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This book was a lot research then I expected I was not looking for scientific information, just info a regular person can use on a day to day basis. Read Pdf ♗ The Zero Waste Solution ♒ Waste Is Something We All Make Every Day But Often Pay Little Attention To That S Changing, And Model Programs Around The Globe Show The Many Different Ways A Community Can Strive For, And Achieve, Zero Waste StatusScientist Turned Activist Paul Connett, A Leading International Figure In Decades Long Battles To Fight Pollution, Has Championed Efforts To Curtail Overconsumption And Keep Industrial Toxins Out Of Our Air And Drinking Water And Bodies But He S Best Known Around The World For Leading Efforts To Help Communities Deal With Their Waste In Sustainable Ways In Other Words, To Eliminate And Reuse Waste Rather Than Burn It Or Stow It Away In Landfills In The Zero Waste Solution, Connett Profiles The Most Successful Zero Waste Initiatives Around The World, Showing Activists, Planners, And Entrepreneurs How To Re Envision Their Community S Waste Handling Process By Consuming Less, Turning Organic Waste Into Compost, Recycling, Reusing Other Waste, Demanding Nonwasteful Product Design, And Creating Jobs And Bringing Community Members Together In The Process The Book Also Exposes The Greenwashing Behind Renewed Efforts To Promote Waste Incinerators As Safe, Nontoxic Energy Suppliers, And Gives Detailed Information On How Communities Can Battle Incineration Projects That, Even At Their Best, Emit Dangerous Particles Into The Atmosphere, Many Of Which Remain Unregulated Or Poorly Regulated An Important Toolkit For Anyone Interested In Creating Sustainable Communities, Generating Secure Local Jobs, And Keeping Toxic Alternatives At Bay Not bad but not interesting enough for me Great dive into the zero waste movement, history and steps towards solutions for communities Especially enlightening is the topic of trash incinerators and why they are the wrong way to go. Only 42 pages in and so informative already Clearly we have a huge problem on our hands with a linear society and it is ugly, but the enthusiasm and common sense approach that Paul and his colleagues take to tackle these issues head on is so inspiring 2020 doesn t seem so idealistic after all. Academic activist Not practical everyday tips Maybe one day I ll be an international crusader for the cause Connett provides a thoroughly researched book on the continued fight for Zero Waste Written in 2013 this book marks a difficult journey of success and failures as proposals of incinerators and landfills are proved time and time again as instigators of global warming, decreased quality of life and undeniable causes of major environmental disrepair The tone was hopeful as an array of experts discussed the environmental and economic gain of moving towards Zero Waste as an alternative to incineration and landfill, while providing real examples of this happening in communities around the world Living in the age of a Zero Waste trend, where being Zero Waste within the home is exemplified as the singular way to impact change, The Zero Waste Solution, provides pressure for the need of societal change in order to see Zero Waste implemented on multiple levels, from the consumer to the manufacturer While this book has provided insight beyond belief into the Zero Waste movement, I felt true fear, we are nowhere near the goal of Zero Waste by 2020 , as of reading in 2019 I truly wonder what Connett s perspective is on the rise of the selling and trade of plastics for apparent off shore recycling , with China a former lead receiver of plastics, as of 2019 they are no longer accepting plastics from many Western Countries All of a sudden many States have found a problem that once remained out of sight out of mind, to once again forced back into the periphery, with the cyclic proposal of landfills and incinerators Maybe we should send our policymakers a copy of this book to help them with this problem. This is a well researched account of the zero waste movement and it s various manifestations around the world The author spends a fair amount of time arguing against incinerators rightly so and perhaps too much time on history Even so, there is substantial discussion of practical strategies and examples of zero waste initiatives, but I often found myself wanting details.