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3.5 starsPlease Note This review contains spoilers for the previous book in the seriesEmma Wade, ex resistance fighter, wife of Noah Tucker, ex wife of Declan Burke, mother to Adrienne And clone While Emma has been searching for her parents for a year, Noah has moved on to another relationship, and Declan hasn t given up on finding Emma I read this second book first, having skipped book 1, relying on only reviews and synopses By doing this I did miss out on part of Emma s journey, and I think it worth reading book 1, Archetype first Or at the very least some synopses of the plot, or you will be lost I enjoy sci fi romance a lot, but wasn t really wowed The characterisation of Emma and to a lesser degree, Noah is the strength here Her growing awareness of who she is and gradually becoming her own person is dealt with believably The romance between her and Noah is sweet, and thankfully without too many romance y clich s For straight romance readers it won t be enough though, but I think Ms Waters hits a good balance here for sci fi readers who like a touch of romance.Where I believe this sci fi romance fails is in the sci fi There are just enough descriptions to make it plausiblejust But there are too few details and exposition of the future s setting and technology to really add depth.Nevertheless, while Prototype didn t exactly blow me away, I enjoyed it And will definitely be reading from this author.Steam 2 ARC courtesy of Dutton Adult via Edelweiss What am I going to do for the rest of my life now sobs Love x infinity. Excellent finish to a gripping series There was plenty of action, twists and turns, new developments I think the topic at hand cloning is quite intriguing The set up and execution of this topic was done perfectly Capturing the angst and confusion Emma went through in accepting herself was palpable She grew a lot in this book and really came into herself.I loved Noah and his incredible support of Emma They were perfect for each other and I m glad that they both surpassed expectations and embraced one another, past, present and future And of course I need to mention Declan I do truly believe he loved Emma in his own way, albeit a very twisted way, but he was almost in love with the possibility of what he wanted from Emma He was obsessed and a little crazyokay, a lot crazy Sonya, too, for that matter I hated her by the midway point and it only got worse.There was a strong urgency reading this, I felt the other shoe could drop at any moment I loved this series and highly recommend it regardless of whether you re a sci fan fan or not, since It s also loaded with suspense and romance Loved it. Prototype is the exciting conclusion to the duology that started with Archetype a magnificent futuristic dystopian, science fiction novel with a healthy dose of romance In a future where most women are infertile, women are treated as property and raised in training centers where they are taught their place in society at the bottom But the whole world doesn t think this way, there are countries where women still roam free and it seems what would be the United States to us has a split government On the side where women are free there is a resistance movement that wants to change things for women In the first book Archetype you learn all about that and how Emma came to be trapped into a marriage not of her choosing and that she is actually a clone.Accepting you re no longer the person you once wereWith the climactic way that Archetype ended we pick up in Prototype with Emma in Mexico in search of a man who might know the whereabouts of her parents She has spent the past year going from place to place in search of hints of them Suddenly a worldwide announcement goes out from none other then Declan, whom she presumed dead, offering a huge reward for the return of his kidnapped wife, Emma Of course we know Emma escaped, and most definitely was not kidnapped so she s on the run again and she ultimately winds up running back to the resistance and to Noah, the man who truly has her heart but who didn t seem to be able to accept her and that though she is in a cloned body that she really is the soul of Emma.Much transpires over the course of the book for Emma Not only does she have to come to grips with herself and who she is versus who she used to be, but ultimately who does she WANT to be Eventually she needs to stop running and face all of her problems I have to say I really admire this woman She does make some absolutely bird brain decisions in these two books, some of which I can t agree with but ultimately she has got some real moxy and I don t know if I could have done any better being in her situation.Sizzle, burn, slapI definitely consider these books to be part romance A lot of the struggles Emma goes through tie directly to Declan and Noah in the first book and then Noah in the second There is no little amount of heat between her and Noah and everyone, especially Noah s current girlfriend and stand in mother to Emma s daughter Adrienne, notices it But Emma is determined to be part of Adrienne s life and Noah seems to want to make her a big part of his again So how are the chips going to fall Can Noah forgive her for leaving And can Emma and everyone else get past the fact that she is a clone, but still the Emma they knew and yet still a new person at the same time This is a set of books you do not want to miss Also there is a short story, Antitype, that is available on ebook that I plan to read ASAP I can t wait to read future books by this author. Quick review for a quick, enthralling read I thought this was just as strong as Archetype If there s something to say in writing a satisfying conclusion to a duology, I thought this book did a fine job I couldn t help but feel like once I put the book down, it seemed as if all the threads that were established in the first book were tied nicely by the conclusion of this tale It throws quite a few curveballs and heart pounding events into the mix as well Prototype picks up around the time the previous book left off, having Emma traversing in Mexico in searching for her parents, while at the same time battling her inner demons for leaving Noah and her daughter Adrienne behind But the moment I realized Declan was back in the picture, I knew so much in the way of events and relationships would go down And it certainly didn t disappoint in that regard Once again, I identified much with Emma s experiences and the revelations that she comes across, between reuniting with the Resistance, meeting new companions friends and foes , trying to come to grips with the life she leads and how it makes her different from the others around her, being a mother, and also trying to take down Declan and his enterprises I definitely found many of the twists and turns to be refreshing, surprising, and keeping me on the seat of reading In the end, I definitely see myself coming back to enjoy this series again, and I definitely look forward to reading from M.D Waters in the future Overall score 4.5 5 stars. Have you ever read a book you didn t want to, a book you had no intention of finishing, then you read it all in one night This book is the literary equivalent of a train wreck Or maybe a car accident, because train wreck has connotatins of it being awful, when really I mean I couldn t look away.Spoilers for the first book, Archetype, below I don t know why I was so hesitant to read this, because I liked the first book kind of, but I really didn t want to read this book i didn t want to just give it up though, so I was like, I ll read the first 50 pages, then I can say I gave it a fair chance Eight pages in Emma reminds us that she is still in love with Declan even though she doesn t want to be and I am reminded of all that stupid body romance consent issues bull crap I didn t like int he first book But I kept on.And then she sees Noah again and she s still in love with him too, bu it s real and I m like why am I doing this to myself I definitely have a cynical and critical mind for these books now and even though the book definitely drew me in enough to keep me reading, I don t think I enjoyed it.This book is a romance At it s core it is a sci fi ish romance disguised as a dystopian thriller This book thinks it has a lot to say and yes it touches on a lot of themes, but they are all whitewashed by the icky romance stuff going on.I would really like to read a book that hits on all the themes and issues presented in this book identity, nature vs nurture, memory, cloning ethics, clone rights, loving a body vs loving a mind, where is the soul, the ethics of falling in love with your lovers clone after your lover dies, motherhood, genetics I mean, it could be great right Instead I have all this love triangle stuff It s like a star because both people have a love triangle going on lol And the romance presented in this book not straight forward and I have issues with all of it Declan is a crazy stalker and wants to force emma to love him, Dollhouse style Noah is super messed up He s in a relationship with this other girl but still has feelings for Emma 1.0 and Emma 2.0 Get this at one point he says view spoiler Emmma 2.0 I love you than 1.0 because you are the woman she could be without all the memories of her past screwing her up and giving her issues hide spoiler |Free E-pub ☩ Prototype (Archetype #2) ⚖ The Stunning Debut That Began With Archetype And Has Readers Buzzing Concludes In Prototype, When A Woman S Dual Pasts Lock Onto A Collision Course, Threatening Her Present And Future Emma Looks Forward To The Day When She Can Let Go Of Her Past Both Of Them After Than A Year On The Run, With Clues To Her Parents Whereabouts Within Her Grasp, She May Finally Find A Place To Settle Down Start A New Life Maybe Even Create New Memories With A New Family But The Past Rises To Haunt Her And To Make Sure There S Nowhere On The Planet She Can Hide Declan Burke Wants His Wife Back, And With A Little Manipulation And A Lot Of Reward Money, He S Got The Entire World On His Side Except For The One Man She Dreads Confronting The Most Noah Tucker Emma Returns To Face What She S Done But Finds That The Past Isn T The Problem It S The Present And The Future It Represents Noah Has Moved On And Another Woman Is Raising Their Daughter In The Shocking Conclusion To MD Waters S Spectacular Debut, Emma Battles For Her Life And Her Freedom, Tearing Down Walls And Ripping Off Masks To Reveal The Truth She S Decided To Play Their Game And Prove She Isn T The Woman They Thought She Was Even If It Means She Winds Up Dead Or Worse, Reborn A fantastic follow up to Archetype The story left me breathless and wanting with each page turn Action, Hot Romance Noah is yummy and some great twists that had me go Whoa All I can say is No Words I am than a little disappointed It s not that I didn t enjoy this book, I absolutely did but for me, it doesn t even begin to measure up to the awesomeness that was Archetype This is book 2 to the Archetype duology I was not going to read the 2nd right after the first but I could not help myself I must say though that I am kinda glad that she stopped with just 2 books I think this could be a story that would get mundane or tiresome if it were to continue past this point I really enjoyed the plot of this story I found it quite intriguing and very original I really like the authors writing style, it has a great pacing which keeps the book very fluid and interesting The author also uses great twists to keep reader s on their toes.I really like the characters in this story I find them to be pretty well developed even with just the 2 books I find them to be quite compelling, especially Emma I also find that the antagonists are also quite interesting They are wrote pretty well, although one of them I expected to be a bit villainous than he was So that was a little disappointing for me He had all the qualifications to be an evil, sadistic monster and he only grazed just the outer layer of that.I recommend this duology to anyone who likes Sci fi, fantasy, thriller and the like It will keep these readers entertained for sure.