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!Free Book ⚔ Make My Wish Come True ☢ Family Orientated And Christmas Dinner Cook Extraordinaire Juliet Is Trying To Keep It Together In The Wake Of Her Marriage Breakdown Two Christmases Ago, But The Cracks Are Beginning To ShowBright And Vivacious Gemma Was Always The Favourite Daughter So She Has No Qualms About Leaving Christmas In Her Sister Juliet S Capable Hands And Escaping The Pressures Of Her Glamorous Job, And The Festive Madness By Jetting Off To Somewhere Warm When Gemma Shirks Responsibility Once Too Many And Announces She S Off To The Caribbean Again Juliet Finally Snaps Gemma Offers Her Sister The Perfect Solution To Swap Christmases She Ll Stay Home And Cook The Turkey How Hard Can It Be And Juliet Can Fly Off Into The Sun And Have A Restorative BreakIn The Midst Of All The Chaos, There S Will, Juliet S Dishy Neighbour Who S Far Too Nice To Float Gemma S Boat And May Secretly Harbour Feelings For Her Sister And Marco, The Suave Italian In The Villa Next Door, Who Has His Own Ideas About The Best Way To Help Juliet Unwind Will The Sisters Abandon Caution And Make This A Christmasswap To Remember Die Schwestern Gemma und Juliet haben v llig unterschiedliche Leben Juliet ist eine Stepford Hausfrau, hat vier Kinder, alleinerziehend und arbeitet auf das perfekte Weihnachtsfest hin Gemma arbeitet beim Film, ist Single und hat f r Weihnachten nicht viel brig Als Gemma bemerkt, wie gestresst ihre Schwester ist, bietet sie ihr kurzerhand einen Tausch an Sie h tet die Kinder und Juliet fliegt in den von ihr geplanten Luxusurlaub in der Karibik.Wer Weihnachten mit Karibikflair mag und trotzdem nicht auf Schnee verzichten m chte, findet hier die ideale Geschichte. I love books that set a traditional winter scene, something to get me in that festive mood, featuring snowy weather, warming up by the fire So naturally, as soon as I heard about Make My Wish Come True, a new book based around two sisters and their rather different Christmases, I had to pick it up I loved the sound of the stay at home, traditional English country Christmas, though I can t say I was keen on the thought of a Caribbean Christmas However, I picked the book up and was excited to start reading This story focuses on two sisters Juliet and Gemma Juliet and Gemma are quite different characters, mainly reflected in the very different lives at they lead Juliet is a single mother, highly organised but always running flat out doing everything she can for her children and community Gemma is an actress, not often staying in one place and not one who takes on many responsibilities Juliet is planning a big traditional Christmas, cooking a big meal for all invited When Gemma tells her sister that she will be flying out to the Caribbean for the big day, a quick and somewhat crazy decision is made for Juliet to take the break she needs by going alone to the Caribbean, whilst Juliet takes over the big festivity that was planned at home.My Christmas book wishes were than fulfilled with the experience of Gemma s quite dysfunctional English Christmas With this Christmas I got everything I asked for for, from the little mentions of the decorations to the children s excitement and squabbles Harper did fantastically well creating a real sense of festive spirit Her half of the story really showed the spirit of the community around her as they all pulled together to make the day a good one.Although I personally find the thought of a Caribbean Christmas awful, thankfully it was certainly not bad to read about Harper was able to switch me from the a chilly cottage in England to the sweltering beaches in just a turn of the page I thought it may be a bit difficult getting into two different main settings but it was surprisingly easy and it was actually really enjoyable to see the difference between the two and makes the festivity a little less full on for those who just like general chick lit Of course, it also allowed for character reflection and for , different character relationships.I came to really like both Juliet and Gemma as the book progressed From the beginning, I found Juliet nice enough and she had a real sense of realism she is the character that I think that most will prefer at the beginning of reading I didn t particularly like Gemma at the beginning of the book though I didn t particularly dislike her, either mainly because I didn t really get much of a sense of who she was I most certainly warmed to Gemma throughout the book, as did other characters, by seeing her in a different light The author did a really good job of helping us to understand how and why the sisters didn t fully understand or appreciate each other.As with most chick lit books, there were of course love interests for our two protagonists I was completely caught up in the atmosphere with Gemma and Will, they worked surprisingly well together, though I admit I would haven t have been best pleased if I was Juliet Juliet s relationship with the charismatic Marco was so fantastically written though I was cautious, I was sucked in and I felt like I d been punched in the stomach towards the end but that s what good writing does For me, it was the family relationship that really made this book what it was seeing the family and friends come together definitely shone through the pages.Make My Wish Come True is definitely on my recommended reads list, for anyone who is a fan of well written chick lit Whether you d like a traditional country christmas or one in the sun, this book shows you what Christmas really is about, without losing any of the fun This book is to be squirrelled away and taken out to read over Christmas with no distractions The story of two sisters, Gemma and Juliet, it is heart breaking but heart warming enough to light a fire under the cockles of your heart by the end Swapping places over Christmas takes them both out of their comfort zones and gives each one a unique perspective on the other for the first time in their lives.Add in some of the most adorable children on the planet, the glitz of the film industry, a hunky next door do gooder neighbour, an exotic locale, an even hunkier Latin lover and it all boils up the most scrumptiously satisfying holiday read ever.It s a gem of a story so curl up with a hot choc, or mulled wine and savour it I had not read any books by Fiona Harper I was delighted to receive this from a goodreads giveaway The story follows two sisters who live very different lives and decide to swap Christmases Told with warmth and humour, I read and enjoyed this book in no time at all and it certainly got me right into the Christmas spirit. I hadn t read any novels by Fiona harper before so I was really looking forward to seeing what Fiona had in store for me with Make My Wish Come True.Juliet is a single mother to her children and wants a Christmas that is a joyful family celebration Her sister Gemma however, is free and single and has dreams of a Christmas is the beautiful Caribbean sun But soon there are new plans involving a Christmas swap Gemma will spend a snowy Christmas with her nieces and nephews and Juliet will be going on a tropical holiday, living Gemma s adventures and life.I really enjoyed this I loved the idea of the Christmas swap, and I looked forward to reading about how each sister would cope when living the life of the other sister at Christmas And it was fascinating to read as they both threw themselves into their new roles, Gemma having to look after the children and Juliet spending time in the sunshine.The characters were really well written, the children were personal favourites of mine, and I loved that they played a valuable part in Gemma s Christmas I really enjoyed Gemma and Juliet s personal journeys and reading about their development as they gained a deeper understanding of what life was like for each other At times it really touched my heart and I don t want to spoil it so I won t say any but it is a beautifully written story.Make My Wish Come True is a novel of family, romance and Christmas spirit all rolled into one, making this a wonderful story to curl up with and enjoy A nice book to read when you don t need anything too challenging to read Meet 2 sisters and their very different lives Although it is based on Christmastime, it could be read round the pool in the summer and still be enjoyable. Really loved reading this book over Christmas and New Year The warring sisters were great and the two seperate stories had me cringing and laughing at the same time Loved the unexpected twist in the tale for Juliet and definitely loved the end So I should probably fess up first and admit that Fiona Harper is a friend and she has even written a dedication to me in this book which I am sooo proud of But this is an absolutely honest review I swear All right, enough about meI Fricking LOVED this book I loved both Juliet neurotic suburban divorcee with four unruly kids and an almost OCD determination to have the Perfect Christmas and her little sister Gemma flighty, reckless and a little thoughtless assistant director who has always found Juliet as uptight as Juliet finds her irresponsible Their relationship has been deteriorating for years and reaches a crisis when Gemma once again books a holiday abroad for Christmas instead of spending the season at Juliet s elaborate family Christmas bash in Tunbridge Wells, even though she promised to help this year But this year is different in one way The wheels are starting to finally come off Juliet s perfect trolly Her determination to do everything in exactly the right way is pulling her further and further away from the good person she strives so hard to be As a result Gemma has the do or die brainstorm of suggesting that her and Juliet swap Christmases So she ends up winging it through Christmas with Juliet s kids in Tunbridge Wells and being forced to call on the disapproving guy next door Will for help While Juliet heads for a luxury beach holiday on St Lucia, and a villa next door to a particularly delicious Italian guy called Marco.Now you re probably all thinking you know what s going to happen next But this is no easy pat transformation for either sister and watching them struggle to come to terms with all the misconceptions and mistakes they ve made about each other and themselves over the years is done with such humour and insight, not just into women but also sibling relationships, well it s irresistible You ll come to love and identify with both Gemma and Juliet despite all their flaws And they, like all of us, have plenty.Without giving away any spoilers, we do eventually discover why Juliet finds it so hard to relax, especially at Christmas, and why Gemma has never had the emotional maturity to actually nurture her relationship with her sister instead of running away from conflicts Will and Marco help with that, and not in the ways you would expect.What a great book And great for putting you in the mood for Christmas, not just to celebrate all the wonderful things the festive season brings, but also to prepare you to face all those mini frustrations and family squabbles that are liable to come with it too This is a fabulously festive, witty, heartfelt seasonal treat from a fabulous writer and she s a mate of mine or did I mention that already A poignant, thought provoking and highly compelling tale which I couldn t bear to put down, Fiona Harper s mainstream debut novel, Make My Wish Come True, is simply outstanding Juliet and Gemma might be sisters, but they are as different as chalk and cheese Juliet has always been the sensible, responsible and uptight sibling, whereas Gemma is the laid back free spirit who lives out of a suitcase With the festive season fast approaching, Juliet s organisational skills are out in force, as she has been planning Christmas day with military precision for months With gifts to buy, Christmas lunch to prepare and her kids packed social schedule to juggle, every single minute of the big day is accounted for Gemma, on the other hand, is trying to muster up the courage to tell her big sister that she will be spending the holiday season sunning herself in an exclusive resort in St Lucia When she hears of her younger sister s plan to spend Christmas on a sandy beach in the Caribbean, Juliet is absolutely livid All her carefully and meticulously laid plans have been thrown into disarray by her selfish sister yet again Nobody seems to appreciate the sacrifices and compromises which she makes to ensure that everyone has the perfect Christmas, so when a sisterly squabble compels Gemma to tell her sister to go to St Lucia in her place, a stressed out Juliet decides to take her up on her offer With Gemma promising to look after her kids, Juliet packs her bags and leaves Tunbridge Wells behind for the warm Caribbean sun For the first time in ages, Juliet can look forward to a relaxing Christmas where the only thing she s got to worry about is topping up her suntan lotion Things soon begin to look up for the single mum when she meets good looking Italian travel writer Marco After her husband had left her, Juliet s self confidence had taken quite a battering Will sensible Juliet shake off the shackles of responsibility and indulge in a no strings affair with a gorgeous Italian hunk under the sizzling Caribbean sun Assistant director Gemma spends her entire working life looking after highly strung actors and dealing with the many temper tantrums thrown by diva directors, so organizing Christmas for her four nieces and nephews should be a walk in the park However, the time Gemma spends walking in her sister s shoes, the she realizes how little she appreciates all that Juliet does for their family Determined not to let her sister down, Gemma sets out to give her nephews and nieces a Christmas they will never forget Luckily for her, Juliet s gorgeous neighbor Will is always available to give her a helping hand Juliet and Gemma have spent their entire life at loggerheads, but will this Christmas be the time where they will re evaluate their relationship and let bygones be bygones Or will they continue to let past resentments and old wounds come between them Make My Wish Come True is an enjoyable, moving and witty tale about families, the ties that bind, unexpected blessings and the magic of Christmas that will tug at your heartstrings, make you smile and make you ponder your relationship with the people who matter to you most Fiona Harper has penned a believable and realistic novel about the everyday struggle for perfection, the constant pressures of suburban life and the fear of failing that will strike a chord with women everywhere.Juliet and Gemma were richly drawn and exquisitely rendered characters that were easy to relate to In Make My Wish Come True, Fiona Harper takes these two very different characters on a journey of healing and self discovery that is emotional, heartrending, funny and credible.Fiona Harper has outdone herself with Make My Wish Come True, a first class read that s got winner written all over it This review was originally published on Single Titles.