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Sexy and erotic I loved the characters but the ending was too rushed. [[ Kindle ]] ⇭ Improper Arrangements (Improper, #2) ☟ France, A Reckless Infatuation Nearly Ruined Lady Alice Cathcart Ross In Her Youth, But From The Moment She Spies Elijah Philemon Keating Scaling A Rock Face Without A Rope In Sight, The Man Awakens Her Long Buried Desire Alice Has Come To The High Alps In Search Of A Mountaineer, And In Elijah She Finds The Guide Of Her DreamsThough Elijah Is Known As One Of The Greatest Explorers Of The Age, A Tragic Accident Has Destroyed His Taste For Adventure And Society Elijah Can T Deny His Attraction To Alice, But He Resolves To Avoid The Entanglement That Could Accompany It He Promises Alice One Week In The Alps, And NoAlice Agrees, Valuing Her Independence Above All Else But As The Heights They Climb By Day Are Overshadowed By The Summits Of Passion They Reach At Night, These Vows Become Harder And Harder To Keep I am not very familiar with the era of the book but the way the characters acted seemed a little too modern to me In my opinion it should have been longer because I don t think that Eli and Alice s romance as well as their journey were very detailed Besides that the book was good but not good enough to make me suggest it to someone. I think for me personally listening to the book in first person was much nicer than reading it over all I really liked the book and I think I will listen to another of these books. Fun and diverting novella exploring a pastime not often written about. 4 5Lady Alice has gone to the Alps to hike, paint, and take in the scenery When she s traveling by carriage to her destination she spots a shirtless man climbing a mountain formation with no harness or strings She s immediately attracted to the man When her carriage breaks down and she s heading to the village, she spots the man and they walk together There s instant mutual attraction and before you know it, they re intimate once they reach her room He leaves and she thinks she ll never see him again She only knows him by the name of Eli When she sends out a letter to several prominent alpinists, she never expects a response from famed author and mountaineer EP Keating, who turns out to be Eli While he s reluctant to go on the hike with her, he does so because I think he only trusts her safety to him and no other While they agree to not give in to their lust, they later agree to have one week together But of course, once their feelings get involved, there s no turning back.I read the first novella Improper Relations back in August 2013 though it was originally published in April 2012 and liked it for what it is I basically thought it was a wham bam thank you ma am type of novella It lacked a bit of substance and a little one note And in this one, I think the opposite The characters are a bit developed, there s a bit meat to them But I think this one could of been fleshed out and if would of been better Had their been conversations during their hikes we could of really seen their love grow for one another Because it s basically these two characters for the whole ride.Unlike most HRs, this one is told in the first POV and only from the heroine, so we never know what s going through the hero s mind I m not a huge fan of that, so I think that s why I put off reading this one for a while However, I wanted something short to read so I went along with this one And I like this one far than the previous one It s not entirely wham bam thank you ma am What starts out a causal quick encounter, leads into something Lady Alice has fought for her independence while she had a brief and disappointing fling in the past, she s agreed to never again fall for a man But when she meets Eli, he immediately awakens something inside of her She s feels pleasure and sense of kinship with him that she s never felt before I wish we could know what Eli was thinking and feeling as well He says she hadn t had a woman in two years and while he tells Alice why he wanted her, we aren t really able to feel why he wanted her Towards the end, when their feelings change, I really wonder when the switch was for Eli I never like it when the heroine s sabotage their own happiness It s just a used trope, finally they have what they want and then they destroy their own happiness And it does happen here and I find it interesting that Eli really stayed away Again, I think it s because we never got his POV If we did, maybe he would of met her half way But I think this was really Alice s story She had to overcome her obstacles on her own and she had to realize she would be losing out on someone she really came to love I re read the summary of the first novella and it wasn t until the end of this one did I realize this is the jilted Alice from the first book I don t remember if she was featured as a character with dialogue or if she was just in the background I actually don t remember much of the first book just the heroine peeping in to the hero and liking what she saw So I think Improper Arrangements is by far the better of the two novellas and I m looking forward to the third in the series. Lady Alice is a botanical artist who wants to explore the flora of the Alps She is an independent woman with no intention of developing any romantic entanglements, but when she meets a young, gorgeous man who calls himself Eli, she becomes overwhelmed by desire and can t help but invite him into her hotel room no matter how improper the arrangement might be To Alice s surprise the next day, Eli is no other than E.P Keating, a famous adventurer and her guide to the Alps What was meant to be one night of abandon quickly becomes an extended dalliance as they explore the Alps and each others bodies, while attempting to maintain their independence.I really like Alice as a main character She doesn t pussy foot around like so many heroines, but goes after what she wants At the same time, she has rational concerns about her desires not least of all the concern of getting pregnant and being left with a child and no protector Not that she lets these concerns stop her, but rather explains them to Elijah, who makes sure they don t get in the way of their affair.As for Elijah, well he s gorgeous Both protective and sweet, Elijah teaches Alice how to traverse the alps and that sometimes it s ok for a lady to be scantily clad in the name of safety as well as the intimate side of sleeping in a tent We learn that Elijah is a little damaged from his past, unwilling to form many social relationships, but he falls hard for Alice.I loved the development of the relationship between Alice and Elijah As much as I understand the passion and heat that can be established so well in romances in response to a mutual dislike or disagreement, when a story can develop as much if not passion between a hero and heroine who actually like, respect and respond fondly to each other from the beginning, well, that s a rare treat I thought the mutual understanding between these two hyper independent characters, as well as their mutual uncertainty about developing entanglements, was really well done I found them very relateable and fell in love right along side them.One of the unusual aspects about this historical romance is certainly the setting I love historical romances, but it can sometimes seem to be one ball and grand estate after another, while in Improper Arrangements, our hero and heroine were exploring the great outdoors I did wonder whether it was entirely plausible for a single lady and man to be wandering the Alps alone without anyone to chaperone, but this was explained in the story and Alice s personality didn t leave much up to debate Plus, I ve learned not to question the behavior of characters falling in love and, after all, this is a tale of improper arrangements.I recommend this story to anyone who likes a good historical romance with sexy, no nonsense characters and a nice change of scenery. This review also appears on Reading with Analysis.OK, officially, I take exception to stories about women who have experienced some form of physical relationship in their past but for whatever reason have managed to live a celibate life until they meet the hero, when KAPOW, their lady areas light up in a conflagration of desire I seriously read that line somewhere in about fifty different books Wish I was kidding I know, I know it s vacation sex, and, anyway, it s in a book and I should lighten up but it s just hard for me to imagine that Eli s the first attractive man Alice has met in the years since she established an independent household for herself.That said, I actually liked this story in spite of a few pet peeves It s written in a first person narrative, and y all know how I feel about that There s that instant attraction thing and the idea that the heroine has an independent life but feels the need to live it entirely alone until she meets a fine pair of forearms But even with my starting bias against the book, I enjoyed it It reads like a romance novel crossed with a travel diary, which worked strangely well Both characters are distinct, interesting, and engaging I loved the writing, which reminded me a little bit of E.M Forster with a feminine twist It s possible that my brain is just making that bit up because this story has English people wandering around the Alps I liked Improper Arrangements, and I can t wait to read the next book by Juliana Ross. The second book in Juliana Ross Victorian era novella series, Improper.While reading this book, I recalled a recent correspondence with a good friend about morality in the Victorian era He studies the life and works of author Charles Dickens as I study Jane Austen, and we often discuss how many people wrongly believe that the Victorians were moral and upstanding when they were just as people have always been, with very human weaknesses and desires Outward appearances and expectations were simply stricter in Polite Society and discretion was of the utmost importance.Juliana Ross provocative and engrossing Victorian era Improper series explores these improprieties In this, the second novella in the series, Lady Alice Cathcart Ross is an affluent spinster who, as young woman, willingly gave herself to a man Later, when another man offered for her only to jilt her, she decided to live life on her own terms, beholden to no man She explained to her very understanding and open minded parents that she wished to live on her own, with her own household and servants, and travel the world This is where we find her in Argenti re at the novella s beginning and, at the suggestion of her brother, seeking an experienced guide for her journey on the High Level Route in the Alps.For my full review on my historical romance and history blog This is an unusual, exceptional historical romance that provides surprisingly complex characters within a short novella form The heroine is admirable, intelligent, and believable, as is the hero The details of 19th century mountaineering were fascinating and I appreciated the author s realistic approach to gender roles and ideas of social propriety As someone recommending books to readers, I would call their attention to the unusual Swiss setting and the adjustments the heroine must make to her attire and her thinking The love story has some poignancy and should appeal to readers who want a emotionally complex, thoughtful hero in genre romance A nice discovery wasn t previously familiar with the author and a series to watch and recommend.