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This books is supposed to fulfil erotic fantasies with words, and claims to be written specifically with the woman s perspective in mind I beg to differ The three shorts in this book are all told in first person, from the man s point of view as he s enjoying punishing his female partner And while the scenes were mildly erotic, the vignettes all followed the same plot of dishing out a spanking Conspicuous by it s absence, there was no sensuality or emotion from the characters, or in their actions With minimal dialogue, the language included most commonly used, crude, male references to the female body, and with all three stories taking a combined time of 25 minutes to read the repetition in the language and the actions of the characters really stood out.I found this collection mildly titillating at best, repetitive and bland at worst I bought this short collection after a Goodreads recommendation and to see if I would enjoy the author s other works Although details supplied at the end of this book make me feel there may be in his longer books, buying them isn t at the top of my priorities. Playful Punishments offers three erotica funishment short stories The author uses an interesting voice and POV An enjoyable read. First let me say this book has one of my all time favorite shorts in it I can t tell you which one that would just be spoiling But if you follow me you will knowI also enjoy unique the use of office equipment, yet ouch If you enjoy spanking stories I see this one hitting your eReader with a moan and a sigh I highly recommend and I would be quite surprised if you didn t love each and every one. Very well written and a hot sexy read Cold shower time now. &READ EBOOK ↠ Playful Punishments ↡ Sometimes, You Want To Test Your Boundaries, Sometimes, You Want To See What You Can Get Away With Sometimes, You Want Be Punished In This Anthology Of Three Stories, These Women Find Out What It Feels Like To Be Punished By A Well Placed Hand Even With Their Bottoms Stinging They Are Enjoying The Spankings Put Yourself In Their Shoes And Feel The Pleasure Of Some Playful Punishment