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{Book} ô Links to the Diasporic Homeland ã This Book Examines Return Mobilities To And From Ancestral Homelands Of The Second Generation And Beyond It Presents Cutting Edge Empirical Research Framed Within The Mobilities, Transnational And Return Migration Diaspora Paradigms On A Trans Local And Global Scale The Book Is Unique In Presenting Not Only A Variety Of Return Movements, Including Short Term Visits And Longer Term Return Migrations, But Also Circulatory Movements Within Transnational Social Fields While Engaging With Notions Of Home , Belonging, Identity And Generation The Individual Contributions Range Widely Over Different Ethnic, National, Regional And Global Settings, Including Europe, North America, The Caribbean, The Gulf And Africa The Result Is A Remapping Of The Conceptualisation Of Diaspora And Of The Role Of Successive Generations In The Diasporic Experience, As Well As A Nuancing Of The Concepts Of Return Migration And Transnationalism By Their Extension To The Second And Subsequent Generations Of ImmigrantsThis Book Was Originally Published As A Special Issue Of Mobilities