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4 Sweet Stars Lanie is a lawyer with some image issues, thanks to her sister and mother, and she s completely dedicated to her work, but no so much herself.Kyle is a journalist and a ladies man He s charismatic, successful, extremely good looking and he knows it and uses it to his advantage He is the best friend of Brad, the guy Lanie s in love with and that is currently dating her sister So they make a deal They will pretend to date and meanwhile Kyle will help her improve her image and be confident of herself in order to make Brad notice her and in return she will give him the exclusive of a very important story That implicates they ll have to spend a lot together and well, you know where this is going This was a sweet and funny book I loved the banter between the main characters and this book completely hooked me on, despite having minor quibbles One of those great books for when you need a light and fluffy reading Rating 4 stars Storyline Very predictable but equally enjoyable I loved how it wasn t insta love and how they developed a friendship before it grew into something What I didn t like, although was Lanie s image change I got the message, I did She stayed genuine to herself but confident and with self esteem But why did she had to change at all Writing Style Third person, dual POV Funny and additive writing Character Development Both of them were great characters and impossible not to love A little broken, indeed, but it was nice to read how they worked their problems around it I loved Kyle and Lanie s interaction and I would have really loved an epilogue Brad was meh , I don t understand the initial infatuation of Lanie with him Cassie, her sister, was, putting it mildly, a total bitch And that s it Steam Some real hot moments HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler FIVE FORK ME STARS.I got to about a quarter of a way through completing this novel, and thought to myself I need to go in search of books by this author What a brilliantly put together story, it was witty, heartfelt, sexy and utterly charming The Do Over left me with a smile on my face, a longing for and an unhealthy addiction to this story From beginning to end this was a thoroughly gorgeous tale that was begging me to read it right from reading the blurb I m excited to discover books by the obviously talented M K Shilling, but until then here are my look away now if my gushing reviews make you nauseous book thoughts What s it all about Lanie Carmichael knows she has work to do, she can be socially awkward, has no idea about fashion and the idea of forming a relationship with the opposite sex leaves her a little clueless Enter in man whore with a heart the sexy but arrogant, Kyle Manchester Kyle and Lanie have been set up on a blind date it comes as a complete surprise when she announces to this playboy that she has no interest in him what so ever, she does however, have a plan to fall in love with Kyle s best friend, Brad and she wants him to help her achieve her goals Kyle eventually accepts the challenge, never saying no to the chance at winning but when they start to become friends and friendship turns into something that could be , will Lanie and Kyle be able to take a chance on each other to find the perfect ending What did I love I love reading, I love that I want to fall in love with books, I love that most of my fellow readers loved this story and finally I think it might be worth mentioning that I completely, absolutely, thoroughly fell in love with this story and all it s fabulously written gorgeousness The do over was cheeky and courageous and funny and sweet and emotional and sincere and completely unexpected Everything about Lanie and Kyle was predictably comforting, their story was equal parts comical and romantic and it even had a just about right amount of added sincerity and emotion to make it a book that made my heart swoon I loved their friendship and I enjoyed that we were able to get a both sides of the coin look into both characters thoughts and feelings as the story progressed I laughed out loud at the silly banter, I felt my heart race as they started to fall for one another and I championed this couple right from the start Everything about this book was terrific I can t recommend it enough to those that enjoy a fun, easy to read romance Final thoughts If you like a friends to lovers story that has a loveable twist then you don t want to miss out on MK Schiller s hilarious and equally touching story of finding love in unexpected places The Do over was all I wanted and and I can gladly say that I was given 227 pages worth of pure loved up enjoyment Don t take my word for it, go grab it readers Enjoy, kisses. 5 Kyle Manchester StarsYou can t plan love it just happensThere are so many underrated but great romance books that everyone should pay attention to This book is one of them I loved it so much that I found myself smiling, laughing, and totally swooning the entire time I was reading it.The Do Over is a friends with benefits and friends to lovers kind of romance book It does sound clich but for me, this is a good kind of clich because it s not a shallow romance book to begin with.The story started off when Kyle Machester, a womanizer journalist was asked by his best friend Brad to take his girlfriend s sister Lanie for a date Lanie is a heroine that is all kinds of awkward when it comes to looks but is an exceedingly smart and confident lawyer At their first date, Lanie told Kyle that she s in love with Brad, unfortunately Brad is her sister s lover so she can only hope that they ll be together someday, who knows Lanie and Kyle soon came to a mutual agreement that they re going to pretend to be dating in order for Brad to notice Lanie s desirability What started off as a platonic pretend relationship soon became than that.What especially made me love this book was Lanie s character development I loved that she was introduced as an ugly duckling but eventually she slowly bloomed into a very attractive swan She s also a heroine that is so easy to like because of her inner beauty and brave and smart attitude And of course, I forking love Kyle Perfect doesn t even begin to describe this one hot, sweet, and caring book boyfriend I loved how he took care of Lanie and how he made her feel so beautiful and special I even loved the way he fought hard against Lanie s bitchy mom and sister What a perfect man There were lots of hilarious scenes and dialogues here that made me LOL like crazy Kyle s narration is frickin funny and way too sexy Apart from the funny side, this book also had a bit of an angst There were deep and dark secrets that Lanie and Kyle kept from each other which they soon unraveled and that was something that I admired about this book It s not just about sexual tension but there s depth in the story All in all, The Do Over is another Adult New Adult book that is now sitting on my favorites shelf I am such a sucker for these kinds of books Apparently so This is the story of sexy, arrogant, journalist, Kyle Manchester, who has women dropping at his feet at every turn And dowdy, awkward, lawyer, Lanie Carmichael Kyle s friend, Brad, sets him up for a blind date with Lanie I think he wishes he was blind when he saw first her problem is, Lanie WANTs Brad And Brad is dating Lanie s sister He was Mr Fantastic while Kyle was Mr Fucktastic I don t want to say much but the banter between these two is great Lanie dresses in layers, in dull clothing They begin to date to try and catch Brad s attention Well, actually, Brad works with Lanie so they do know each other but she wants.Things progress and Kyle starts to feel for Lanie Overall a GREAT, FUNNY read HE HAD NEVER LAUGHED SO HARD AND BEEN SO HARD AT THE SAME TIME This is another book set in Chicago, yep, I want to go there too.There is to the story than just these two They both have secrets buried deep and the get to explore each other and share the secrets. 4.5 FORKing Hot Hilarious Stars BEST BOOK I HAVE READ IN MONTHS.I always love a story about a nerdy gal landing the hot guy, but how Lanie goes about landing Kyle in The Do Over was down right hilarious and hot I am now a big fan of this author Lanie is a brilliant but frumpy 28 y o lawyer who has spent her life focused on building her career, and now she wants to focus on falling in love She has a BIG secret crush on her co worker Brad, and she knows they could be perfect together The only problem is her super sexy but oh so bitchy sister Cassie is dating him, and he barely notices her Kyle is a super hot journalist who is hell bent on winning the Pulitzer one day, and who enjoys a carefree single lifestyle having lots of casual sex with hot women without all the fuss of a relationship But when his best friend Brad calls in a favor and enlists him to have a pity date with his girlfriend s sister Lanie, he is backed into a corner and can t refuse.KyleThis is the start of a hilarious game of deception where Kyle decides to help Lanie win Brad by fake dating her Kyle wants Brad to break free of the bitchy two timing sister Cassie, and despite his first impression of Lanie being a complete psycho, she rattles him and he finds her a fun challenge Their plan to make Brad notice her could work, if only she wasn t so dumpy and frumpy How about a little help, huh LanieThe romance between Kyle and Lanie was super hot WHEWTheir game of deception turns into a game of self denial as the fake dating routine turns into true friendship and I loved how Kyle went from thinking Lanie a complete psycho to something he couldn t let go of And the dialogue between these two was awesome This book was than just a fun romance comedy with a great deal of steam, it is also had great bit of depth to these characters We learn about their family lives and everything that shaped them into the people they now are Lanie s story of why she was so un noticeable and reserve blew me away, and made me really get who she was Kyle had his own demons, and I enjoyed the way he slowly had to deal with them.If I had any niggles it is the lack of an epilogue, which is because I didn t want to let these characters go I wanted to know how life went on for them, what happened to Brad and Cassie, and everything else about their well deserved HEA Otherwise, this book was pure fun which I highly recommend I will definitely read by this author, I am a big fan now If you are fans of Emma Chase s Tangled, or RL Mathewson s Neighbors From Hell series, I think you will especially enjoy this one. 5 Forking Laugh Out Loud Stars I m not into set ups You know that Lanie is very nice She s an attorney too and works at my firm She s very successful Yep, and I bet she wears granny panties You re disgusting Do you know how offensive you are Offensive To grandmas She s not bad looking Yeah, well, not bad looking doesn t mean good looking, and even if it did, that s way below hotThat quote there I was pretty much sold into the story the second I read that 3% in, and I knew this was going to be a book that I was going to simply love.If you like romantic comedy type stories with an endearingly quirky heroine, an sexy asshole player hero, lots of laugh out loud moments, and even steam then this is a must read.And if you like the whole player finally meets his match trope, then this book is definitely for you Ladies, meet KyleKyle is not the relationship kind He s not even a than one night kind He s cocky, successful, and his looks guarantee him not lacking for women When his friend asks him to go on a date with his girlfriend s sister, he s not exactly thrilled but he reluctantly agrees.Much to his dismay Lanie is everything he thought she would beand yet also not She s frumpy looking, hides behind shapeless layers of clothing, and brash I m in love with Brad What Yes, I love Brad, and you re Brad s best friend Or at least a close friend, and I thought maybe you could help me Does the loony bin know you ve escaped or should we call themLanie is a successful attorney, but she s completely hopeless in the love department She would ask her sister, but unfrotunately she hasn t lucked out in the family department Talk about your cunty women, her sister was one A HUGE one.Oh and she also happens to be dating Brad But Lanie knows her sister, and knows it won t be long before her sister cheats But she s not vindictive or malicious She wants Brad to love her for who she is, without forcing his hand, she just needs a little help This is where Kyle comes in.Although Kyle is not exactly thrilled with the idea, eventually he agrees since the mystery behind Lanie and who she really is intrigues him too much He felt sorry for Lanie, but he had no idea why She was the kind of girl he did everything to avoid She was mousy but arrogant about some things, like her work She didn t care about her appearance, to the point where she accepted she was unattractive She had low self esteem but confidence too An air of sorrow surrounded her, but she had a great sense of humor despite that She was a total paradox, a puzzle that Kyle wanted to solve or at least understand What starts out as simple advice somehow turns into something much where Kyle decides that the perfect plan is to pretend to be Lanie s boyfriend.But what happens when fake slowly starts getting real I adored this book The writing, the characters, everything It was fun, and sexy, and even emotional As Lanie s layers are slowly revealed, Kyle can t help but fall and for this quirky girl who is also an incredibly refreshing breath of air from any other woman he s known Lanie was such an endearing heroine You simply can t help but love her She may be shy and awkward when it comes to people and relationships, but she also has this layer of strength and has a good head on her shoulders.Kyle was utterly delicious And you know what they say The bigger they are, the harder they fall And I loved watching Kyle fall and The banter between them was hilarious too Guess what else I Googled she replied, running her lips down his chest Oh God, I love the Internet, Kyle whispered I knowsoinformativeI forking loved it I could go on with the quotes, but you really must read this book and experience it yourself.I have found me another auto buy author to watch out for A huge huge rec from this girl Read it, you wont be able to help but fall in love with this book and the characters like I did.For reviews visit Second e read 10.08.2019 I found myself thinking of this one while re reading another book, and knew I just had to start this one right after I was done with the other one There s just something about pretend relationships and friends to lovers themes that pulls me in This friendship here is just awesome The characters have a great chemistry and the sex is hot The book is funny, sweet and charming, and I found myself smiling times than not You have to admit that their first meeting was practically god sent It s hilarious and rude at the same time Overall, I do not regret re reading this one It awesome, and I want a man like KyleI m just freaked out Because you re cold No, because I m scared of Jason Vorhees and his ax We re just asking for it, you know Kyle laughed heartily, then cupped his chin as if deep thought Oh yeah, I know that guy He lives in one of the other cabins He s very quiet, but I ve played hockey with him a few times Stop She slapped him gently on his shoulder And now I m not even a virgin any He narrowed his eyes Why would that matter She smirked Because the virgin always lives He laughed again, wondering how she had the ability to make him laugh so hard and be so hard at the same time He nuzzled her neck Lanie, you have nothing to fear from Jason s ax, I promise Why, because you ll protect me, Captain Kyle Hell no I ll be showing you just how fast I can run, Kyle said Nice So why am I not supposed to be afraid of Jason s axe Because he carries a machete, baby This time they both laughed. Still so adorable Re read 24.04.2018 I just love how every time they met Kyle finds new things about Lanie, it becomes her best feature It s adorable and it s a great way for the readers to see the man slowly fall in love with the woman The first 50% of the book is just plain awesome Everyone who hasn t read this book should Especially those of you who are romantic to the heart and in the need of a funny, sweet and adorable story Overall, it was nice to meet the arrogant womanizer and journalist for Tribune , Kyle Manchester 29 and attorney Delaney Lanie Carmichael 28 again They are great characters who everyone should met New Rating 3.5No worries there You re definitely not the hero in my story Kyle turned and stared at her until she met his gaze I m not the hero in anyone s story Then I guess we have an understanding The statement should have brought him great relief, but it did just the opposite, filling him with a sense of anxiety, and he didn t know why We do Although he couldn t identify his jumbled feelings, one thing was for certain Lanie kept him off balance, but not in an uncomfortable way She wasn t just different she was special Kyle had no desire to be the hero, but he felt drawn to the story of her and had an incredible craving to be a supportive character at least. Other characters Brad Jansen 29 , Kyle s longtime friend and a lawyer at the same firm as Lanie Lanie also have a crush on said lawyer Cassie Miller, Lanie s sister who she lives with and Brad s girlfriend A bitch to the core and quite verbally abusive Ellen Miller, Lanie s mother A horrible mother like mother like daughter Cassie Rachael, Kyle s sister And her twins, double trouble Thing One and Thing Two , Jake and JoeyFork you, Kyle, she said and took a bite of her duck, chewing it with deliberate slowness Fork yourself, Lanie, he replied, irritated by her rant.She got quiet for a minute, swallowed, and then said barely above a whisper, I tried but it didn t work That s why I have youFirst read reviewYou re definitely not the hero in my story I m not the hero in anyone s storyWhat an adorable, funny read It was awesome, and the characters were great Not Lanie family though Hated them Lanie and Kyle on the other handloved them Specially Kyle I loved how Kyle was with Lanie, how he made her feel beautiful For those who read this book, and didn t fall for Kyle you have no heart He was amazingI ve got news for you, buster She is beautiful, Rachael said with some admonishment.Kyle looked straight into his sister s eyes, the same color as his, and said quietly, almost painfully, I know that, Rachael, but she doesn tQuick basic facts Genre Contemporary Romance Series Stand AloneLove triangle view spoiler Not really, considering main characters were friends first and Brad isn t much in the book hide spoiler 4 Funny StarsYou have frumpy, 28 year old virgin lawyer, Lanie.You have hot journalist, playboy Kyle.You have Lanie s awful wench of a sister, Cassie.And you have Cassie s boyfriend Brad, who is also Kyle s friend, Lanie s co worker and love interest.Lanie thinks Brad would be the perfect life partner for her They have similar goals and work together and he is her ideal man Unfortunately Brad is dating mega bitch, moocher Cassie Lanie knows a break up is inevitable since Cassie is a serial cheater so she wants to be prepared for Brad when that happens When Brad sets up his friend Kyle on a date with Lanie, she decides to enlist his help on Operation get Brad The problem is Lanie is boring and not feminine at all I absolutely loathed Cassie Someone needed to tell her But unfortunately her mom blew her head up and made her think she was top shit for selling cosmetics The whole book I wanted Lanie to punch her in the twat and tell her There was quite a bit of humor that came along the way of her trying to get with Brad A few sad parts and a few small annoyances that caused eye rolls and WTF s view spoiler She seems pretty naive and dumb to be a lawyer and puts up with too much shit from her piece of shit sister and mother She comes first time during sex and Kyle thinks its the best sex he ever had blah blah blah even though he was previously like a male whore hide spoiler I forking loved this book One of the best romantic, funny books I ve read And Kyle could fork me anytime, just sayingReal life and work is kicking my butt so this gonna be quick and in gifs She was adorableHe was adorableAnd them togetherSo simplythat I ve read this book.And to all you my friends who didn t kick my butt to read this earlierjust kidding, love you all `Book ☠ The Do-Over ⇛ Arrogant Womanizer Kyle Manchester Hates Blind Dates However, When Best Friend, Brad Calls In A Favor, Insisting Kyle Take Out His Girlfriend S Sister, Kyle Reluctantly Agrees Attorney Lanie Carmichael S Appearance Is No Surprise She Is Dowdy, Awkward, And Dressed In So Many Layers She Resembles A Wedding Cake, But Not In An Edible Way Her Brazen Attitude Though, Astonishes Him, Especially When She Explains She Has No Interest In Gorgeous Kyle Lanie Carmichael Is In Love With Brad, And Wants Kyle S Assistance In Winning His Best Friend S Heart Kyle Gradually Accepts, Justifying That The Mystery Of Lanie Has Sparked His Natural, Thirsty Curiosity As An Ambitious Journalist, He Also Can T Resist The Pulitzer Worthy Scoop She Offers Him However, As Lanie Sheds Layers, Both Emotionally And Physically, Kyle Begins To Examine His Life Choices, And His True Feelings For This Enigmatic Girl With Kyle S Support, Lanie Begins To Unravel The Secrets Of Her Past, And The Deep Pain That Has Quietly Defined Her Life As They Each Learn About Themselves And Each Other, Both Question How A Relationship Built On Fraudulent Lies Between Two Broken People Could Ever Survive