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3,5 Sweet and nice but sometimes a bit boring. Zur ck bei den liebenswerten Abbotts im idyllischen Vermont Auch Hannahs und Nolans Geschichte ist sch n und gef hlvoll geschrieben Dazu gibt es wieder die tolle Atmosph re und das Setting wie im ersten Buch Trotzdem kommt es an den ersten Teil nicht ran Hannahs muss endlich den Tod ihres Mannes verarbeiten und ihr Leben weiterleben Das Ganze ist eine langer und m hseliger Weg aber auch eine emotionale Reise.Und da ist Nolan, der schon klargemacht hat, dass er auf sie wartet Er ist geduldig und aufmerksam genau das was sie braucht Zwar kommt er aus schwierigen Verh ltnissen und seine Familie ist das komplette Gegenteil der Abbots aber er ist einfach ein guter Typ, fast schon ein wenig zu s Die authentische Ann herung der beiden hat mir gut gefallen, auch wenn der ganze Verarbeitungsprozess mir etwas zu lange dauert Caleb spielt auch eine gro e Rolle In Hannahs Tagebucheintr gen, die R ckblicke auf gl ckliche Zeiten geben von ihrer Jugend ber seinen Tod bis jetzt In vielen Erinnerungen und in der Art wie die ganze Stadt sieben Jahre sp ter immernoch offensichtlich trauert was ich etwas bertrieben finde Toll ist aber wie auch Schwierigkeiten aufgezeigt werden und er nicht ber idealisiert wird Die Geschichte ist zwar wirklich emotional, mir aber ein bisschen zu lang Die beiden h tten nicht unbedingt jede sich darbietende Schwierigkeit durchlaufen m ssen und man h tte das Ganze etwas komprimieren k nnen Trotzdem liest es sich schnell und fl ssig Toll war es, dass man wieder einen Teil zu Will und Cameron bekommt Und auch Einblicke in die Leben der anderen Br der und Schwestern und Andeutungen zu deren Beziehungen, so dass ich mich noch mehr auf die n chsten Teile freue Vor allem wenn Vater und Gro vater weiterhin versuchen zu Kuppeln. [Read Pdf] ♝ I Want to Hold Your Hand ☺ For The Abbott Siblings, The Green Mountain State Has Always Been An Idyllic Place To Call Home But It Isn T Until They Open Themselves Up To Love That They Ll Truly Discover How Fulfilling Life Can Be Almost Seven Years After Losing Her Husband In Iraq, Hannah Abbott Guthrie Isn T Sure She S Ready Or Able To Move On, But The Attentions Of A Lifelong Friend Are Making Her Think About It For The First Time The Memory Of The Sweet Kiss She Shared With Nolan Roberts Hasn T Strayed Far From Her Thoughts, But She Also Fears That Pursuing Something With Him Would Mean Betraying Her Husband S MemoryNolan Has Loved Hannah For Years, But He D Been Giving Her The Space She Needed To Heal From Her Devastating Loss Now, When An Opportunity Arises To Show Her How He Feels, Nolan Can T Resist, But He Knows Earning Her Love Will Take Than A Kiss Somehow He Has To Prove To Hannah That Finding Love Twice In A Lifetime Is Possible And Well Worth Risking Her Heart This is a very sad and emotional read that had me reaching for the tissue box quite a few times We obviously knew from the outset that Hannah Nolan was gonna get together, but it was also obvious that even after 7 years she still heavily mourned the loss of her husband and Nolan still mourned the loss of his best friend.Hannah s husband Caleb had been that popular kid at school that everybody gravitated to and throughout his whole life he added people to his crowd of friends, all of which had continued to meet and support his precious wife even after he had gone We also had a glimpse of the pain that Caleb s brother and parents still felt for their loss, so all in all Caleb was missed by scores of people Nolan is a very special man who not only accepts but wants and embraces that Caleb will always be with them, almost like a third person in a relationship but one that was harder to compete with because he was dead BUT, Nolan doesn t want or feel like he has to compete as he doesn t feel threatened in any way, and encourages Hannah to think about and remember Caleb and importantly talk about it with him I am not sure there are many men who would accept that kind of relationship but Caleb was loved by all and they wanted to keep his memory alive All in all an emotional, special and fantastic read Review posted Happily Ever After ReadsBlog rating A Spend some time with me We can do anything you want No pressure, no kissing, no nothing unless you want it I d be completely happy if I got to hold your hand, Hannah Unnerved by his urgently spoken words and the kindness behind them, she licked her lips and tried not to notice the way he zeroed in on the movement of her tongue Why me Hell if I know, he said with a gruff laugh, but I can t remember a time when it wasn t you Hannah lost her best friend and husband, Caleb, in Iraq seven years ago She s grieved and been going through the motions for so long she s finally ready to move forward She takes another hit early on in the story when the dog Caleb rescued years ago dies tissue alert for me anyway and it brings back a rush of memories for Hannah Only this time, Nolan is there A man who s stood on the sidelines for the past few years, loving Hannah from a distance and waiting for the time to be right for them to try to be than friends Nolan was good friends with Caleb and it s just as weird for him as it is for Hannah to think about a relationship together, but for Nolan, Hannah s it He ll wait his whole life if that s what it takes to be with the woman he loves.This is such an emotional and heavy at times story, for not only Hannah and the pain she s been feeling for years losing her husband so young, but for Nolan as well He doesn t come from a great family, he s ashamed to tell Hannah about his parents and he s been SO damn patient, waiting for as long as necessary before Hannah was ready to think about moving on with her life There were a few moments at the end I got a little frustrated with Nolan, but for the most part, this man had me wrapped around his little finger from the start Basically from the moment he told Hannah that if all he could ever have from her was being able to hold her hand, he d be happy sigh, love him.And so their relationship starts Nolan is just happy to finally have a chance and he s willing to take it as slow as Hannah needs and there are some emotional bumps along the way since this is the first time Hannah s been with a man since Caleb Caleb does play a fairly big role in the book, through retelling of stories by his friends and family, Hannah s memories and getting snippets of her journal entries about him over the years I liked how he was included because it showed how much Hannah loved him, and how hard it was for her to move past his death and in some ways she never did allow herself to move forward until Nolan.Nolan is such a sweet man, he is everything Hannah needs and them being friends for years helps move their romantic relationship right along and I enjoyed seeing everything unfold for them From their first kiss, their first date, to Nolan letting Hannah know that she can tell him absolutely everything and they talk a lot They for the most part don t keep things from each other Expect for Nolan and the truth about his father, which felt a little too dragged out for me, especially with Nolan wanting Hannah to be so open with him, it was my one little issue with this otherwise great hero But this is the thing I find myself most enjoying about this series the focus is on the couple No crazy outside angst or third parties plotting against the hero and heroine It s just about how the couple comes together and against a few odds, finds a way to make their relationship work Sure, Nolan and Hannah s story is a little heavier and packs quite an emotional punch throughout, but I love reading romances when the focus is all about the family, the small town setting, the big family with siblings who all love each other and butt into each others lives like only brothers and sisters can.I read the first two books in the Green Mountain series back to back and I m already crazy for This family, the small town, the way Marie Force is putting the romance on page is everything I love about contemporary romance I m a sucker for a big family series and this one hits all the right notes for me. This book irritated the crap out of me I must be a real cold hearted cow because all I could think was get over it already, he s been gone 7 years The whole freaking TOWN was still mourning Caleb, no wonder Hannah could not move on from his loss.I originally got to 20% and set the book aside but it annoyed me so much I picked it up again and skimmed to finish It Was Painful I m done with the series. Vorneweg Nachdem ich vor kurzem Band 1 gelesen habe, konnte ich einfach nicht l nger warten und musste dieses Buch so schnell wie m glich lesen Meine Meinung Meine Erwartungen f r dieses Buch waren sehr hoch, denn Alles, was du suchst war f r mich nahezu perfekt Hannah und Nolan kennt man ja bereits aus dem ersten Band und sie waren mir wieder sehr sympatisch Hannah s Entwicklung in diesem Buch war glaubhaft, denn sie arbeitet sich quasi St ck f r St ck ins Leben zur ck Nolan war dabei einfach nur s Wie viele M nner w rden schon so lange auf eine Frau warten Die Liebesgeschichte hat mir auf jeden Fall richtig gut gefallen 3 Trotzdem fand ich Band 1 ein bisschen besser Ich kann euch nicht mal genau sagen warum Vielleicht lag es daran, dass ich nicht ganz so h ufig lachen konnte, wie beim vorherigen Band Das ist aber eigentlich auch gut so, denn das h tte nicht so gut zu Hannah s und Nolan s Geschichte gepasst Fazit Ein bisschen schw cher als Band 1,aber trotzdem toll 3 Ich freue mich schon auf den n chsten Band und kann euch die Reihe bisher nur empfehlen Marie Force versteht es einfach, eine wunderbar heimelige Atmosph re zu schaffen, in der man sich einfach wohlf hlen muss Leider aber konnten mit Nolan und Hannah nicht so sehr begeistern wie noch Cameron und Will Nichts desto trotz war es mir eine riesige Freude, nach Butler zur ckkehren zu d rfen Was mich genau an der Handlung zwischen dem zweiten Paar der Reihe gest rt hat, d rft ihr, falls ihr m chtet, hier nachlesen Viel Spa dabei Ich liebe es Nachdem mit der erste Teil Alles, was du suchst schon so gut gefallen hat, habe ich direkt Band 2 kein Tag ohne dich hinterher geschoben und bin von diesem noch begeisterter Ich sage es euch, ich habe schon lange nicht mehr so viel beim Lesen geweint, wie bei diesem Buch Absolute Empfehlung I loved the big, close knit Abbott family and quaint small town setting I was introduced to in All You Need is Love, so I was thrilled to dive back into this world with I Want to Hold Your Hand I must admit, I was a little worried to pick up I Want to Hold Your Hand, because I thought Hannah would beat herself up with guilt over moving on romantically after losing her husband seven years ago And while she does have some guilt, it was understandable, and it was never to the point of dragging the story down It was a poignant journey, but an uplifting one.Hannah Abbott was shattered and numb for years after her husband, Caleb s death, but she s gradually come out of the fog After seven years she finally can see past the crippling pain, and feels ready to move on At thirty five Hannah still has so much life to live and she knows Caleb wouldn t have wanted her spending it alone Deep down, Hannah s known for a while that Nolan Roberts would be the man waiting for her Nolan was one of Caleb s closest friends, and he grieved hard when Caleb died, too, so in that way Nolan can understand some of Hannah s feelings which was a tremendous asset to their burgeoning romance Are you ready for this, Hannah Because if you re not, that s okay I m not going anywhere I think I might be ready She looked down before bringing her gaze back to meet his Mostly because it s you who s asking Nolan loved Hannah as a friend forever, but it turned into two years after Caleb s death He knew he was in for an uphill battle, and that Hannah may never be ready to move on But there was never any choice for Nolan, because Hannah was the one for him My heart went out to Nolan To be so in love with someone who may never feel the same way back is a slow and heartbreaking torture Thankfully, Nolan s years of longing and patience paid off, and we get to witness the sweet and satisfying payoff play out Sweet, satisfying and HOT Marie Force definitely knows how to write some steamy scenes The Abbott family is a big, caring bunch and it seems we have two mischievous members Hannah s dad, and grandfather who are not above meddling to make sure their kids all get a HEA Too cute, if you ask me I can t wait to see what they have planned for the other eight Abbott kids For those who loved Will and Cameron in the last book you ll be happy to know we get a lot of them in this one, too There are a few romances in the works, at least three that I can think of I must say that I m not sure that I want a Megan Hunter matchup in the future, because she was a right witch in the last book but even so in this installment I guess we shall see Colton, the somewhat reclusive Abbott brother is up next in I Saw Her Standing There A copy was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.You can read this review and at The Readers Den.