas Sakura y Gaara de manera realista Ahora Sakura es una ninja medica como su Maestra y ya ha hecho algo que me hace amarla m s todav a si cabe. It was brilliant Naruto returns after 2 years to hidden leaf village and it seems like he has grown up physically but mentally I do not know He still is the same Naruto which we knew in the previous mangas But, there is one person who has grown up to a very high rank and when he is targeted by Akatsuki, it is up to team 7 now to save him from the potential danger We do not yet see Naruto s growth in this manga except that stupid fight with Kakashi in the opening which is why I deducted 1 star Otherwise, this is a fun read and a start of a very new storyline. Aunque esta buena gente de la editorial no se gaste en mencionarlo en un asterisco siquiera, sepan, j venes otakus, que en este tomo comienza la etapa conocida en tv como NARUTO SHIPPUUDEN S , mil a os despu s finalmente tenemos NARUTO SHIPPUUDEN Los que quieran leer NARUTO SHIPPUUDEN tiene que empezar por este tomo, el 28, que equivale a los primeros cap tulos de NARUTO SHIPPUUDEN.As que ya saben, los que busquenNARUTO SHIPPUUDEN, ll vense NARUTO 28 Naruto regresa a casa , el comic que inspir el anim de NARUTO SHIPPUUUUUDEN Naruto look so different now And Gaara too. Loved it, and Love Gaara, Temari and Kankurou 33 This volume marks the beginning of Naruto Shippuden with a time jump that allows all the characters to mature and gain new skills and wisdom through intense training The reunion between our lovely heroes is touching and shows that even with training, they can t help but still be kids at heart.Their first mission as shinobis brings them on an already super deadly task, up against folks that aren t here to mess around The fiery passion in these heroes make their actions seem so heroic and this is probably due to all the character development the reader gulped for the past 27 volumes.Yours truly,Lashaan Blogger and Book ReviewerOfficial blog 4.5Sakura stavolta sar io a salvare loro due AhahahahahhaVai a nanna, dai